Cessation of Russian uranium supplies will stop the US nuclear industry

The West actually unleashed against Russia economic war, imposing numerous sanctions. At the same time, Moscow still has important trump cards in this game, one of which is the supply of uranium to the US and the EU.

The agreement on the transportation of uranium from Russia to the United States was signed back in 1993, and until 2013 more low-enriched uranium was exported from Russia than was ever produced in the United States. Deliveries continue to this day.

At the same time, the American energy industry depends on foreign uranium, since according to the results of 2020 (EIA data), about 90 percent of the needs of this fuel in the United States are met through imports. Of these, 47 percent are in Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan, with controlling stakes in Kazakhatomprom being owned by Rosatom.

Meanwhile, the United States has no more than one percent of the world's proven reserves of uranium, and sanctions on the shipment of radioactive fuel to this country will put Washington in a difficult position. There is currently about a year of fuel available in the US for nuclear power plants. In fact, if the shipment of uranium from Russia is stopped, the nuclear industry of the United States will stop.

The country's energy sector will also suffer, as 55 American nuclear power plants generate 19,7 percent of electricity and, in the absence of Russian uranium, the plants will have to be closed - the United States is deprived of reserve capacity.

In addition, in the event of a uranium embargo against the US and the EU, a strong rise in the price of this fuel on the world market is possible. Russia, which has 35 percent of the world's production of enriched uranium, will initially suffer significant losses, but over time, the Russian Federation will be able to enter new markets (China, India, Iran and other countries) on more favorable terms.
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  1. horseradish Offline horseradish
    horseradish 4 May 2022 11: 05
    Good news. So it is necessary to teach the Americans a lesson. Do not enter into a new contract with them.
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 4 May 2022 11: 17
    Everything rests on the word - "if". If Russia stops supplying uranium. What if it doesn't stop? Energy carriers were intensively driven to Ukraine until the very beginning of the conflict. And then, on these energy carriers, Bayraktars and tanks fired at the republics of the LDNR and the Russian army. And now, with the help of electricity from Russian uranium, the United States will make new weapons at factories for delivery to Ukraine in order to kill Russian soldiers there. And there are big doubts that they will stop supplying this uranium, because it's business, nothing personal ...
    1. Omas Bioladen Offline Omas Bioladen
      Omas Bioladen 4 May 2022 13: 50
      Darüberhinaus liefert Rußland zum Sonderpreis an seine "Parnter".
    2. Boa kaa Offline Boa kaa
      Boa kaa (Alexander) 4 May 2022 20: 50
      Quote: Bulanov
      And there are big doubts that they will stop supplying this uranium,

      Well, first you need to make the Yankees pay for URAN in rubles. Here we'll see: what is more expensive - image or profit! And this applies to both parties - the seller and the buyer.
      And so, in a good way, you need to put hucksters from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan back into the stall ... And drive out with a broom the arrogant Saxons who have settled in offices and firms, sucking the resources of gullible natives!
      (This is our cow and we should milk it, not Uncle Sam and John Bull!)
    3. guest Offline guest
      guest 8 May 2022 00: 02
      Lenin turned out to be right when he said that the capitalist would sell the rope on which he would be hanged.
  3. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 4 May 2022 11: 21
    Already corn on the tongue stuffed. When will this bright future of supply cuts come?
  4. vlad127490 Online vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 4 May 2022 11: 50
    How much money does the Russian Federation have per year from the supply of uranium to the USA? Where is this money, who has it personally in his pocket? Stop writing, If yes Kaby. Live in the real world and do not hang noodles on citizens.
  5. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 May 2022 11: 52
    Yes, in all articles if, if, if...

    They don’t sign anymore, everything is so clear.

    Money doesn't smell when Mykola/Nikolai shoot
  6. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 4 May 2022 12: 02
    I do not believe that the Kremlin is capable of this for two reasons: 1. but what about grandmas, 2. what if after that something bad will be written about us in the Western press. We all make excuses, instead of giving a damn and doing business, all the authorities are looking at the reaction of the enemy, and what if he doesn’t like it.
  7. Omas Bioladen Offline Omas Bioladen
    Omas Bioladen 4 May 2022 13: 49
    Dann bitte, worauf wartet Rußland noch?
  8. Yuriy88 Offline Yuriy88
    Yuriy88 (Yuri) 4 May 2022 13: 56
    well, it's just a blog, a private person on Zen .. How can he know what, let alone decide .. I just wrote what I saw somewhere, saw, heard .. !!! What questions can you ask him? In the field of decision-making, he is no one at all .. at all. So voicing these facts does not give anything .. just information.!. It’s not even on Solovyov’s show at least .. I wrote and wrote ..
  9. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 4 May 2022 17: 23
    We were told that there would never be such a life as before, and I won’t list it, etc. But in the end, everything, as it was for decades, continues to this day. otherwise, I don’t see any changes in the old life before February 63, what now. When we start living in a new way, I still don’t see even close hints, not to mention actions in general.
  10. Enoch Offline Enoch
    Enoch (Enoch) 4 May 2022 23: 04
    As long as the birds are at the helm, you can not be afraid of this. It's a pity.
  11. 7VS Spb Offline 7VS Spb
    7VS Spb (Anatoly) 5 May 2022 01: 42
    When will words be replaced by deeds?
  12. Alexander Popov Offline Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov (Alexander Popov) 5 May 2022 12: 50
    Cessation of Russian uranium supplies will stop the US nuclear industry

    It's time.