Will Medvedev become the next President of Russia?

With the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, even such a global problem as the coronavirus pandemic left the forefront of the information agenda - and this despite the fact that covid has not gone away from reality (on the contrary, it nevertheless broke through the defenses of Chinese medicine in the Shanghai area). There is nothing to talk about topics of a smaller scale at all, they are hidden somewhere under the plaster.

One of these “small” issues, not global, but “only” all-Russian, is the notorious transfer of power.

The year 2024, in which the next presidential elections are to be held, is not far off at all, but almost the day after tomorrow. It already promised to be a year of greater or lesser political upheaval, of "moderate" or quite brazen attempts to influence the situation in Russia from outside. And now it can already be argued that no matter what the results of the NWO turn out to be, the winter and spring of 2024 will not just be tense, but “hot”.

And now, with such inputs, the figure of the former president, former prime minister and current deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev begins to slowly move forward. So far, however, only in the information field.

Compared to our other politicians, Medvedev has always been an active user of social networks, but most of his messages were all sorts of routine: “I held a meeting there”, “I congratulate everyone on that”, etc. The military operation in Ukraine significantly changed his tone - Medvedev began to regularly issue very harsh statements in terms of rhetoric. When the ban on the presence of Instagram in Russia (owned by Meta, a recognized extremist organization) came into force, the “highest-ranking blogger” immediately switched to Telegram and continued to broadcast there and, of course, in the domestic VK.

Against the backdrop of the Russian official phraseology, which has set the teeth on edge (“partners”, “negotiations” and similar terms), “Medvedev's carts” look very profitable, biting in form and radical in content. In fact, Medvedev and another "popular blogger" - Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov - act as the mouthpieces of Russian "hawks", that part of the elites and society that advocates a tough defense of the interests of our country. According to many, it is precisely this attitude that is now especially lacking not only in practice, but also in the information sphere.

But what is it in essence: just an attempt to at least somehow, to the best of modest forces, to support the sluggish domestic propaganda - or preparation for the election campaign?

Retrospective: Medvedev President and Prime Minister

Our society does not like Dmitry Medvedev very much (however, is it possible to name at least one Russian state leader who is unambiguously loved?).

The point of view has long been established and has not been outlived until now that during his presidential term he was more or less a “proxy” - not a real president, but only an instrument in the hands of Vladimir Putin, through which the latter led the country bypassing constitutional restrictions.

It is impossible to agree with this point of view. It's not even that it was repeatedly refuted by other high-ranking officials who worked with Medvedev and Putin at that time.

The very nature of politics, both foreign and domestic, in 2008-2012. was different than before and after this period. The most drastic transformations were launched inside the country after the dismantling of the Soviet system, including a swing at the "holy" - the domination of resource capital and self-sufficient power structures. In relations with “foreign partners”, there was an attempt not to beg, but to knock out for Russia an advantageous place within the framework of the Western-centric world: “Reset” and a course towards politicaleconomic rapprochement - after a tough setting in place of Saakashvili's western puppet. And all this - often contrary to the interests of the ruling groups, without attempts to share responsibility collectively or to spread the effect of the decision over time so as not to offend "respectable people."

And more than anything else, it is important that the reforms in the economy, politics and the security sector were launched in a comprehensive manner, with an eye to a certain specific result - that is, the decision maker had in his head the whole image of a renewed promising Russia and the intention to get as close as possible to this ideal in reality.

Most likely, it was just the head of Dmitry Medvedev. In any case, it was after his departure from the presidency that the alarmed "swamp" quickly subsided, and the principle of "one step forward, two steps back" triumphed in decision-making. There is an opinion that it was Medvedev's excessive activity as a helmsman that forced the elites to "dissuade" him from participating in the 2012 elections.

However, among the broad masses, few people remember events that are more than ten years old - and this is not surprising, especially since the effect of them has long been leveled. But the activities of Medvedev as prime minister are still relatively fresh in my memory, which, for the most part, shaped the attitude of society towards him. He was remembered as a completely loyal subordinate of Putin and a conductor of a new old policy of marking time in most areas. It was under Medvedev as prime minister that, in fact, the import substitution program failed (in any case, the result achieved was very far from expectations), the curtailment of the manufacturing industry continued, the export of capital abroad intensified, and the pension reform was passed, which painfully hit the life prospects of many Russians.

Prospects for Medvedev as a Candidate

It cannot be said that today the former Prime Minister is removed from decision-making - in a sense, even the opposite. The Security Council of the Russian Federation is an advisory body under the president, which in essence is a “shadow cabinet”, and the position specially established for Medvedev in this council can be called a “shadow prime minister”.

Of course, we don’t know for sure what the “shadow prime minister” does during working hours - however, someone at the top is slowly but stubbornly pushing the line towards a tough confrontation with the West and a final solution to the Ukrainian issue (as opposed to the line of the “negotiators”). It seems that only Dmitry Medvedev has sufficient influence and an appropriate view of the situation for this. Apparently, he - once the main conductor of rapprochement with the West - firmly understood for himself that no "equal partnership" is possible in principle, and the pursuit of it was a foreign policy mistake, including his own.

Does he have a chance to stand at the head of the state again in order to correct its consequences? Quite. The demand for a "hawk" is now great and, most likely, will only grow. At the same time, Medvedev has not yet seen any competitors capable of performing in this role: V.V. Zhirinovsky, the main "aggressor" of the election race, has recently passed away, and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, due to the advanced age of party leader G.A. Zyuganov, you will again have to bet on some kind of "dark horse", which in 2018 was Pavel Grudinin.

Among his colleagues in United Russia, the only real alternative to Medvedev is Sergei Sobyanin (who, by the way, led Medvedev's campaign headquarters in 2008). But will he want to change his place of mayor of the capital to the role of president of the country in such and such times as now? Of course, if the party says “it is necessary!”, Sobyanin will answer “yes!” - but, on the other hand, he himself is a member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia, that is, he is among those who determine what and to whom the party says.

And the most important question: will Putin put forward his candidacy for a new term, taking advantage of the “zeroing” and, in general, will the situation allow elections to be held for the highest position in the country? Against the backdrop of Western politicians' threats against Russia, it is not difficult to imagine a situation where there will be no time for election campaigns.

But if, nevertheless, a global military catastrophe does not happen, and Putin refuses the presidency, then Medvedev's chances of returning to the last are very high - and he seems to be seriously counting on this.
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  1. slesarg65 Offline slesarg65
    slesarg65 (Igor Ivanov) April 30 2022 08: 05
    do not change horses at the crossing! and now consistency and accuracy are more important than the desire to chop off the shoulder. you can give a miss, but there will be no second chance. let everyone cope with their tasks in their place. debriefing will be later, if any. Well, now there are a lot of talkers, you can’t listen enough. but results are needed, positive ones at that. and how to turn the spotlights even grandmother wrote on the water with a pitchfork.
    1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) April 30 2022 11: 22
      They haven’t changed for 20 years, well, we’ll endure so much more. Only not a horse for a long time
  2. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
    aslanxnumx (Aslan) April 30 2022 08: 13
    And who will ask us who will be president. Whom to determine and who will be voted for. We have a choice.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. KLV Offline KLV
      KLV (Konstantin) April 30 2022 09: 30
      Aslan, I'll send you a couple of signs "?".

      Do you know what it is? Are you able to apply?
      1. Avarron Offline Avarron
        Avarron (Sergei) April 30 2022 10: 19
        According to the rules of the Russian language, rhetorical questions are posed without "?". I saw a rhetorical question in his comment.
      2. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
        aslanxnumx (Aslan) April 30 2022 14: 37
        I speak Russian no worse than you
        1. Eustace to Alex Offline Eustace to Alex
          Eustace to Alex (Dmitriy) 1 May 2022 19: 20
          The word "you" when referring to a specific person is definitely capitalized.)
    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. Anatole 46 Offline Anatole 46
    Anatole 46 (Anatoly) April 30 2022 08: 34
    God save...
  4. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 30 2022 08: 38
    People change, of course. But Medvedev's presidency was not so successful for Russia. Despite the opinion in the article. And if everything "was done in Medvedev's head," then the responsibility for the failure of the reforms lies with him.
    He was remembered by everyone as a weak president, oriented to the West.
  5. Anatoly_1959 Offline Anatoly_1959
    Anatoly_1959 (anatolia) April 30 2022 08: 59
    The author is obviously biased. What comes to mind first of all from Medvedev's presidency: a complete set from Saltykov-Shchedrin's "History of a City" + Manilovism from "Dead Souls": Renamed the police to the police, changed time zones, surrendered Libya and Iran, a day !!! from the side he looked at the aggression of Georgia, when our peacekeepers were killed, and even "Manilovism" about 20000 rubles. per square meter of housing or 20 million highly paid places ... Personally, I witnessed that children of 11-12 years old, instead of talking about children's obscenities, discussed Medvedev, I certainly did not expect from supposedly "infantile youth." But nothing comes to mind about positive results.
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 30 2022 09: 01
    Who cares. Whoever they point a finger at, they will vote for. As it was.
    Now and remotely.

    Mishustin, Medvedev, Kadyrov, Putin, Lavrov....
    The required number of votes is 99.9, combinations of face-replacement, Kyiv is ours, dissatisfied in jail, and in formation say Ku.
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 1 May 2022 00: 00
      Well, there will definitely not be Lavrov. And there will definitely not be a liberal, which Medvedev is. You can poke at anyone, but the second Yeltsin will simply be impaled. So the president will either be a security official or a soldier.
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 1 May 2022 10: 32
        The fact of the matter is that they will point a finger, they will say - this is not Yeltsin. Yes, he has merit in a wagon, now we’ll tell you everything ..... and that’s it.
        Yes, you don't even need to tell.
        Someone - chairman of Edra - remote elections - 82,2% - president. All.
        1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 1 May 2022 23: 46
          Who will say? Now the guns are talking. When the guns speak there are no other voices.
          1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
            Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 2 May 2022 08: 55
            Come on. It's not hard to say. "not Yeltsin" and all
            1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 2 May 2022 17: 01
              Bullshit. Such an option would have worked in peacetime, but not now, when the masks are dropped.
              1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
                Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 2 May 2022 21: 56
                Exactly. I didn’t check it, but they wrote, roofing felts in the LPR, roofing felts in the DPR - no elections, no party actions, they say wartime, and that’s it.

                So here. The masks have been dropped, here is the EDRA candidate, we are voting remotely.
                That's all.
                1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 3 May 2022 01: 12
                  Such a run could be done in peacetime. But in the conditions of war, the liberals will be the first to be raised on bayonets. So all this is stupid horror stories, like everything will be decided for us. Everything can be solved when nothing threatens you. And when society is militarized, then your every step is fixed.
                  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
                    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 3 May 2022 07: 50
                    Exactly. during hostilities, they stood up and marched in formation.
                    "any move is fixed." , and no gag.
                    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 3 May 2022 17: 10
                      Bullshit! In military operations, the military comes first!
                      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
                        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 3 May 2022 19: 47
                        Who was the president there in Chechnya?
                        The same as before
                      2. Smilodon terribilis nimis 3 May 2022 21: 02
                        First Yeltsin, and then Putin, who finished all this action. Or do you want to compare Borka with Putin? It will not work, despite all the shortcomings and mistakes of Pu. Borka is a Judas, a traitor and moral.
                      3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
                        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 3 May 2022 23: 04
                        It is who was, who remained. The first had no global effect on Yeltsin, the second on Putin. Both continued to preside.
                      4. Smilodon terribilis nimis 3 May 2022 23: 47
                        How did it not affect? Just after the first booze, the drummer left the political scene.
                      5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
                        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 May 2022 09: 08
                        Yeah, the 1st Chechen was in 94-96m. Got off? nothing.
                        2nd 99-00. by the time Putin was elected, the
                        Yeltsin pointed his finger - this one, everyone nodded. And that's all.
                      6. Smilodon terribilis nimis 7 May 2022 01: 57
                        Yeltsin in 99 did not care. Russia too. It's not 99 now.
                      7. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
                        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 May 2022 07: 43
                        oh well ... Old Man said - I won - so I won.
                        The President said - we increase the age - it means we increase it, We reset it - we reset it. N. to plant - they planted, to remove Commi from the Russian spring - they removed, To enter the Core of the MMM workers - they entered, to start - they began ...

                        Whom he pokes with his finger - he will be, no one will rock the boat
                      8. Smilodon terribilis nimis 7 May 2022 21: 28
                        Oh well. And I thought that your "Rain" was closed. Are you now broadcasting from the basements like the Azovstal defenders?
                      9. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
                        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 May 2022 21: 48
                        It's just that you, judging by the non-Russian nickname and "incomprehensible" comments, are straight from the State Department)))
                      10. guest Offline guest
                        guest 7 May 2022 22: 09
                        Do you know your Gosdepovskys well?
                      11. Smilodon terribilis nimis 10 May 2022 01: 45
                        Gaidar, who also probably worked for the State Department, Golikov. Together with Blanter, Eshpay, Landau, Yangel. Damn it, solid agents of the American secret police! Lundström is also an undercover secret agent of the Swedish Royal Intelligence. Oh damn, I forgot about Rome.
  • Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 30 2022 09: 21
    And I like Dmitry. Where Dmitry is, there is victory! Quick and concise. In a word, one senses a pedagogical education. And at least he has a spouse. yesI support Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. God did not give growth. It's okay. We'll survive.. I'll be his press secretary.
  • Avarron Offline Avarron
    Avarron (Sergei) April 30 2022 10: 16
    Medvedev is a tough guy. I used to think that in 2008, through him, Putin gave Saakashvili a request, but lately I think that Medvedev himself could give the appropriate order.
    1. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
      Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) April 30 2022 11: 33
      tough until there is power, and in general I see him as a kind of theoretician, in practice, the ruler must have charisma, cunning, sometimes be cruel and even cautious
      the iPhone is just the opposite of this, of course I see it from my stool, in fact I admit everything, even 5% that in life it can have exactly the opposite qualities than we ordinary people are used to seeing in it
      1. Victorio Offline Victorio
        Victorio (Victorio) April 30 2022 12: 41
        Quote: Eduard Aplombov
        tough until there is power, and in general I see him as a kind of theoretician, in practice, the ruler must have charisma, cunning, sometimes be cruel and even cautious
        the iPhone is just the opposite of this, of course I see it from my stool, in fact I admit everything, even 5% that in life it can have exactly the opposite qualities than we ordinary people are used to seeing in it

        maybe so, maybe the prime minister to the new president
  • Spasatel Offline Spasatel
    Spasatel April 30 2022 11: 37
    Whom our oligarchs decide to choose will be. Money decides everything. But do not expect that this someone will be better than Putin or Medvedev. Their main goal - to steal and drink blood from the people, building palaces and yachts for themselves, no one will cancel. To overthrow the Russian kleptocracy, a cardinal surgical operation on the state television is needed ...
    1. Orthodox Offline Orthodox
      Orthodox (Orthodox) April 30 2022 13: 55
      It is true that this is how things are!
    2. Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich April 30 2022 14: 02
      If you think like that, then Sobchak will suit you.
    3. Smilodon terribilis nimis 1 May 2022 00: 01
      The oligarchs can no longer decide anything. Before with a parachute from abroad - yes. And now they sit somewhere in the corner.
  • InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) April 30 2022 13: 57
    Medvedev "head" and "fighter"?! "drastic changes"?! Apologetics of the absurd!

    - When you speak, Ivan Vasilievich, the impression is that you are delirious.
  • Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich April 30 2022 14: 01
    Let them immediately shoot us if Medvedev is on the throne again. Enough of the Serdyukovs. Now there would be no army. Moscow and the Moscow region will not support him, his people cannot stand him.
  • Joker62 Offline Joker62
    Joker62 (Ivan) April 30 2022 16: 19
    No. DAM will not become president of Russia. For the first time he showed what he really is - a complete liberal and a fan of the West and America. There will be another president of Russia.
  • faterdom Offline faterdom
    faterdom (Andrei) April 30 2022 17: 16
    God forbid!
    Energetic, of course, but stupid, all of his reforms that he promoted and led failed miserably, except that he legalized the "pant-free zone" for Gaddafi on behalf of the UN, and gave the Norwegians part of the sea with rich fishing zones.
    The Criminal Code was cut almost completely on the topics of economic crimes, the clock was translated so that in some regions the children went to school at 5 o'clock in the morning astronomical and had time to return from school before dawn in winter, which ironically undermines health.
    The reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, promoted by the dirty discrediting of the police, turned out to be a banal strong reduction with the dispersal of people anywhere. The reform of health care and education - there’s no way to tell without a mat, so that it’s clear ...
    A lobbyist of retirement age at 65, the goal is the same as with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and health care: sorry for the money!
    They came up with a position with an initial salary of 600 sput, a special one, where there is nothing to do - so he took it with pleasure and sits there, with no conscience at all. There was such Marshal Shaposhnikov under Yeltsin, the Minister of Defense of the CIS, when he realized that his position was a profanity, found the courage to declare it, and burned down this office (sinecure).
    No, we don’t need such a president, the country can’t stand it anymore, let it play better on the iPhone.
  • steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 30 2022 18: 34
    Will Medvedev become the next President of Russia?

    Why do we need presidents who every year, on May 9, "denazify" the Mausoleum? They are ashamed of the history of their country!!
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) April 30 2022 19: 50
    Quote: aslan642
    We have a choice.

    The Russians have no choice! Whoever is appointed from the regional committee will be the next one.
    Only the Russians will be able to save their homeland - that's the question?
    1. guest Offline guest
      guest 7 May 2022 22: 06
      Yes, but in "civilized countries" they are generally appointed in Washington.
  • Oleg_5 Offline Oleg_5
    Oleg_5 (Oleg) April 30 2022 20: 40
    Only if for the sake of renaming the police back to the police. And one more change of time for an hour.
  • bonifacius Offline bonifacius
    bonifacius (Alex) April 30 2022 22: 08
    Already eloquent is the fact that the "enlightened and democratic west" wanted to see just Medvedev as president of Russia, but not Putin.
  • opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 1 May 2022 07: 38
    No, children, Medvedev Russia has suffered so much from its pro-Western liberals, President of Donbass Denis Pushilin is the best choice as the next president of the Russian Federation
  • Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 1 May 2022 18: 44
    God forbid!!! Well, if only to "warm the chair" for someone again ... Despite the fact that there would still be a normal minister of defense, like Ogarkov, of eternal memory, the earth rest in peace to him, and not a foreman with a construction education, who never served in the army. .. Valery Gerasimov also helps out ... IMHO
  • Medvedev would Ozverin Forte take it, the president would be golden! How famously he threw off the Meadow - like a louse from his sleeve, it's a pleasure to see! And how clearly he rolled out the kintosov - one to breathe!
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 7 May 2022 01: 58
      And he brought the hated reindeer herder. Better Meadow than this lover of muzzles.
  • faterdom Offline faterdom
    faterdom (Andrei) 1 May 2022 19: 57
    Union State, and Luca as president. In Moscow, of course.
    And everything will go in the right direction.
    And the States will remember with nostalgia the presidency of Putin, whom they dreamed of removing.
    Dreams Come True