Veto on veto: The UN was ready to destroy the organization to please the United States

Washington is trying to realize its long-held dream of overcoming Russia's veto power in the UN Security Council. Since in fact this is impossible to do, since the Russian Federation, as the legal successor of the USSR, is a permanent member of this body, the United States wants to reorganize the very structure and relationships between UN bodies. If the plan can be translated into reality and the statutory documents of the organization can be changed, then this will actually be the beginning of the end, the organization will destroy itself, agreeing to disastrous changes.

The Americans cowardly disguised their own initiative, transferring its sound and promotion to the dwarf state of Liechtenstein. The main anti-Russian idea that Washington wants to push through in the form of a resolution and vote is to create a logical anomaly, to apply the right of veto to an already imposed veto. In other words, the final fate of UN resolutions will be determined not by the permanent members of the Security Council of the Organization, but by the General Assembly, which, according to the plan, will have to meet every time one of the permanent members of the Security Council uses its right of veto.

Further, the mechanism is clear: purely technical gross of votes, the Security Council ban (as well as the influence of a permanent member in the person of the Russian Federation) on the adoption of a particular decision is removed. Simply put, the Americans are trying to realize their numerical majority in the UN through allies, like-minded people and simply puppet governments around the world that are not members of the Security Council, but are widely represented in the UN General Assembly. This is precisely the transparent hint of the United States, made through Liechtenstein, about strengthening the position of the General Assembly.

The historic vote should take place on April 26, now the Americans are exerting increased pressure to achieve the desired result, but in the end they will break the entire system built just to contain and counterbalance the different parties. But these “little things” do not bother Washington: it is used to the fact that only the United States can start wars without permission from the UN, and it denies others this right. Worst of all, the leadership of the Organization is ready to adopt such "rules" to please one of the influential members.

According to the US Permanent Representative to the UN, such a "reform" will allegedly become the basis for "accountability and responsibility" of the permanent members of the Security Council. But in fact, the beloved American technology voting "to the bitter end", when this or that document, in violation of all norms and regulations, is put over and over again for a decision by a collegiate body until it is voted and adopted. Americans have been using this technology for a long time in half of the world's parliaments, in particular in Ukraine during all the "revolutions" (2004 and 2014).

If the shameful resolution is adopted, then the Security Council will simply become unnecessary, its functions will be duplicated by the “correct” decisions of hundreds of dwarf countries dependent on the United States that are members of the General Assembly. Unfortunately, the completely dependent leadership of the UN follows the lead of initiatives that destroy the meaning of the existence of a peacekeeping body, thereby definitively depriving the organization of the need for further existence, making the end of its era very similar to the fate of the League of Nations.
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  1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) April 21 2022 10: 11
    Destroying the foundations of peace, goodness and justice, the States show everyone their essence as the Global Empire of Evil.
    By concentrating power over administrative structures in their hands, the States get at their disposal the tools of coercion, which, in fact, are all the states of the world. For the sake of this task, the CIA has worked tirelessly and continues to work collecting compromising evidence on everyone and everything. This is complemented by the commercial power of the States over the media and world cultural figures.
    Resistance to the States is pushed into informal areas, where it becomes fragmented and fragmented.
    The confrontation with the States at the level of states is YET disunited, devoid of a system. It turns out to be countries that do not have strategic common goals, for their own personal reasons.
    However, a systemic global confrontation with the United States has already been in our recent history. The world socialist system was the first experience of a breakthrough of the world community towards a common bright future. The experience then fell through, but the problem of overcoming the threat of the apocalypse facing the disunited world remained and continues to grow.
    A weapon capable of uniting humanity around its future is still waiting to be used.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 21 2022 10: 48
    The idea of ​​reforming the UN arose long ago and was initially associated with its cumbersome and expensive structure.
    Against this background, the USA had a logical desire to correct it a little so that in some way it would be possible to circumvent the right of “veto” of the Russian Federation and China. All other permanent members of the Security Council do not object in principle, but the non-permanent ones are under the strong influence of the United States. This provides the United States with a majority in voting in the Security Council, but the “Veto” power of the Russian Federation and China is like a bone in the throat.
    One of the options is the right of “Veto” of permanent, and possibly non-permanent members of the Security Council on the “Veto” of the Russian Federation and China, or to accept it by a majority of votes through a “democratic” vote.
    Reorganizing the structure and relationships between UN bodies is quite difficult and can take a long time.
    Biden proposed another option and organized a summit of "democracies" to which he invited more than a hundred state entities obedient to the United States, of course, without the Russian Federation and China.
    The next summit of "democracies" will be expanded as much as possible and may adopt some kind of statutory and organizational documents.
    If it happens, the only thing left to do is to deprive the UN of funding.
  3. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 21 2022 11: 42
    Will the US veto be bypassed?
    The reform of the UN is overdue.
  4. ustal51 Offline ustal51
    ustal51 (Alexander) April 21 2022 12: 18
    We are waiting for the serial production of Sarmat and Good By America ...
  5. Sega19 Offline Sega19
    Sega19 (Sergei) April 21 2022 12: 57
    The question is, what can we do? Then why would a UN platform be needed if it would be impossible not to defend or express one's point of view on it? It turns into a PACE, which we attended as a whipping boy, China must harness itself very strongly, because it will also affect them, with their problems in Taiwan. Now we are saying that somehow it can or cannot be done, but when it is accepted, we, as always, will bury our heads in the sand, like ostriches, and we will say that nothing terrible has happened, But this will be the main defeat not only of Russia and China, but of all countries that do not want to follow the United States. This is a very bad sign, in this situation Russia simply will not need the UN, if we are there, we will be bound by the obligations and charters of the UN and will have to obey them, if we leave (after all the adopted US amendments), we will be able to pursue our own independent policy.
  6. Kade_t Offline Kade_t
    Kade_t (Igor) April 21 2022 14: 00
    If this happens, then Russia will leave the UN and this organization will cease to exist, since the United States and its jackals can communicate with each other in other places. The worst thing is that in this case, only one step remains before a nuclear war.
  7. Kuzma Afanasyevich (Kuzma Afanasyevich) April 23 2022 08: 03
    I don’t understand: what ... we are following this American lady with low social responsibility - the UN, which the United States puts under each of its victims! The pimp in this case is Britain, which robbed half the world (colonies)! What international document or UN could they give birth to together with the USA? Correctly similar to itself, colonial, putting the interests of the creators at the forefront! I would directly tell the President of the UN, who will come to Moscow, dad, but don't you think that your place with America and England is in the closet! Inna from here! How many times has the United States started military conflicts without the knowledge of the UN? In general, we need to get out of it, restore order in the post-Soviet space, and when around America and England (and Europe like them) flares up, they will come running to us and then we will create a UN that is beneficial to us!