German journalist: Residents of Ukraine in a whisper ask Russian soldiers not to leave them

Unfortunately, few people in Europe know the truth about what is happening on Ukrainian territory, as the local media do not want to provide them with objective information. German journalist, writer and blogger Thomas Röper, who now lives in St. Petersburg and has repeatedly visited the Donbass and other regions, spoke about what is happening in southern Ukraine and how these events are covered in Germany and in the West in general.

On April 23, the journalist said that he managed to visit the southern regions of Ukraine three times in recent times. During his first trip, he visited the city of Melitopol in the Zaporozhye region. He noticed that on the mentioned trip he was most surprised by the fear in the eyes of the local population. Moreover, the vast majority of people who agree with the Russian special operation in Ukraine, and not the minority that is against it.

I see it in the squares, when there are hundreds of people, they walk past the soldiers and say in a whisper: “Thank you guys, don’t leave.” They are very afraid, and they said it directly. They are very afraid that the Russians will leave and there will be reprisals. What, in my understanding, happened in Bucha, by the way. And the fact that now, Alina said, from Mariupol is another such example. The woman was afraid to just speak the truth. Fearing that, God forbid, the Russians will leave and there will be reprisals

the journalist said.

After that, Röper gave an example of how information is presented in the media of Western countries. According to him, in the West, any mention that the Ukrainian military is hiding behind a “human shield” in the form of civilians is categorically called Russian propaganda.

He clarified that he had recently read an article in the German magazine Spiegel describing amazing details about what was happening in Mariupol. Allegedly, refugees from this city, who arrived in Zaporozhye along the humanitarian corridor, told the publication that the fighters of the Azov Regiment (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) and other Ukrainian military formations “politely” asked civilians to leave their apartments and go down to the basements. At the same time, they no less “politely” helped them move there if any difficulties arose. After that, the military occupied these apartments and equipped them with firing positions, i.e. right above the basements where the people were.

It sounds in the Western media as if they are protecting them. Excuse me, what is this? If the fighters take up their combat positions above the basements where civilians are sitting, and how voluntarily they went to this basement

summed up the journalist.

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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 24 2022 13: 46
    The Fritz generally understand very little. There is little time and from the word in general I don’t want to explain in a comment about this

    Residents of Ukraine in a whisper ask Russian soldiers not to leave them

    Who understands and will understand. Who gives a damn about it ..... Tom, at least an aspen stake.
    1. Raul Castro Offline Raul Castro
      Raul Castro (Lucifer) April 24 2022 21: 48
      ne govori tak gromko o vseh nemcah,mi russkie nemci lubim Rossiju i poetomu stoim na vashey storone,ja sam na polovinu russkiy,moy papa bil russkiy,ja tut vsem drugim nemcam objasnjaju,chto Putin i Rossija polnostju pravi i delajut vse pravilno.
    2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex April 25 2022 07: 31
      And the Fritz FORGOT what it is to fight with the Russians1 If the Ossi still remembered, then the current ones have completely forgotten! I don’t want to remind them - this is how many more of ours AGAIN THERE WILL FLY! But the question is that the Fritz and other psheks have become insolent to the extreme! Do they think that the Yankees will cover them when they cross the line???
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 24 2022 17: 03
    Merry Christmas to all!

    The German media played a cruel joke on their country. It is difficult to say whether this happened because they serve completely non-German interests (media concentration in Germany is in the hands of several media holdings) or because, having embarked on the rails of the primary narrative, they were so carried away (in the beginning, as we remember, the EU dreamed of a blitzkrieg against the Russian economy) that it was not the authorities who created such colossal pressure that it is almost impossible to slow down the sanctions and military hara-kiri. Refuse gas! Weapon deliveries! The German media are so vehemently campaigning against the interests of their country, against the interests of the German economy, against the interests of the German burghers, that one might think that these are not German media. This is the media serving the interests of the Anglo-Saxons. Or, which is also likely, the dynamics of the narrative (the goal is to cause outrage in society, the willingness to endure the consequences) completely demolishes any doubts and questions that arise in the editors.

    In such a situation, the German government needs to make a choice. Start breaking the current narrative, which is very dangerous. Any attempts in this direction will be attacked by a flock of piranhas, from the opposition to the Anglo-Saxon media. Breaking the narrative means creating a split in NATO, bending under Russia, putting national interests above the sacred duty of protecting the future transgender democracy in Europe and the world!

    How to be? The way out must be sought in Ukraine. A big scandal, leaking evidence of the crimes of the Ukrainian regime. It is high time for Germany to talk in detail with the managers of the narrative, which is time to break the truth about the Ukrainian national battalions, Kramatorsk, the theft of monetary assistance. Nothing will anger the Germans more than the news that the Ukrainian regime has embezzled European money. It's time for the German media to beat the Ukrainian regime in the teeth, rarely, but painfully. Increasingly break the image of an innocent democracy.
    Further more. It is also necessary and possible to reveal the role of England and the USA in all this lawlessness. The Germans see all this, they see how America bends them, they see how England mocks them. Germany is the country that can strike the first blow, realizing that the governments of other European countries, seeing where everything is going, what prospects await their economies, will support the German principle. And then France will catch up.

    Of course, a sharp attack could raise fears of a split in NATO. But you need to start breaking the narrative. Increasingly. As the last option - the disappearance of the Ukrainian authorities (Zelensky). Without a president, Ukraine is turning into a gray zone, where the very status of the state is not entirely obvious. Here, of course, it will be important how Zelensky disappears. With the help of the Russian Dagger, this is not an option, it will only cause more resentment in Western societies. An overdose is best. Well, seriously break his image, merge scandalous leaks about him - who gave the order to hit Kramatorsk with a point? Who will sell evidence of Zelensky's involvement in this war crime? Why shouldn't Russia or an individual (a billionaire in Russia) publicly announce a $3 million reward to Ukrainian officials, the military, or anyone who provides evidence of Zelensky's involvement.
  3. ser-pov Offline ser-pov
    ser-pov (Sergei) April 24 2022 18: 14
    Quote: Siegfried
    Merry Christmas to all!

    Probably all the same Happy Easter! Have you been on a spree since Christmas? laughing
    None of this will happen, especially as long as sissies like Scholz are at the helm of the FRG ... Do not forget where the Chancellor Act is signed ...
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex April 25 2022 07: 33
      And he did not leave the spree! lol
  4. akm8226 Offline akm8226
    akm8226 April 28 2022 20: 50
    Do you know why they ask you in a whisper not to leave? Because there are only traitors among crests!
    Because as soon as the SBU returns, millions of bastards will instantly rush to knock on a neighbor, wife, mother-in-law, matchmaker, brother and mother in order to get themselves, beloved, nishtyakov. This is REALITY.