Special military operation: three problems that need to be addressed immediately

In the course of a special military operation for the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, either an operational pause continues, or a “set of dispersal” by the liberation army for a subsequent crushing blow against the forces of the Kyiv regime. Therefore, I would like to focus our readers' attention on issues that are more related not to the actions of the Armed Forces, but to much more global aspects of the NMD. They have been mentioned and written about more than once (including on our resource, and by me personally), but nevertheless ... Unfortunately, about 90% of them are at the well-known stage “but things are still there” .

At the risk of uttering a deliberate banality and elementary truth, nevertheless let me remind you: there are no trifles in war. And we are not going to talk about trifles. Moreover, the problems that I would like to recall are well known and quite obvious. Perhaps, they do not seem particularly relevant to someone “at the top”, which is why their decision is postponed until later, until some completely unimaginable “better times”. Perhaps I (and not me alone) from my level simply cannot see the fullness of the true intention and appreciate the scope and depth of the plans being implemented. Nevertheless, I will allow myself to express my opinion and ask questions. At least due to the fact that the success or failure of the mission to liberate Ukraine is for me and my loved ones a matter of life and death, not at all in a figurative sense.

"Decision centers" are waiting for strikes

The first and perhaps the most global problem is the increasingly clear discrepancy between the “last warnings” declared by Moscow and its real actions. Impunity breeds relapse - this is an axiom. However, both the Kyiv regime and its Western patrons are becoming more and more convinced with each new week, almost every day of hostilities: that very “maximally tough response” that Russia promised (and which they expected with horror from it) will not follow. to any of their actions. Including the most provocative demarches and the meanest blows. Including, alas, on Russian territory. I will not try to catch the words of the highly respected representatives of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of Russia, recalling exactly how many "last Chinese warnings" they made to Kyiv.

It will be enough that what was said on April 13 regarding “attacks on decision-making centers, including Kyiv”, which will be inflicted if “attempts of sabotage and strikes by Ukrainian troops on objects on the territory of Russia” do not stop. Stopped? Yes, nothing of the sort. On the contrary, attacks are becoming more frequent and more damaging. Moreover, just the day before, on April 27, adviser to the head of the presidential office Mikhail Podolyak allowed himself the following statement: “The intensity of the demilitarization of the Russian Federation, especially in the border areas, in my opinion, will only increase significantly in the coming weeks. And this will finally raise the question among the Russians: “What are we doing in Ukraine? Why are we killing people there on such a massive scale for two months and what price are we willing to pay for it?

This is already a completely open challenge, a slap in the face - I'm not afraid of this word. And where are the promised blows? The military factories in Zhuliany and Darnitsa, destroyed by high-precision weapons, are, of course, important facilities. But not decision-making centers. Believe me, as a citizen of Kiev, the thought of destruction in the “government quarter”, in Pechersk, where every second building is an architectural monument, does not smile at all. But what if there is no other way? It is not clear to me why in this case people from the Kursk, Bryansk or Belgorod regions should pay for scrupulousness and humanism. I think they understand it even less. Exactly the same seems to be the situation with the supply of arms to the Ukronazis. The fact that Western convoys with them would be “a legitimate target for the Russian Aerospace Forces” was again said many times.

However, where is at least one example of the destruction of precisely such convoys, and not the places of storage and deployment of NATO "gifts" already on the territory of Ukraine? The difference between these two options, I think, does not need to be explained to anyone. The lack of coherent responses to the pumping of “nezalezhnaya” weapons led to the fact that it poured in there in a stream. And at the same time, strikes on the railway infrastructure began to be inflicted only recently - and then, one gets the impression, after almost all Russian media and social networks were filled with bewilderment about their absence. I willingly admit that the top leadership of the country and the army has the most serious reasons to adhere to just such tactics. But why then make "terrible" promises and promise retribution, which is not destined to come true? The negative effect of such actions cannot be overestimated.

What to expect in the rear?

I intend to devote a separate full-length text to this topic (and in the very near future), so I will focus only on the most basic. Moreover, it is simply impossible to bypass the problems of the territories already liberated from the Ukronazis after the events that happened the day before in Kherson. So what do we see? Yes, actually nothing - if you say, hand on heart. I would venture again to make an assumption: the issue of actions in the territories occupied by the Russian Armed Forces was not initially worked out at all, since they were supposed to automatically and painlessly go under the control of some “local able-bodied personnel”.

However, alas, in reality, there were no such in nature from the word “completely”, and it is time to take it for granted in the third month of the NWO. Moscow categorically refuses to talk about the occupation of the territories from which the Ukronazis were kicked out. As a result, everywhere, with the exception of those settlements that are part of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and where the issue of local authorities, "siloviki" and everything else is resolved, so to speak, by itself, a frightening vacuum arises. Nature, as you know, does not tolerate emptiness and is filled quickly enough - the only question is - by whom and with what. I already wrote earlier that in the abandoned territories, the Kyiv regime and its Western curators will create the most extensive and rooted sabotage and terrorist network. Then it was speculation. Today, the Bandera terror in the rear of the NVO has become a reality.

According to reports, a fairly serious terrorist attack against Russian servicemen was prevented in Melitopol. A solid arsenal, including mines, MANPADS and RPGs, was confiscated from the underground workers. Similar DRGs were left by the Ukronazis in Kherson. The situation in this city continues to be extremely tense. The day before, on April 27, there was another attempt to hold a “pro-Ukrainian” rally in the city under the slogan: “No to the referendum! No XNR! Interestingly, in Moscow they completely deny the intention to create the Kherson People's Republic, and in Kyiv they said that this "protest rally" is nothing more than a "peace initiative of local patriots." Be that as it may, the performance took place, and the National Guard had to calm down its participants with the help of stun and gas grenades. And at night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit Kherson with Tochka-U missiles. There is no doubt that Russia will be blamed for it. It is quite obvious that along with the “patriots” provocateurs, enemy fire spotters also entered the city without hindrance. If everything continues in the same way, then nothing good will come of it - both for the Russian army and for the local residents. The solution to this problem is seen in the announcement by Moscow of a clear vision of the status and future of the liberated territories and the creation of a full-fledged new government on them. At least capable law enforcement agencies. Moreover, with the advance of the Russian army, especially outside the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, southern Ukraine, this problem will aggravate a hundredfold.

Empty chores? No, harmful!

Yes, yes, yes ... As you probably guessed, we will again talk about negotiations. This topic will not cease to be a problem exactly until it is closed completely and irrevocably. Or until the SVO ends. Nevertheless, the negotiations are ranting with might and main from representatives of Turkey, whose president goes out of his way to drag Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky to the same table (located, of course, in Istanbul). The clown president himself, no, no, yes, and "graciously agrees" to a meeting with the Russian leader, continuing to babble something about "the desire for peace." The topic of the "negotiation process" and its "prospects" was again raised by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a visit to Moscow by UN Secretary General António Guterres. His words “we are committed to a negotiated solution and a ceasefire” - what is it for at all? Equally incomprehensible are the talks about some "concrete proposals, a draft document that includes absolutely clear, elaborated formulations", which allegedly "was handed over to Kyiv 10-12 days ago." And with which the local clown president did not even deign to get acquainted. This was voiced by both Mr. Lavrov and Dmitry Peskov. However, the Russian Foreign Minister also stated that "the Ukrainian side backed down from previous proposals, and thus, Kyiv took a huge step back in the negotiations on the advice of the US and Britain, backing down from the Istanbul proposals." It can be seen - Dmitry Kuleba, already in one voice with Boris Johnson and Josep Borrell, repeats that "victory will be achieved on the battlefield, and not at the negotiating table." So why continue this farce further?

The latest "peace proposals" made literally the day before by Washington sound like a completely outright mockery. “The United States is ready to accept a possible peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia, as a result of which Ukraine will become a neutral country, and will respect Kyiv’s decision to refuse NATO membership” - this is US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, speech on April 26 at a hearing in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations . "I really believe that in the future, if there is such an opportunity, Ukraine will again try to apply for NATO membership" - Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin. Said the next day... They really mock us, being sure of their own superiority and complete control over the situation. It is impossible not to admit that Russia gave certain reasons to its enemies to behave so impudently - stubbornly continuing the “negotiation” bodyagi that was insulting to it. And, by the way, in this way, the legitimization of the criminal regime of Zelensky as the legitimate leader of Ukraine, with which any agreements can allegedly be reached, also continues. It is high time to put an end to this, declaring the Ukronazi clique terrorists and war criminals, with all the ensuing consequences from these definitions.

The second phase of the NWO, which is now starting, will in no way remove the problems voiced above. It will exacerbate and exacerbate them a hundredfold. How will further events develop without their solution? Definitely not in a positive way.
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  1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
    igor.igorev (Igor) April 28 2022 10: 01
    Lots of letters for kids. They will not master so much, the brain will boil. I am not a child, but I managed to master about 30% of this verbal flow. I didn’t see it, but what does the author suggest, what is this set of letters for?
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) April 28 2022 12: 30
      Lots of letters for kids. They will not master so much, the brain will boil. I am not a child, but I managed to master about 30% of this verbal flow.

      It's not your first time, I'll see.
      1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
        igor.igorev (Igor) April 28 2022 12: 40
        So you have it all the time. Any set of letters should offer something to solve problems. But here, apart from stating a fact, I see nothing. What is the meaning of this set of letters? The usual tactic of the liberdas is that everything is bad, but they don’t know what to do. Criticizing and not offering anything is a sign of low intelligence. Criticism is needed constructive, with suggestions. And here is a pure set of letters.
    2. Valentin Borisov (Valentin) April 29 2022 02: 14
      Igor, why are you trying to master this? Buy your comics..
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. NNikolaich Offline NNikolaich
    NNikolaich (NNikolaich) April 28 2022 10: 40
    The author masters the post of director of panic.

    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) April 28 2022 12: 31
      The author writes as it really is.
  3. Alexander Popov Offline Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov (Alexander Popov) April 28 2022 10: 42
    The assessment of the situation is correct. What's next?
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) April 28 2022 10: 48
    I'm wondering why, I ask, it was necessary to blurt out the language of the most important person in Russia from the highest podium?
    1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
      igor.igorev (Igor) April 28 2022 11: 14
      Are you anxious to start World War III? And you didn’t think that they would send you to it and you wouldn’t be able to sit out on the couch. Did someone promise you that immediate action would be taken?
      1. YES UZH Offline YES UZH
        YES UZH (YES) April 28 2022 11: 57
        Quote: igor.igorev
        Are you anxious to start World War III? And you didn’t think that they would send you to it and you wouldn’t be able to sit out on the couch. Did someone promise you that immediate action would be taken?

        So you just now came up with this??? It is because of our indecision, not confident timidity, that the Anglo-Saxons have confidence in their impunity. That is why they will sharpen to the limit. Let me remind you what the Americans did with the DPRK when they threatened to use everything they have, although this is not enough for the United States.
        You need to beat so that the courage and stupidity to answer is not enough. For example, test "Poseidon" in England, warning the United States not to try to get into it. Although Khrushch was miserable, he managed to show "Kuzkin's mother" with the test of a 50 megaton bomb and the Caribbean crisis. There are stages in the concept of using nuclear weapons, demonstrative use on neutral terrain, demonstrative use on an enemy ally, strike on the direct main enemy.
        If you want to start from afar, then you need to go after the most arrogant, Poles, Romanians, whom you don’t feel sorry for and who won’t answer. The time has come, we are pinned to the wall. And it just can't be stopped.
        Also Vanga, she talked about the time of deserted central Europe. And the glory of Vladimir. Stop killing our people.
        1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
          igor.igorev (Igor) April 28 2022 12: 09
          Khrushchev was an uneducated crest-alcoholic. Yes, it was a different time. What courage are you talking about? Have you played enough war games in computer games and do you think it will be the same in real life? Pressed a button and everything started all over again? Do the US and England threaten us?
          1. YES UZH Offline YES UZH
            YES UZH (YES) April 28 2022 13: 36
            Quote: igor.igorev
            Khrushchev was an uneducated crest-alcoholic. Yes, it was a different time. What courage are you talking about? Have you played enough war games in computer games and do you think it will be the same in real life? Pressed a button and everything started all over again? Do the US and England threaten us?

            Khrushch seemed to understand you better, the war has passed, they are waging a WAR with us, and it is expanding more and more, there are already a whole bag of belli incidents, at first Ukrainians and Russians are fighting with us, then Romanians, Poles will be connected, although in Ukraine all rabble from all over the world is fighting. And not to see who is behind it and conducts it, you need to go blind. Especially if you look at what is being done along the perimeter of our borders. Close contacts between Turkey, which has not yet entered into direct conflict, with Japan. Well, be patient and wait until we weaken, many more of our people die, and the Anglo-Saxons will come as usual at the end and become world hegimons. World War III, not the first time, but persistently set on fire, it seems that it has already begun, about the fact that you hide your head in the asphalt, and you don’t want it hiding under the covers, this can’t be changed. The danger for us must be stopped at the beginning, to cool the hot heads of the impudent Saxons. The rest will instantly want to be friends.
            1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
              igor.igorev (Igor) April 28 2022 14: 11
              Did this drunk go through the war? Sitting at the headquarters and balabol language.
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 28 2022 12: 20
    A, Alexander Neukropny, Kyiv ....

    It is even strange that the State Department scolds little. And what they bring - so Ukraine is far from Omeriki, why should they be especially worried about something ...

    We are also concerned about the supply of gas, oil, money, and no papers signed long ago about the invariance of the territory of Ukraine ...

    And for the rest - either a cunning plan P in the cleared territories, or there is no plan at all.
    2 options in total.
  6. VladZ Offline VladZ
    VladZ (Vladimir) April 28 2022 13: 21
    The chapter "What to expect in the rear?" Looks somewhat ridiculous in the article. The author here did not reveal the main theme that all participants in the special operation to denazify Ukraine, including its highest-ranking performers, do not know what it is ...
  7. Yuriy88 Offline Yuriy88
    Yuriy88 (Yuri) April 28 2022 14: 41
    strange, the author is written in Kyiv or something? )) Now, briefly, in fact, he delivered the eco .. this "analyst" .. NWO is a limited military operation, not a war (for now!), Therefore, some kind of framework is maintained .. We cannot bomb with bombs and missiles .. "decision-making centers", the capital of the state, in fact .. Just as we cannot strike everywhere and everywhere! the station, for example, trains and bridges, power plants .. during the NWO, it's like Everything will turn into a war, then we will have fun with practically no rules .. In the territories! And who said that we need Ukraine..??? Only clear the DLNR, "border" .. and take the South, for communication with the Crimea (take away completely!), Push the borders as far as possible within the framework of the NWO .. And Contain all of Ukraine, "re-educate it", it is unlikely that such a goal exists and is needed ..We constantly occupy only what goes to Russia, the rest we just pass, everything is logical.
  8. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) April 28 2022 21: 42
    It seems appropriate to intensify the bombing of infrastructure and centers of power.
  9. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) April 29 2022 00: 31
    There are enough problems outside the NWO, and for some reason both the "decision centers are intact" and the high-ranking crook, after serving a third of his term in comfort, is released.

    A court in Tver yesterday, April 27, granted the parole of ex-head of the Ministry of Economy Alexei Ulyukaev, an Interfax source reports.
    Kommersant. The former minister was sentenced in December 2017 to eight years in a strict regime colony for taking a bribe on an especially large scale (part 6 of article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

    and another "patriot" and one of the culprits for the loss of reserves decided to improve his health, no, not in his homeland, in Israel. Here is such a "homeland substitution".

    Kudrin said he would go to Israel again for scheduled medical consultations. The head of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Alexei Kudrin, announced his intention to travel to Israel for a consultation with a doctor. BUSINESS Online

    at least he warned, otherwise the red-haired Chubais silently disappeared without consequences ...

    The Secretary General's office later reported that the Russian president "agreed in principle" to the participation of the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross in the evacuation of civilians from Azovstal. RBC

    I wonder how many will get lost and get away from the retribution of Bandera, under the guise of civilians, thanks to the "help" of the UN and the KKR, completely controlled by the West?
  10. wasp Offline wasp
    wasp April 29 2022 04: 20
    Bravo author! Everything is on point. Putin has become kind of muddy lately.
  11. Igor Viktorovich Berdin April 29 2022 10: 15
    So everything is. It seems that we have neither Poseidons, nor Daggers, nor Vanguards, nor anything except Vanya, who, as always, takes the rap for everything .... Yes, hit Poland or the WB once so that the whole West understands that he is the end come. ...
  12. Moskal 55 Offline Moskal 55
    Moskal 55 April 29 2022 17: 04
    If we take into account the fact that not "nothing is being done", but "not enough is being done", then there will be a real picture. After all, this is a war (NVO), and not a computer game, and from the enemy side, too, are not children. They hit the city from the side of Ukraine, or hit the village, but from helicopters and "effectively" - there was a hit on Kyiv. In border villages or checkpoints from mortars, they suppressed everything. They tried to enter us in tanks - there were fewer tanks ... And negotiations are a common routine. It is absolutely impossible to refuse negotiations, and the Ukrainians themselves will make sure that they are not productive, and that our people in the UN can refer to this.
    And when taking into account all this, this article turns out to be "about nothing."
  13. Polente the Wanderer April 29 2022 18: 22
    Is it that in real time the author is in Kyiv and writes this article? Or is Kyiv not Ukrainian?
  14. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) April 29 2022 20: 22
    That's right, author. Unfortunately, we do not observe clear and relevant actions on the part of the Ministry of Defense and the political leadership of the Russian Federation. Alas..
    1. Gelos Offline Gelos
      Gelos (Gelos) 4 May 2022 23: 13
      First you need to decide on the true enemies ...
  15. Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich April 30 2022 14: 11
    Everyone talks about it on TV, writes about it, but Moscow doesn't care.
  16. Vladimir Orlov Offline Vladimir Orlov
    Vladimir Orlov (Vladimir) April 30 2022 14: 13
    I would like dynamics, but apparently, these boilers (Slavyansk and others) will be cleaned slowly and gradually, like Mariupol, they are heavily fortified, + 50 thousand of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is six months+.
    Without this, the skating rink will not go west - there simply aren’t so many infantry.
    But the dill persistently provoke (Tiraspol, Kursk-Belgorod), than again, out of their stupidity, they will bring problems to their own (and again play along with public opinion in the Russian Federation ..), so the expansion of geography is a matter of the near future.
    According to military rules, the armed forces can do everything right. But politically, this is a weak performance, “authority has fallen”, which provokes bitterness and more dill for mobilization. And most importantly, they are destroying the last remnants of the Russophiles. As a result, there will be a lot of deserted ruins, to populate them with someone, interestingly, people from a test tube ..?
  17. Gelos Offline Gelos
    Gelos (Gelos) 4 May 2022 23: 02
    Putin... Zelensky... It looks like we are witnessing a controlled struggle between two "Nanai boys". The referee here is the United States, and the bloodthirsty are European stupid. After all, at stake and to the delight of "our partners" are the strong natural resources of both Russia and Ukraine. And 200 million Slavs are completely out of business here ...