“The conflict in Ukraine is our war”: England moves to open imperialism

Some people are outraged that the British are the only ones in the modern world who proclaimed their country great - Great Britain. However, despite the well-known arrogance and swagger of the English ruling strata, they do not officially call their country great, Great Britain is the name of the island, which is translated into Russian as “Great Britain”, and officially the country is called very unsightly - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Why the Russians use the "prefix" "great" in the outdated meaning of "big" (as in the expression "fear has big eyes"), giving England a special great-power flavor, is unknown. Apparently, the linguistic “genes” of servility to the West and the former greatness of the British Empire are affecting.

The United Kingdom in the essential sense is “connected” not even by the power of the monarch, but by the power of the English state, which firmly holds Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and numerous overseas territories, including Gibraltar, by force. The British in ancient times conquered the British Isles along with the population, put together the most bloodthirsty and largest empire in the history of mankind, and today a decisive role in policy played by ethnic Germans, that is, the British, and not the Britons at all. Therefore, "Great Britain" in every sense is more correctly correlated with England - the Anglo-Saxon state, which modestly hid as an administrative unit of the Kingdom. By the way, England is the only constituent part of the UK that does not have its own parliament and government, as it is the all-royal House of Lords, the House of Commons and the Government of Her Majesty, which, as it were, hints at her special position.

Anglo-Saxon world hegemony

The British Empire failed the test of World War II and collapsed. Because of economic the devastation caused by the war, and under the extraordinary pressure of popular movements, including within England itself, the British ruling strata allowed the Left (the Labor Party, which we call “Laborists” by the same misunderstanding) to power, which since 1945, with variable successfully "liberated" the colonies. In 1997, England had to return Hong Kong to China and the imperial status was finally lost, although the British still had a lot of patches of land in all parts of the world on which they equip military bases.

But this is formal, but in fact the English ruling strata after the Second World War quickly melded with the American ones. England, the former metropolis of the United States, has become the closest and most loyal ally of the American empire of the new format. All "national" tensions between countries were quickly resolved in a family spirit: the United States was a kind of younger brother, but with pumped up muscles, and England was an older brother, with decrepit hands.

This alliance was based on the close connection between the business circles of the two countries, which were building a new Anglo-Saxon world hegemony, primarily against the USSR. What Hitler clumsily tried to realize in terms of world domination of the Germans was elegantly realized by the Anglo-Saxons. Indeed, in the United States, the first violin in economics and politics has been played, is playing and will be played by English Americans, that is, Americans of English origin. Today they make up a miserable percentage of the US population, but in the XNUMXth century they were almost a quarter. The "Founding Fathers" Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson were all English.

So the imperial spirit of England did not disappear anywhere, it retained the monarchy and, in symbiosis with the United States, exercised world hegemony. British and American tycoons jointly control the largest corporations in the two countries, politicians are in close contact, intelligence agencies work hand in hand.

When the contradictions between the US and Europe, that is, France and Germany, began to escalate due to the attempts of the latter to an independent economy and politics, England packed up and left the EU, clearly stating which side it was on.

Historical speech of Truss

However, the international behavior of England has always remained in the shadow of the United States. Now, after the announcement of a new Cold War to China and the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the British began to seize the initiative. The turning point was the speech of Foreign Minister Liz Truss at the Easter banquet at the Mansion House - the residence of the Lord Mayor of the City of London - on April 27, 2022. She followed the example of Pompeo, who in 2020 at the Nixon Library of California declared China an enemy of the "free world".

Thus, she said that all the claims that the West is in decline are not supported by practice. The West has rallied in the face of Russia and China. The maxims about the death of NATO turned out to be premature, the alliance has mobilized and is ready for confrontation. Sweden and Finland should be accepted into NATO immediately. Russian troops must be expelled from all territory of Ukraine, including Crimea. Russia must be completely ousted from the world market. Western countries should sharply increase spending on the army and help their satellites, such as Georgia and Moldova.

The war in Ukraine is our war. This is an all-out war, because the victory of Ukraine is a strategic imperative for all of us.

Truss said.

The same is true for China. In the Indo-Pacific, Japan, Australia and Taiwan must be pumped with weapons. China's rise is not inevitable, they represent half of the global economy and could slow it down.

The result?

As a result, we have quite official confirmation that NATO is fighting against Russia in Ukraine, that NATO is behind the “restraining China” countries and is inciting them to a military clash, that the alliance will expand and militarize. Neither England nor the United States ask any of the other NATO members for their opinion; Truss, acting in the wake of Washington, gives imperative instructions to the “allies”.

Fundamentally, the active phase of the formation of the front of the new cold war is going on, England, roughly speaking, said: whoever is not with us is against us. This is a purely imperialist message.

It's time to understand that there will be no more diplomacy, passive confrontation is becoming a thing of the past. The West is entering a phase of active preparation for a new world war. And we are still talking about special operations against the Zelensky regime, negotiations and so on.

I am sure that some of our weak-hearted citizens will put the blame for the aggressiveness of England on ... Putin. Say, there would be no "Ukrainian conflict", there would be no speech of Truss. Such logic is not only short-sighted, but also ahistorical. It is excruciatingly painful for the ruling circles, for the Anglo-American bigwigs, to lose their hegemony. All empires inevitably perish in the throes of trying to maintain their power. The same awaits the United States and their English hangers-on. Whether Russia launched a special operation or whether Zelensky would have attacked the Donbass are significant, but details of the objective course of history.

The special operation of the Russian Federation will end sooner or later, and a new “special operation” will break out on the borders of China, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua or somewhere else. Local conflicts have already become the first stage of global confrontation. But Truss does not take into account the internal contradictions in Western countries, does not take into account the inflated ideas about the military might of the United States and the economic power of Western capitalism, and finally does not take into account the liquefaction of the new Cold War that is being built.
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  1. lance is gone Offline lance is gone
    lance is gone (lance) April 28 2022 19: 03
    we, the Russian Federation, have a great opportunity to punish the two most ardent Russophobes of the EU. and this should be used.
  2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) April 28 2022 19: 50
    does not take into account, finally, the liquefaction of the new Cold War front being built

    I do not feel this liquefaction. Well, no way.
    I feel something else - the restrained (so far) unity and enthusiasm of the West before the new Crusade, and the exuberance of the Slavic-Chinese tribes before it.
    Our glorious military history of World War II is resting. And so are we.
    We enjoy a peaceful life while it is still possible, we offer the West to live together and conserve our strength - not for victory, but for reprisal against it. We believe, probably, that we will not be able to win - only to avenge our death. "We don't need a world in which there is no Russia" - blame yourself.
    But if we talk about the Victory - you need to start right now (yesterday).
    And not against Ukraine - that would be too easy. Against the States with England
    1. Shirokoborodov Offline Shirokoborodov
      Shirokoborodov (Anatoly) April 28 2022 20: 01
      It's about this https://topcor.ru/25149-antirossijskij-front-ne-tak-shirok-kak-predpolagalos.html
      1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) April 28 2022 20: 19
        What is their liquefaction versus our liquefaction?
      2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) April 28 2022 20: 28
        Those who abstain in the UN are not our allies, but an indifferent crowd. Our asset, like theirs, is only those who are in favor. And that - depending on the rates.
  3. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
    Spasatel April 28 2022 20: 20
    And what will be the proposals, the author? What should we Russians do? Wait until everything works out by itself? When will our oligarchs themselves die of old age along with Putin? Or when all our officials suddenly become honest and stop stealing? Or take up the club? Yes zhahnut properly?
    What to do, sir?
    1. Victorio Offline Victorio
      Victorio (Victorio) April 28 2022 23: 20
      Quote: Spasatel
      What to do, sir?

      probably mind their own business
    2. 1_2 Offline 1_2
      1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 29 2022 01: 11
      the capitalists of the Russian Federation will not voluntarily give up power, but even now it is impossible to buzz the people, but it is necessary to demand certainty from the "Tsar" - where is he leading the country? if surrounded by him there are only future citizens of Israel (or already with three passports), even clowns (posners Galkins) in the business show and in the media with Jewish passports wipe their feet on Russia, and the list of billionaires is almost all kosher Chubais (Putin is against nationalization), then there must be a Russian Vanka to fight, knowing that almost the entire rear of the Russian Federation belongs to the Judas citizens of NATO. also let the generals ask the commander-in-chief why there was and is money for yacht-palaces (NATO members now want to confiscate them), but not for frigates and su57? if there is no answer, then let them take over the helm of the country and put things in order. including in the CIS
      1. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
        Spasatel April 29 2022 21: 35
        This "king" said that we will go to heaven. But the "galleys" with "slaves" will experience cataclysms in the bunker, they will not rush to this "paradise" ...
  4. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 28 2022 21: 38
    “The conflict in Ukraine is our war”

    This is what happens when, instead of fighting, you constantly arrange negotiations and truces!
  5. BIS.service Offline BIS.service
    BIS.service (Nikolai Gladin) April 28 2022 21: 45
    trails is a stupid woman and even a trasgender. Victory is ours alone. It simply cannot be otherwise. In other words, the whole world is in ruins.
  6. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) April 28 2022 22: 31
    The Chinese would have long ago severed relations with the Britons in such a situation ... Ours cannot, in the same place, many children in power live or study ...
  7. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 29 2022 00: 51
    the stupid woman is afraid to end the diplomatic relationship and declare war on the Russian Federation, but in front of the journalists they are all brave, even the senile USA)) because she knows that the British woman will not stand idle for half a day, as she will be destroyed by cruise stealth missiles of unknown submarines, the Russian Federation does not even have to use ICBMs