The Russian plant "Mikron" will double the production of chips

Representatives of the plant, located in Zelenograd, announced the signing of the modernization project. This will make it possible to produce 6 silicon wafers for 180-90 nm chips, which is 2 times more than the current volumes. To implement the program, investments in the amount of 10 billion rubles are required.

In April, the European Union imposed sanctions on the supply of raw materials and components for the manufacture of microcircuits, and silicon was also banned. Today, there are companies producing silicon in the country, but they are focused on the defense segment and Technology special purpose. It is impossible to reconfigure capacities for the civilian sector.

The Russian plant "Mikron" will double the production of chips

Production capacity is not enough to cover the country's needs for silicon

Only the Mikron plant has the ability to manufacture wafers for chips on topologies of 180–90 nm. The owners of the enterprise, AFK Sistema and the Element group of companies, have prepared an investment project to expand production. As planned by the developers, it will become part of the state program for the development of electronics in the Russian Federation.

To save money, it is planned to purchase used equipment in Asian countries. And if commissioning is carried out by local specialists, then problems may arise with the supply of consumables. First of all, this concerns nanometer resistors, which are produced only in the European Union.

Mikron is overloaded with orders from Russian companies, but today the plant is not even able to close the need for chips for bank cards. Therefore, it was decided to use the facilities owned by NM-Tech. With a competent upgrade of equipment and prompt delivery of components, already in 2023 the enterprise will be able to produce 3 plates per month. This will improve the situation, but will not allow the country to be completely provided with silicon.

The demand for semiconductors is growing every year, so silicon production needs to be expanded

During the implementation of the project, the total capacity of the two enterprises will be 9 plates per year. To meet the needs of the Russian Federation in semiconductors, 30 thousand plates are needed. Therefore, the management of Mikron is working on plans for further expansion of production. The company is included in the sanctions list, which complicates the purchase of European and American components.

Representatives of the company are confident that they will be able to find a solution to the problem and establish supply chains. Today, the search for suitable equipment is underway and organizational issues are being worked out so that by the time the machines are delivered, all communications are ready.
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  1. Roust Offline Roust
    Roust (Rouslan) April 22 2022 14: 30
    It is not yet close to the scale of microchip production in Taiwan, but, most importantly, to start confidently.
  2. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 22 2022 14: 33
    Great news! 90 nm is for cars and household appliances. Back in 1996, I was glad that I got 086 percent on the board from the Germans. After an inexpensive addition, he could, or rather, this entire assembly could: open a drawer, lower the secretary door and make nasty sounds if someone tries to get into the above objects. All this nonsense worked for a short time - it ate a lot of electricity. On this project "smart cabinet-table" rested.
    Why am I? Here's the thing: 90 nm is normal, but I want something more progressive: 45, 22. By the way, the "apple" is very deceiving everyone with the 5 nm process. See what's in real life. There - 130 - 22. No less.
  3. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) April 22 2022 15: 42
    Now the chips will fly like airplanes. Or he can buy matzah and make chips out of it, or buy ready-made chips, as the red-haired reformer did.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 22 2022 16: 11
    Everything seems to be fine.
    It is embarrassing that they invested in Zelenograd more than once, they promised mountains of gold, but ....
    You understand that.

    To save money, it is planned to purchase used equipment in Asian countries.

    here's the gist. BU from Asia, it's a thing!

    Some articles suggest buying up old equipment and seizing chips...
  5. dub0vitsky Offline dub0vitsky
    dub0vitsky (Victor) April 22 2022 16: 15
    Quote: Roust
    It is not yet close to the scale of microchip production in Taiwan, but, most importantly, to start confidently.

    And why have such opportunities? Are we going to compete with Taiwan, which provides 80% of the world's chips? organize dumping, and ruin them? Will not work. The industriousness of the Chinese is well known. And we will not bring our employees to physical and moral exhaustion after 5 years of work. You do not know. Which country in the world has the highest number of suicides?
  6. Vladimir Orlov Offline Vladimir Orlov
    Vladimir Orlov (Vladimir) April 22 2022 23: 54
    The Russian plant "Mikron" will double the production of chips

    and need in 2000 ...

    why not scale up and, as long as there is currency, why not spend it on the purchase of the necessary production equipment ..? (and the course would become more sane)

    Ah, it's clear why. We are led by "highbrow intellectuals" ..
  7. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 23 2022 00: 39
    if it is necessary to produce 30 thousand plates, then it is necessary to increase production not to 6 thousand, but to at least 20 thousand. you also need to copy the equipment
  8. Mikhail Zolottsev (Mikhail Zolottsev) April 23 2022 17: 36
    The Micron plant produces very simple chips, for example, for payment cards there or cards for transport, and even the Pentium level 4, for example, is their limit in the future.
  9. Don36 Offline Don36
    Don36 (Don36) April 24 2022 12: 26
    In Voronezh alone there are two, still Soviet factories, Elektronika and Elektropribor ... Load them with orders, there will be workers in a city of a million people ...
  10. hlp5118 Offline hlp5118
    hlp5118 (hlp) April 28 2022 21: 02
    Through these programs, grandmas are pumped and there is marking time. Today the whole world produces 5-10 nm chips.
  11. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 6 May 2022 19: 01
    The most important thing in production now is the shaft. You give the ninth shaft.
  12. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 12 May 2022 20: 38
    Chip technology on topologies of 180 nm is going back 25 years and for this they are asked to give 10 billion rubles, the owners will not burst their faces with greed. The state can buy a plant in China for the production of chips on topologies of 65-45 nm, here the lag is 10 years.