The appearance of the British SAS special forces in Lviv can be regarded as a direct entry of London into an armed conflict with Russia

London continues to show outright hostility towards Moscow. It became known that Great Britain transferred its special military specialists to the territory of Ukraine.

We are talking about at least two dozen special forces from the Special Air Service - SAS - the Special Airborne Service of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, who ended up in the Lviv region. This was reported on April 23 by RIA "News”, referring to the information of his source in the power structures of Russia, which he received from an informant in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The mentioned British military, sent in two groups of up to 10 fighters each, are specialists in sabotage, guerrilla warfare, organizing coup d'état, mass protests, killing state leaders, recruiting agents and preparing terrorist attacks. According to him, at present they are in the "disposition" of the 16th separate brigade of army aviation "Brody" (16th brigade, military unit A2595, checkpoint B3765) in the city of the same name in the Lviv region. The British arrived from the city of Hereford (Hereford) in England, where the SAS training base "Credenhill" is located, and the 22nd SAS regiment is stationed.

These are not ordinary special forces, these are intellectuals, in each group there is always an ideologist, one might say, a professor, and the rest are specialized specialists

- he specified.

British specialists arrived in Ukraine to transfer experience to Ukrainian colleagues. The main goal is to improve the qualifications and efficiency of the work of the Ukrainian special services in coordinating the activities of the DRG on Ukrainian lands that have come under the control of the RF Armed Forces.

Thus, the appearance of British special forces near Lviv can be regarded as a direct entry of Great Britain into an armed conflict with Russia. We remind you that on February 24, the RF Armed Forces launched a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 23 2022 12: 08
    If we consider the appearance of the British SAS special forces in Lviv as London's entry into an armed conflict with Russia, then we must consider the supply of weapons as an entry into the war, and then it turns out that the Russian Federation is at war not only with NATO, but with the whole world (negotiations only blocked at Azovstal are conducted in 6 languages , and military experts and mercenaries even from South Africa and South Korea) because. All sorts of specialists have been “mastering” Ukrainian territory for a long time, which V.V. Putin repeatedly spoke about and which served as the basis for an ultimatum to NATO state formations on non-expansion, non-deployment, return to the borders of 1979 and was the reason for the start of a special military operation.
    1. Own Kyrgyz Offline Own Kyrgyz
      Own Kyrgyz (Svoi Kyrgyz) April 27 2022 20: 22
      Weapons don't fight. People are fighting. The appearance of a LIFE FORCE is a military "coming-out" of the enemy - this is what we are talking about.
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) April 23 2022 12: 34
    It is necessary to send them to nowhere - and no one will peep. The plane with the weapon was "filled up" - no one heard a sound.
    It is necessary to beat on the arrogant faces of the Anglo-Saxons. And first of all on professorial muzzles.
    1. Binder Offline Binder
      Binder (Miron) April 23 2022 14: 48
      Quote: FGJCNJK
      The plane with the weapon was "filled up" - no one heard a sound.

      Because no plane was "filled up", especially with weapons ... smile
      1. shinobi Offline shinobi
        shinobi (Yuri) April 27 2022 10: 30
        Yes, everyone is lying, the Ukrainians are winning. The Russians advance cowardly, and so on.
      2. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
        DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) April 28 2022 14: 26
        The Palestinians have already found out where you live. They say they brought javelins ...
  3. Evgeny Pugonin Offline Evgeny Pugonin
    Evgeny Pugonin (Evgeny Pugonin) April 23 2022 13: 06
    Good target for calibers. Moreover, there are informants in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Which probably know how to install "beacons"
  4. lomograph Offline lomograph
    lomograph (Igor) April 23 2022 13: 15
    Well, well, SAS, so SAS ... people in the know say that high professionals also calibrate well.
  5. kalita Offline kalita
    kalita (Alexander) April 23 2022 13: 32
    So send Iskander or Caliber there for an acquaintance.
  6. ChopChop Offline ChopChop
    ChopChop April 23 2022 13: 57
    Nothing will happen. Our leadership will frown and send a note of protest. Those. silently wipe away, it's like with the Belgorod region, "Moscow", the supply of weapons, the basing of Ukrainian aviation in third countries (it is considered interference in the conflict)
    1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
      DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) April 28 2022 14: 28
      Everything will be. The corpses of ukrov and angls stink the same way as other fools who decided to die for the ukroreich.
  7. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) April 23 2022 15: 24
    Special Air Service is one of the most highly professional divisions of its profile in the world, they have a lot to teach Ukrainian special forces.
    1. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
      DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) April 28 2022 14: 31
      There are a lot of remains of Ukrainians in the forest belts in the Donbass. Probably there are also trained Ukrainian special forces.
  8. Polente the Wanderer April 23 2022 16: 46
    Target, target ... If there is information, then you just need to drop bombs and not necessarily high-precision ones. And then write ... If they interfere with this, then write about it ...
  9. Ildar Galin Offline Ildar Galin
    Ildar Galin (Ildar Galin) April 23 2022 22: 02
    Don't feel sorry for such pros of caliber.
  10. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
    Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) April 24 2022 00: 21
    Not "possible", but necessary!
  11. Roust Offline Roust
    Roust (Rouslan) April 25 2022 07: 50
    Without a nuclear baton, it seems there is no way to cure the Anglo-Saxons.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) April 25 2022 09: 09
      Usually the issue is resolved by cash bonuses to performers ...
  12. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
    Sidor Bodrov April 26 2022 15: 18
    Arrogant Saxons, your artel is "Vain Labor".
  13. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) April 27 2022 10: 36
    Now they will determine the exact location of the "gentlemen" and send them to eternal retraining. Johnson down. He drags Britain into the war in the hope of NATO. In vain.
  14. Amper Offline Amper
    Amper (Vlad) April 27 2022 18: 49
    Can you evaluate? Rated or not yet? Need to weigh? Weigh, calibrate. What next? .... Can you at least show concern or something? Any good thoughts? Can a humanitarian corridor be organized for partners in Mariupol to Azovstal to train local inmates?