The Pentagon denies involvement in the sinking of the Moskva cruiser

The US military department denies the transfer of data to the Ukrainian side for the destruction of the Russian cruiser Moskva. This, according to The New York Times, was reported by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

Ukrainians have their own intelligence capabilities to track and target Russian ships

emphasized Kirby.

The fact that the United States transferred intelligence information on the cruiser to Ukraine was previously told by CNN.

The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, the Moskva missile cruiser, sank on April 14 while being towed to Sevastopol. The incident was preceded by a fire, which caused the ammunition to explode. During the extinguishing of the fire, senior midshipman Ivan Vakhrushev died, 27 sailors were missing, 396 servicemen were evacuated from the ship.

On April 23, in Sevastopol, they paid tribute to the deceased sailor of the Moscow. As Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev noted, after the start of the fire, Vakhrushev led the sailors out, then again followed into the hold, drowned out the boiler room, but he himself could not leave the burning ship.

Meanwhile, one of the versions of the death of the Moskva cruiser is the strike of the Neptune missile system of the Ukrainian naval forces on April 13.
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  1. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) 6 May 2022 13: 21
    To paraphrase Shakespeare: "The one who believes amers is not himself!"
    but the psheks, on the contrary, are not going to hide anything:

    Polish political scientist Konrad Renkas: citizens of the Republic of Poland are already fighting in Ukraine, and these are not demonstrative volunteers, but mercenaries and military men sent there on orders.
    1.00 President of Poland Andrzej Duda: there will be no more borders between our countries - Poland and Ukraine.

    the Yankees showed up here:

    Former head of US Special Operations Command Europe Mike Repass:
    “It is necessary that the United States, France, Poland, Britain and Germany create a Ukrainian military unit, equivalent to a brigade. These countries have enough military potential, so they will be able to form Ukrainian military forces, equip them and train them on their territory.”

    this is no longer the format of the NWO, but a full-fledged, albeit undeclared, war to destroy Russia. It's time for someone to admit it.
    Meanwhile, Valya - "nails where" - Matvienko:

    Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko:
    “The Armed Forces of Russia are in no way inferior to the best armies in the world and even surpass them. We are talking about the professional training of military personnel, and the quality of weapons and military equipment, the ability to use them, and physical training and fortitude. No one is able to take us by surprise. No one can expect that his aggressive intentions towards our country will remain without consequences.

    About the army, especially about the spirit and hardening, no one doubts. But about "catch by surprise" and "consequences" - somehow it does not sound convincing, from the lips of someone involved in the twenty-year "import substitution" thanks to which (as well as the collapse of the industry inherited from the USSR) similar discoveries are made about nails and others like them , friendship with sworn "partners and colleagues", and other joys of bureaucratic-oligarchic capitalism. Rafik is innocent again.
    Where is an example of the consequences for "decision-making centers", at least Ukrainian?! about Western even the question is not worth it.
    Where is the shutdown of the pipe and the termination of the supply of raw materials to the EU and the states?

    9.50 The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine is kept at a level close to the maximum - 100 million cubic meters per day.

    that is, gas to geyropu and money to Ukraine for transit.
    Some are pumping weapons into Ukraine and training soldiers, others suffer from political impotence and want to intimidate the enemy with slogans and promises.
    Well, for now, the Russian army has to show both strength of mind and hardening in battles not for life, but for death with the Nazis. Partly, and due to the fact that after 30 years of "friendship" with "our respected" "partners and colleagues", someone was taken by surprise.
    But, it would seem, where are the partners and where are the nails?
    1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
      Observer2014 6 May 2022 22: 19
      That’s not boring for you in life, such a comment was to howl. I bow to your patience and perseverance. Oh, it’s not in vain that a colleague took a full vacation at work. Not in vain.
  2. We'll drown Donald Cook to them!
    1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
      Observer2014 6 May 2022 19: 33
      We'll drown Donald Cook to them!

      Yeah, "khibiny" on YouTube.
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 6 May 2022 15: 30
    The Pentagon denies involvement in the sinking of the Moskva cruiser

    - Damn, they're still kidding! - First - just like that; our flagship of the Black Sea Fleet was easily and simply slammed to death - and now they are also scoffing!
    - Too bad they got away with it!
    - This vicious practice has been going on since the times when the Turks treacherously shot down our Su-24 and they still "got away with it" (well, this is just my opinion - maybe before - and before that there were already similar "precedents") ! - Well, and then it began to be repeated periodically - Russia is "beaten" - and it only "turns the other cheek"! - It's not very scary to beat Russia - so they beat!