Checkpoints begin to be set up in Pridnestrovie

In recent days, the situation in Transnistria has begun to heat up. The first explosion occurred on April 25 in the building of the Ministry of State Security of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. According to some reports, a grenade launcher was fired at him. The second was the explosion of a tower near the village of Mayak. The third was recorded in the military unit of the PMR, stationed near the village of Parkany.

The Security Council of Transnistria has introduced a red level of terrorist threat. This means that entry and exit from the cities of the PMR is now possible only through equipped checkpoints, where cars and property of passengers are inspected. At the same time, at night, inspection will become mandatory for everyone, and during the day, employees will check vehicles selectively.

Due to a possible terrorist threat, the leadership of the republic decided to transfer educational institutions to a remote mode of operation and canceled the Victory Parade scheduled for May 9. Of the official events on Victory Day, only the laying of flowers will remain.

There is no detailed information about the causes and circumstances of the explosions at the moment. Criminal cases have been initiated, investigative actions are underway. However, given the common border between the PMR and Ukraine, one can assume the presence of Ukrainian sabotage groups on the territory of the republic.

In early April, Ukrainian President Zelensky said in one of his addresses that Moldova could become an object of Russian expansion after Ukraine. It is worth noting that Kyiv is interested in involving other countries in the conflict in order to distract the Russian leadership from a special military operation.

Transnistria is a frozen conflict in the post-Soviet space. At present, there is a contingent of Russian peacekeepers on the territory of the PMR. According to Oleg Belyakov, co-chairman of the Joint Control Commission, the peacekeepers control the situation.
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  1. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) April 26 2022 15: 41
    In order to save hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens living in Transnistria, and just civilians, we must urgently recognize and attach the PMR to the Russian Federation. Stop looking back. soon Russians will simply be killed on the streets of western cities. And what? They saw the Russian army in action (didn’t impress anyone), they don’t give a damn about the anxious Lavrov and Peskov. Who else is there? Mr Putin? Yes Yes.
    Russians will be killed.
    Do not want to recognize the PMR? (and what will they say in the west ...). Then at least scare Ukrainians with blowing up bridges in Kyiv. And blow one up for a show of determination.
    1. akm8226 Offline akm8226
      akm8226 April 26 2022 21: 12
      Liberals, sir, liberals. Everyone looks to the west ... well, as you wanted, there is real estate, loot, mothers-in-law, wives, kids at the Sorbonnes and Harvards and Cambridges study ... and you propose to take everything in one fell swoop and chop it off? God forbid, bring me to the presidency of Russia...I would have finished this crap in a month. What kind of war is this - our guys are threshing, and the West sends shells and tanks without hindrance! On the very first day, I would have smashed all the bridges, railway stations, roads, electricity, fuel and lubricants, gas - everything to the root. What kind of crap is this - we are at war and supply gas? Well, this is generally the height of idiocy !!