Ukrainian terrorism threatens not only the border regions of Russia

Over the years of confrontation in the Donbass, Ukrainian armed formations have shown themselves to be a cruel enemy, devoid of any moral barriers. And this applies not only to “certified” nationalists, but also to “just soldiers”: after all, the terrorist shelling of residential areas with howitzers and rocket-propelled artillery systems was carried out not by the national battalions, who do not have such weapons, but by the calculations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

With the start of a special military operation, it became clear that the level of atrocities that the Ukrainian fascists had already secured was not the limit at all. From history, we know many cases when hostages were taken in wars or they had fun by torturing prisoners - but not every terrorist group threw out such tricks as finishing off their own wounded, or shelling their own cities abandoned half a day ago.

Fortunately, the affairs of the Ukrainian military on the fronts are not very good. Yes, not as bad as we would like here; but still the loss of the enemy in manpower and technology are growing, logistics is disrupted, and combat capability is declining.

Unfortunately, just the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the destruction of nationalist military detachments, and even the hypothetical complete dismantling of the fascist regime may not be enough for the security of Russia and the union republics of Donbass.

Fully aware of the real, and not inflated, potential of their military machine, the Kyiv deciders in the very first days of the campaign maximized their stakes on unconventional methods of war; Fortunately, there is a huge potential for this. Many years of propaganda pumping and several months of whipping up military hysteria were not in vain, completely depriving a certain percentage of the population of Ukraine of reason, after which they began to fill the resulting vacuum under pressure with two varieties of nonsense: about the bestiality of the hordes of Muscovite invaders and the need for a "holy war" against them, no matter how long it lasts and no matter what the cost.

Thus, this human material is reprogrammed not even into fighters, but into ammunition for a guerrilla-terrorist war against Russia, which, according to the plan of the Nazis (or rather, their “democratic” friends from the West), should blaze and smolder for a very long time.

Shelling so far... the lesser of two evils?

Such a setting may seem strange. This is what we are talking about: artillery, missiles, helicopters and drones - all these are military-technical threats, quite predictable and repelled by the same military-technical methods.

It was clear in advance that Ukrainian troops would use every opportunity to strike at Russian territory; the first artillery "arrivals" occurred almost a week before the start of a special military operation. That is why our border units were reinforced with heavy weapons from other branches of the armed forces, and a powerful air defense group was deployed near the cities closest to Ukraine. And the “race” of the first days, in which Russian troops tried to push the enemy as far as possible from the border, was also necessary, among other things, to reduce the threat of Ukrainian shelling.

And it worked: the enemy only succeeded in sporadic attacks with individual guns and aircraft. Those who shout about the supposedly “bare border” and “leaky air defense” carefully do not notice how many enemy batteries are incinerated by our artillerymen and how many Ukrainian air targets are destroyed daily by our anti-aircraft gunners, including when trying to strike Russian territory. Separate successes, like the oil depot set on fire in Belgorod, are just a few happy cases for the enemy when he manages to find and use a gap in our defense; despite the fact that there are an order of magnitude more failures, and for some of them the Armed Forces of Ukraine pay with their own losses.

But we must understand that basically the threat of artillery and air attacks will come to naught only when the front line runs XNUMX kilometers deep in Ukraine. If and when the West nevertheless supplies the Ukrainian Armed Forces with operational-tactical missile systems, then the “security line” will become even further, and the list of vulnerable Russian facilities whose defense will need to be strengthened will be longer.

Another military threat is small groups of professional saboteurs. Counteracting them is no easier than ballistic missiles, because the RDG can move in the most ordinary car under the guise of civilians or even on foot; and there may be more victims from several machine-gun bursts in a dense crowd than from a Tochka-U rupture.

May holidays with long days off and public events increase the threat of sabotage attacks many times over. And, contrary to public opinion, the Russian authorities and special services understand this much better than the residents of the border regions themselves, who cannot be said to have become more vigilant and cautious.

"Trolls", "werewolfs" and "forest brothers"

Terror, informational and physical, is an integral part of the cultural code of modern Ukrainian fascists: this is how their idols Bandera acted in their time, and this is how they themselves act. However, the large rate of the Kyiv Fuhrers on terror is explained not only by tradition, but also, so to speak, by “rational” considerations: it is enough to inflame the terrorist threat, and it will support itself for a long time, without additional material injections, while spreading over the entire territory of the enemy .

The main thing is to have enough fanatics of the right kind - but, as we have already understood, Kyiv has no problems with this resource. Each has a use.

Simultaneously with the SVO, a powerful “psychic attack” of supporters of the Ukrainian regime began across the Internet. As if on all platforms, without exception, including foreign ones, in the comments under the video in social networks and goods in online stores, there were many entries with groans of “victims of Russian atrocities” and / or threats against Russians. With the same two topics at the ready, Ukrainians began to break into personal messages to the first interlocutors they came across from Russia.

Of course, some of these information attacks were and are being carried out by paid agents - but the bulk, nevertheless, is erupted by ordinary users. A special role is played by bloggers and other media people who are able to indicate the direction of the attack and “disperse” virtual flash mobs.

The “strike force” of anonymous people from the abyss of the Net is obviously small, but they are good at morally feeding each other, keeping the idea of ​​aggressive Ukrainianism afloat. Accumulating to a critical mass, the latter begins to break into the real world.

During the NMD, our and allied forces are constantly confronted with a "resistance movement": "people's spotters" who report on the movements of Russian columns and "people's saboteurs" who try to attack from the back. But the troops have all the means and powers to counter both these and much more serious opponents - and what can civilians, especially Russians in the deep rear, be able to oppose to the "werewolves"?

The danger of spreading this infection throughout the country is quite real. Even the National Battalion fighters painted with swastikas are trying to penetrate Russia under the guise of refugees (although these are more likely to save their painted skins), and it is impossible to even imagine how many secret enemies that have no external signs can be. The special services filter the flows of migrants, but, unfortunately, they will not be able to catch them all. In addition, a certain number of pro-fascist Ukrainians have already been living on our territory for a long time (and not only in the Crimea and the southern regions), and they can serve as guides for the newly arriving "brothers".

The range of actions that these elements can organize is very wide: from vandalism and petty sabotage to organizing massacres, similar to the execution in the Kerch college in 2018 (during the investigation of which the version of the terrorist attack by a lone militant was also worked out, but was not confirmed). Moreover, as mentioned above, even the future collapse of the Kyiv regime may not break, but, on the contrary, spur their will to “resistance” for years to come.

That is why everyone must remain vigilant today, no matter how far from the war zone. Even such a trifle as a request to block an account from which pro-Ukrainian propaganda is sent will be a contribution to the overall victory over the Nazis.
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  1. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) 1 May 2022 15: 45
    Everything is painted beautifully, but the absence of the promised "attacks on decision-making centers" raises all the more questions. Thus, they manage the actions of both the Armed Forces and the National Battalions and attacks on Russian cities and villages. And let's note, for example, a drone that flew freely to Voronezh (300 km) is not just a "hole in our defense", it is a serious danger. And the threat to the Russian base in Baltimore. As well as other Russian cities and objects.
    In the light of the negotiations on the supply of the Reaper, this takes on a completely threatening look.

    The Ukrainian authorities are negotiating with General Atomics Corporation on the purchase of heavy reconnaissance and strike drones MQ-9 Reaper (translated as “Reaper”) at a price of $32 million apiece, with payment under lend-lease. "Bloomberg"

    Armament - GBU-12 "Paveway II" guided bombs and AGM-114 "Hellfire" ("Hellfire") air-to-surface missiles with semi-active laser or active radar guidance. The practical ceiling of the flight altitude is up to 13 kilometers. At a speed of 250 km / h, it is able to stay in the air for up to 24 hours.
    For, the territory of Russia will be under attack up to the Ural Mountains and beyond.
    So maybe you should not wait for this, and still you need to strike at the top of the Nazi regime in Kyiv and Lvov (and not conduct "negotiations" with them so incomprehensible to the Russian population)? With modern technology and capabilities, it will not be difficult to locate targets. The destruction of the same control centers (including persons giving orders) will lead to loss of control and chaos in the administrative and military structures of the enemy. And, then, it will definitely not be up to attacks on Moscow or Voronezh. However, promises are pouring in from all the stands, but so far all the centers feel great. MO, SBU, Rada, Bankovaya, etc. have not yet suffered and not a single Nazi "bump" has been destroyed.

    “Today, at about 11:20 am, a partial collapse of the bridge structures was discovered on the 67th kilometer of the Sudzha-Sosnovy Bor railway,” the head of the region said in his Telegram channel.
    According to the official, there were no casualties as a result of the incident, and there is no threat to the life and health of residents.
    Special services are working in the emergency area to establish the causes of the incident.

    And the border of hostilities must be moved as far as possible to the west of Russian territory.
    And stop negotiations with the Nazi regime. If the enemy does not surrender, he is destroyed!
    and certainly do not pay "debts" and "income" to those who robbed her:

    “The Ministry of Finance of Russia informs that the payment of coupon income and the redemption of the nominal value on bonds of external bond loans of the Russian Federation maturing in 2022, issue No. 12840060V “Russia-2022” in the amount of $564,8 million ), as well as the payment of coupon income on bonds of external bond loans of the Russian Federation of issue maturing in 2042, issue No. 12840061V "Russia-2042" in the amount of $84,4 million were brought to the paying agent for these Eurobonds (Citibank, NA, London Branch ),” the Russian ministry said in an official statement.
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) 1 May 2022 16: 17
      The problem is in the very “fifth column”, which is very strong. It is she who is now slowing down the “special operation” with all her might, twisting the arms of our valiant military, plus arranging all kinds of economic sabotage. As in the domestic market - the same increase in prices for everything and everyone - and in the external. Dollar payments are just from this opera. "SP"
  2. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 1 May 2022 16: 19
    "A lot of letters."
    Final paragraph a la M. Gorbachev:

    Restructuring must start with yourself!

    On sabotage groups and tactical missile weapons - let's strike with vigilance ... on the Internet! ;-(
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 8 May 2022 13: 41
    Perhaps the Ukrainian Germans were not informed that they did not have the right to shoot at Russia? They need to be informed and banned from engaging in terrorism and sabotage. In order for them to be able to do this, they need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities.