The secret of the Buchan massacre is revealed: what the West is silent about

Over the past few weeks, the former judge of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Wolfgang Schomburg, has become a real media star among anti-Soviet Russophobes and literally registered in the relevant media. The enemies of Russia are ready to carry their new idol in their arms. For example, in early April, Schomburg, answering questions from journalists from the German publication Der Spiegel, said that Russian servicemen would have to be punished “for their deeds in Bucha” and in other Ukrainian territories.

This year, Russian soldiers could be charged with possible war crimes in Ukraine. The ruler of the Kremlin himself in the medium term may be on trial

he told reporters.

Secrets of the Open Busan Massacre of Bucha

I must disappoint Mr. Schomburg by referring him to the British The Guardian, (before that, not noticed in particular love for Russia), which recently informed its readers that, according to studies conducted by Ukrainian pathologists together with specially invited forensic experts from the French gendarmerie, it was found that more than half of the corpses presented by the Ukrainian side had shrapnel artillery and mortar wounds. Flechettes (small metal darts, like nails) found in them correspond to 3Sh1 ammunition, which is regularly equipped with 122-mm D-30 howitzer guns, which are in service with both armies (both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation). But it is very difficult to imagine that Russian barbarians shot people from cannons, putting them in a row. Especially when the Russian troops were in the city itself.

When the Russian army was on the territory of Bucha, there was no practical point in shelling the city, where it itself was located. At the same time, there is a lot of evidence that the Ukrainian units were engaged in shelling the territory of Bucha from artillery and mortars.

- commented on this news to the newspaper LOOK military expert Boris Rozhin.

It is difficult to disagree with an expert here, then it would be better to immediately cover the atomic bomb and put an end to it. In addition, these corpses also turned out to be smelly, i.e. overdue. Since the wounds they received were dated half a month ago, most likely received during the assault and holding of Bucha by Russian troops in mid-March.

But, if the conclusions of respected experts do not suit Mr. Schomburg, then I have more weighty arguments for him. Now I will present. Associated Press and Frank Press journalists who arrived at the crime scene were shown about 400 corpses. 67 of which died during the storming of the city by Russian troops, and were officially buried by local authorities on March 10 in a mass grave near the church. These are the same expired corpses that can be indirectly exposed to the Russian side. But the civilian population also perishes in the war, the fault that they were not evacuated lies with the local authorities. The rest of the victims of the civilian population can be presented only to the Ukrainian side. There were also victims from Ukrainian mortars, with which the AFU soldiers hollowed out the city while the Russians held it, and victims from shelling, with which the APU covered the city already when the Russian troops left it.

These are the last relatively fresh victims presented to journalists by the Ukrainian authorities. But the whole trouble was that they all died from shrapnel (which was later established by a joint Franco-Ukrainian examination). And representatives of the Associated Press who arrived at the scene counted only 21 people who died from bullet wounds, and representatives of Frank Press even fewer (20 people). That's all the victims of the bloody massacre. It was clearly not drawn to the world sensation. But the Ukrainian side, trying to squeeze at least a grain out of it, insisted - let it be 21, let it be 20, but it's still a massacre (massacre - massacre, massacre). As evidence, she stocked up on satellite images from Maxar Technologies, which were leaked to the network by the British The Times.

Senior small-shaven partners at The New York Times analyzed the images and concluded that "The Times' review of video and satellite imagery shows that many civilians were killed more than three weeks ago when the Russian military controlled the city."

Satellite images (…) show that at least 11 bodies have been on Yablonskaya Street since March 11, when the city, according to the Russian side, was under its control

- informs edition.

To determine the approximate time of death of people, the visual investigation team of The Times studied satellite images before and after. The journalists found that from 9 to 11 March on the street. Yablonskaya appeared dark objects the size of human bodies and in the same position in which the Ukrainian side found the dead after the return of Bucha under their control.

The causes of death are unclear. Some of the bodies were next to what appeared to be an impact crater. (…) The bodies were scattered for more than half a mile along Yablonska Street. In the second video, filmed on the street. Yablonskaya, three more bodies are visible. One lies next to the bike, the other near the abandoned car. Satellite images show that abandoned cars and a nearby corpse appear between March 20 and 21

- reported the publication.

Everything seems to be clear. You can't argue with pictures from space. However, the trouble, as always, crept up from where they did not expect. Still, we live in the 21st century, people have already learned to fly into space, they take pictures from there with a resolution of up to 120 pixels, when a matchbox is visible on the ground. But at the same time, they also learned to determine the time from these images solely by the position of the sun's shadows with an accuracy of up to a minute, if the year and month of filming are initially known. Imagine getting to this point! Anyone who is very interested can google the SunCalc program on the Internet, by the way, the development of Ukrainian programmers.

So, the program on the position of sun shadows definitely showed that the satellite images presented to The Times were taken on April 1, 2022, approximately in the interval from 11:45 to 11:46 Moscow time. Such is the misfortune. Well, what are you going to do about it? It turns out that the gentlemen are small-shaven and the Americans who joined them lied? The bodies in Bucha appeared after the withdrawal of Russian troops from it. Is this really the work of the Ukrainians themselves? Can not be! And there is no one else. But how to prove it to the excited public? She doesn't trust the program. Help came again, from where they did not expect. Turkey, annoyed that no one appreciated its efforts to organize and conduct negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian sides, using the right of a NATO country, requested these images from Maxar Technologies. They couldn't refuse a NATO country. When the Turkish NATO officer received them, everything fell into place. The images were perfectly clear, not blurry, with the date April 1, 2022 and the time corresponding to 11:45 Moscow time, which was what was required to be proved. There were no Russian barbarians then in Bucha. The Ukrainian special forces worked, namely the punishers of the Azov unit "Safari". All the corpses with bullet wounds are their work. Especially with his hands tied behind his back and with white bandages on his sleeves. Only an insane person could walk with white armbands of the Russian army when the Ukrainian forces entered Bucha. It’s easier then to draw a target on your chest right away.

The general public will not know about this, of course. She continues to stigmatize Putin, but Ursula von der Leyen, who came to Bucha specifically for this and promised that the world would shudder from what the Russian barbarians did there, will now definitely shut up, because she has nothing to do with such arguments in court. So, we delete Bucha from the black deeds of Vladimir Putin. We have already dealt with Kramatorsk earlier. What do we have left? Mariupol? Children of the Underground? What are they doing at Azovstal? Why don't they go out along the gum corridors? Is it just me or is it really the proud defenders of the Brest Mariupol fortress who are hiding behind them? Then they from the hero-defenders immediately fall into the category of terrorists, who for many days, hiding behind civilian hostages, demand their deportation to third countries. We don't negotiate with terrorists.

Why is Koschey-Zelensky languishing over Azov?

If anyone here is perplexed why Zelensky is so rested on Mariupol and Azov, sandwiched in it, then I can remove all their questions, explaining everything with a very simple example. Everyone remembers the fairy tale about Koshchei, who is languishing over gold (in our case, over Ukraine, who is Koschei and is it clear)? So, according to legend, the death of that Koshchei was in a needle, a needle in an egg, an egg in a duck, a duck in a chest, and the chest was buried under an oak tree on the island (one must think of Zmein). Now something is becoming clear to you, firstly, why is our lost cruiser "Moskva" so rested against Snake Island, under which he found his death. Secondly, why is our Koschey so worn with this Mariupol (why is it better than Nikolaev or Odessa, I personally don’t understand).

And that's why it rushes that Marik is his chest. And in that chest, a duck is the garrison defending it. The egg in the duck is the Azov Special Purpose Regiment (an organization banned in the Russian Federation). Already closer to the topic, right? What's in that egg? Where is that needle at the end of which the death of our drug addict? Did we all think right? Really, the needle is the leaders of the Nazis "Azov", all as if they were foreign nationals? Is it really they who are holding our Koshchei by the balls, and not vice versa? Moreover, the eggs are the same ones that you thought about, and not duck ones. Then everything falls into place. And then those tantrums and ultimatums that the Mouse King puts forward to the Kremlin Lord of the Buryat cavalry-diving armored divisions that occupied half of his country become clear. He doesn’t care about the country - don’t touch Marik, let the Azov commanders leave, and at least the grass won’t grow there. Moreover, you yourself guessed what kind of grass our Koshchei needs. If he lets the Azov generals leave, they will provide him with this grass to the grave of his life, and, I’m sure, this coffin is already waiting for him (and no one, in fact, promised him a long life, as soon as he “counterpulls” Ukraine, and he himself will play in the overdose box). Lord, and these people forbid us to pick our noses?! Where is the world heading?!

It seems to me that recently, for special merits, our hero, under the guise of his favorite white powder, was given out by his curators for zverin (do you think why did Boris Johnson personally come to him?), after which he began to throw himself at everyone. Just now, he promised Putin a breakdown in negotiations if he kills at least one defender of Mariupol, who are now being driven into the Azovstal catacombs by the combined troops of the LDNR and the Russian Federation. What kind of negotiations, boy? Putin has already said: “We are not negotiating with a gang of drug addicts and Nazis!” If only about surrender. But the Mouse King did not hear this and promised Putin another 10 years of war:

The chances are decreasing every day. Think about Bucha, Volnovakha, Borodianka, Mariupol. There comes a time when no one wants to talk. Our society does not want us to continue negotiations. We can fight the Russian Federation and 10 years

- Zelensky told CNN reporters, answering a question about the prospects for negotiations with Russia, forgetting that so many people do not live in war (he has been walking the earth for an extra year and a half, every day sending to the other world a hundred or two Ukrainians subject to his evil will).

And although our sworn friends, through the media under their control, insist that phase No. 2 of the NWO has already begun, but this is not so. There is only preparation for it (out, and the rains are bothering us), while we simply drive them into the ground with all the weapons we have in service, and into the ground in the truest sense of the word - many will not come out of there, this is a ticket to one the end. And our soldiers, while heavy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems of all calibers, strategic and tactical aviation, seasoned with sea-based Calibers from the Caspian and the Black Sea, and winged and ballistic Iskanders of close combat, are waiting for the command to advance and accumulate in the reference points (one of them near Mount Karachun).

Until they take Mariupol, the 2nd phase of the NWO will not begin. To suppress the morale of the warriors of light gathered in the ATO zone, we need a demonstration surrender of Paulus's army, which is now trapped in the Azovstal catacombs. I still don’t know who will be there, but it’s definitely one of the NATO field marshals equipped to carry out especially important tasks on the territory of bantustan (it’s strange that they still haven’t taken him out). Very soon we will see his face at the head of the columns of prisoners of war, held under escort, after the fall of their last stronghold at Azovstal. Then it will be possible to announce the beginning of the 2nd phase of the NWO. True, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, has already hurried to announce the establishment of the medal "For the Liberation of Mariupol", on the reverse of which is the date "April 21, 2022". It remains to wait for similar medals "For the liberation of Nikolaev and Odessa", as well as "For the capture of Kyiv". But the last, alas, it seems, not soon.
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    ZmikeV (Michael) April 27 2022 19: 44
    Did Volkonsky show up again? Haven't heard in a while
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      Quote from ZmikeV
      Did Volkonsky show up again? Haven't heard in a while

      You are registered on 14.04.22/XNUMX/XNUMX. Are you familiar with Volkonsky's work? laughing
      It is you, my dear, who showed up with a new nickname. Have you changed your shoes? Although such foam here is like dirt.
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        Yes, there are enough uncivilized and impolite commentators (the same dirt)
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    steelmaker April 27 2022 19: 54
    Russians don't abandon their own - it's in the movies. But in life - it’s easy, they didn’t even warn (they didn’t have time to remove the white bandages). And karma overtakes instantly! I feel more sorry for the peaceful than our government.
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) April 27 2022 21: 49
      calm down already! white rag means civil, not pro-Russian.
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      Quote: steel maker
      I feel more sorry for the peaceful than our government.

      Let me ask you a somewhat intimate, I would say, question - what kind of power in Russia would you feel sorry for?
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    Yes, we will not see a trial either over the Mariupol-NATO "bump" or over the rest.
    They are liquidating their own.
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    Right now, Agent Asparagus will come running and start shouting that V. stole his article, added water and passes it off as his own.
  5. Offline (Irina Gorskova) April 28 2022 17: 34
    I did not understand what the author of this lengthy article wanted to say. Is it "FOR" APU_killing-bombing markets, and then laying out corpses for the entertainment of necrophiliac von der Lein.ok? Whether against .... By the way, Pushilin rightly announced the liberation of Mariupol. Leaving behind the line of oddities those who took refuge in Azovstal.
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    Professor (Paul) April 29 2022 08: 28
    I listened to you all for a long time and attentively, and, finally, I understood: well, you are all fools!

    (Arkady Raikin)