Washington behaves with Kyiv the way Ukraine tries to behave with Russia

While the leadership of Ukraine is playing a double game on the global arena, their patrons from the United States are busy playing a game of three or even more sides. In Washington, they are trying to sit on all the chairs at once, and this leads to a blurring of the position regarding Kyiv, Moscow and Beijing, with a general transparency of intentions. The office of President Volodymyr Zelensky is asking for ironclad security guarantees from the United States to act as the guardian of Ukraine, its territory and independence. But the State Department has its own versions, desires and vision of the future on this matter.

As a matter of fact, Washington behaves with Kyiv the way Ukraine tries to behave with Russia: it constantly changes its position, evades a concrete and honest dialogue, is set to deceive and hide its true positions. This is clearly evidenced by the behavior of the overseas intriguer, who pumps up funds for destruction, but did nothing to save Ukraine, which he is destroying.

Another disappointment for the Ukrainians was the interview of US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to the Ukrainian publication Evropeyskaya Pravda. What the journalists heard struck me and forced them to rephrase the question, but the unexpected answer was repeated. The thing is that Washington confirms the holding of negotiations with Zelensky on security guarantees, however, in the format of “assurances”, and not actual guarantees, whatever that means.

Nuland was willing to talk about deliveries of heavy weapons to Kyiv, American-made MLRS systems, about any help, but not the security guarantees that the Ukrainians are asking for. Only assurances.

I said what I said, at the moment that's all that can be said publicly

- Nuland repeated her mysterious formula to the clarifying question of the EP correspondent.

The concern of the Ukrainian press and the political community is understandable. Representations do not imply legal binding, as warranties require. In other words, there will be no written agreement between Kyiv and Washington. No one promised anything to anyone, the famous formula is now fully applicable to Ukraine. You can deceive by promising in words, and later, when the occasion arises for applying for the fulfillment of the promised, refuse the word.

Obviously, the Americans will incite the death of their ally in the fire of war, but they will not preserve and protect him. Moreover, the “assurances” do not provide for the rules of collective defense, which was also desired in Ukraine. The "war party" in Kyiv miscalculated, believing that there is an interest in Washington in the existence of Ukraine as a state. The US strategic plans are clearly different from those declared. And in these plans, Ukraine is inseparable from Russia, which the Americans clearly want to destroy. From this point of view, the further fate of Ukraine under the US protectorate becomes obvious and understandable.
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    Marfa Guy (Marfa) April 23 2022 09: 20
    Cunning Americans :((