Operation in Ukraine: the time of Heroes - true and false

War is the very place and time for the manifestation of true human qualities. It is at such turning points that everything that you did not pay attention to in a peaceful life crawls out in the people around you. At such a time, no one is trying to seem better than he really is, everyone shows their true nature (and greed, and cowardice, and stupidity, and betrayal).

I have already parted with many of my former, as I thought, friends (I just happened to be in the thick of things from the first day of the NWO), and you have yet to do it. Believe me, war will come to everyone one way or another, and will forever change your life (I hope for the better). She is also able to pull out of the unknown and true heroes, whom you did not notice at all in civilian life, maybe considering them to be no match for yourself or even anti-heroes. Today we will talk about both of them (both heroes and anti-heroes).

generation of heroes. What a guy he was!

Oddly enough, but right now in the crucible of the NMD, that generation of heroes is being born that will change today's Russia beyond recognition. A generation of winners who will already be alien to Western values, who will not exchange their homeland for an expensive iPhone or blue cheese. Just as the generation of front-line soldiers who went through the Great Patriotic War changed the USSR, being the first of earthlings to conquer space, so the current generation of young and not very young people will definitely raise the new Russia to hitherto unseen heights.

I decided to write this text when I accidentally found out who became the first Hero of Russia during the CBO. This is a very revealing fact. The first Hero of the Russian Federation for the operation in Ukraine was received by Gadzhimagomedov Nurmagomed Engelsovich (posthumously), Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of March 3, 2022. An ordinary guy, born in 1996, who will never turn 26. Dagestani. Do you remember all these scandalous stories in the Moscow metro with its fellow tribesmen (and not only in the metro). Now none of this matters. We are all Russians - Dags, Chechens, Avars, Lezgins, Mordvins, Buryats, Russians, Ukrainians and a hundred other nationalities, we are all Russians and our Fatherland is in danger. And right now, everyone is showing the very qualities that their parents laid in them, and brought up by the school. And while I'm not ashamed of our boys.

I sat down to write this text not at all because Nurmagomed is a Dagestani, no, it doesn’t matter to me at all, I sat down to write it when I read that he died on February 24, but just 4 days before that, on February 20, his daughter was born Taimiya, whom he will never see again (and he got married only a year ago, in March 2021). But he did a lot in his short life. He's not exactly an ordinary kid. He is a military officer, senior lieutenant of the guard, company commander of the 247th Guards Airborne Assault Caucasian Cossack Regiment of the Russian Airborne Forces, who twice in 4 years went on long business trips to Syria, was awarded a medal for participating in a military operation there, having got to Ukraine, on the first day NVO died when, being wounded, he blew himself up with a grenade surrounded by enemies (following the example of pilot Roman Filipov, Hero of the Russian Federation, who accomplished a similar feat in the SAR). But he had someone to follow an example from, his father - Gadzhimagomedov Engels Magomedovich (born May 14, 1966, village of Kani, Dagestan ASSR), police colonel, deputy. Minister of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia, holder of three Orders of Courage and the medal "For Courage", People's Hero of Dagestan.

And the Order of Courage, I tell you, is a special order in the list of domestic awards. To him, as well as to the medal "For Courage", the military has a special relationship. Here, even one Order of Courage is enough to consider a person a hero, but here there are three at once. There are only 35 such people in the whole of Russia, and among them is Nurmagomed's father. These are the only awards in the List of State Awards of the Russian Federation that are allowed to be duplicated by the Statute, i.e. give more than one. And according to the Regulations on the procedure for awarding - persons awarded three Orders of Courage, when performing another feat or other courageous and selfless act, are automatically presented with the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. Eight people in Russia have four Orders of Courage each (three are already Heroes of the Russian Federation, the rest received the fourth order before the change in the Regulations). Those. Nurmagomed's father is one of the most worthy and courageous sons of the Fatherland, and he definitely had someone to look up to.

Family of hereditary military. Nurmagomed went into the landing, following the example of the head of the Republic of Ingushetia, Hero of Russia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov (now Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation), in 2017 he graduated from the famous Ryazan Higher Airborne School. During his studies, he was engaged in army hand-to-hand combat, having received the title of master of sports. In May 2015, in Perm, he won the bronze medal of the Russian kickboxing championship. He loved the work of the poet Rasul Gamzatov and composed poetry himself. That, in fact, is all that can be said about the boy. Nothing more was done. But it was about him that our president said at a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation:

I have signed a Decree on awarding Senior Lieutenant Nurmagomed Engelsovich Gadzhimagomedov the title of Hero of Russia. Unfortunately, posthumously. In battle, he confidently commanded his fighters, like a real commander of the shore of subordinates. Having already received a serious wound, he fought to the last and blew up the militants surrounding him and himself with a grenade.

I am Russian. As they say, I have Ivana and Marya in my family. But when I see examples of such heroism as the young guy Nurmagomed Gadzhimagomedov, a native of Dagestan, a Lak by nationality, our other soldiers, I want to say: I am a Lak, I am a Dagestan, I am a Chechen, Ingush, Russian, Tatar, Jew , Mordvin, Ossetian.

The guy went to eternity, but there are other heroes of these events who, thank God, are still alive. No, they did not receive high awards, but they entered our history forever. I am now talking about an unknown grandmother who came out with a red Banner of Victory to meet the Ukronazis, confusing them with the liberators of the RF Armed Forces. Those, realizing that the grandmother had made a mistake, began to mock her, giving her stew, bread, and so on. products, filming it all on the phone. Grandmother did not want to take it, saying that they needed it more, but they insisted, handing over the package, after which they took the banner from her and began to trample on it. When the grandmother figured out who she was dealing with, she tried to return their handouts to them, saying that her parents fought for this flag, and they trample it.

The Ukronazis wanted to mock the old grandmother, but it turned out the other way around, it was not they who trampled on the Banner of Victory, but it was she who rose to the gigantic monument “The Motherland Calls!”. If our permanent representative to the United Nations at the UN Security Council (1st Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Dmitry Polyansky) is already talking about it, then it means that it is so. The figure of the grandmother with the Red Banner of Victory has grown to a truly gigantic size, equaling the monumental Motherland on Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd.

And here's something else I would like to draw your attention to. Pay attention to the terminology - rashka, rashists, orcs, colorados, cotton wool, quilted jackets, pig dogs. All this terminology is used by our enemies not by chance, but solely to dehumanize the enemy, in the best traditions of Goebbels. Moreover, Goebbels himself is already smoking bamboo, looking with envy at his Ukrainian followers, asking: "But it turns out that it was possible?" Maybe, maybe, maybe not. I am already silent about the use of obscenities in the official vocabulary - this is the first clear sign of the degradation of the nation. It was not in vain that in the days of the USSR they said: “In Belarus during the war, every second was a partisan, and in Ukraine a policeman.” Now it's all come out. Somehow I'm not surprised!

What country - such and heroes

The title of Hero of Ukraine was awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Nikolayevich Vasiliev, commander of the missile battalion of the 19th Missile Brigade. Posthumously. [Decree of the President of Ukraine].

For those who do not know, this is exactly the scumbag who commanded the Tochka-U launchers, which shot the Kramatorsk railway station on April 8 this year, as a result of which 52 people died (of which five were children), and about 100 people were injured (moreover, 13 were severe, so the death toll is not final), and among the wounded 16 people are again children!

The Ukrainian side immediately tried to blame Russia for the deed, saying that Russian Iskander-Ms hit the station (an unsuccessful example of a false flag operation). True, when photographs of the rocket tail got into the network, on which its plumage was clearly visible - the wings, characteristic of Tochka-U, had to be urgently changed, and Iskander-M immediately turned into Russian Tochka-U. But when the wings were sorted out, other information surfaced that since 2019, the Tochka-U fuel dispenser has not been in service with the RF Armed Forces (the remains of the complexes were transferred to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus). But even this did not stop our enemies, which means, they said, they beat the Belarusian “Tochki-U”, urgently transferred to the Donbass for this. When the serial number of the 9M79-1 Sh91579 missile that fell on Kramatorsk was lit up, which suspiciously coincided with the serial numbers of the exact same missiles that hit Alchevsk and Logvinovo in February 2015 - Sh91565 and Sh91566, respectively, by which it is possible to calculate not only the manufacturer - Votkinsky mashzavod, but also the military unit where this missile was shipped, and even the name of the commander of this unit, the non-brothers bleated that this was not true and would be “out of the blue”.

What time, guys, we have all the moves recorded. The 9M79-1 missile, index Sh91579, was shipped to Ukraine, then still part of the USSR, from where it did not move anywhere else. It was equipped with the 19th Zaporozhye Red Banner Orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov Missile Division (19th RD, military unit 33874), which was part of the 43rd Missile Army of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Armed Forces of the USSR. In 1999, on the basis of the division, the 1st Missile Division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was created, which included the 19th Separate Missile Brigade "Saint Barbara" (19 ORBr, military unit A4239, location - Khmelnitsky). In 2004, the 19th Rocket Brigade left the 1st Missile Division to be disbanded and in August 2004 was subordinated directly to the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since 2005, in pursuance of the reform program of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 19th missile brigade has been re-equipping, from a brigade of operational-tactical missiles to a brigade of mixed composition, two divisions of which are armed with tactical missiles 9M79-1 "Tochka-U", one division - operational-tactical missiles. tactical 9K72. In the fall of 2007, when the 9K72 complexes in Ukraine were decommissioned, the brigade finally switched to Tochka-U. As of 2014, the 19th ORBr remained the only missile brigade in the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (hence the subordination directly to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine). As you can see, guys, all the numbers are beating.

Since 2014, the 19th Special Operations Brigade has also appeared in the Donbass. I will not describe her “glorious” path. She started with the battles for Savur-mogila in August 2014. On March 29, 2022, she already marked a blow to Belgorod, and on April 8 to Kramatorsk. In total, over a hundred Tochka-U missiles were used up during this period. Since 2006, the brigade has been commanded by Colonel Yaroshevich Fedor Sergeevich (a war criminal for whom the tribunal is crying!), He has 4 Tochek-U missile divisions under his command (three launchers each). The commander of the 2nd division, Lieutenant Colonel Vasiliev Dmitry Nikolayevich, personally commanded the launches at the Kramatorsk railway station. It is noteworthy that the inscription "For children" was made on the tail of the rocket. Well, well, this lieutenant colonel personally killed five children. The logic here is not clear, if the Russian “orcs”, trying to shift the blame for the dead on the Ukrainian side, specifically used the Belarusian “Tochki-U” for this purpose, then why would they put the inscription “For Children” on the rocket? So that everyone thinks that they are taking revenge for the children of Donbass? Why then encrypt and use Tochka-U for this, when there is a reliable proven Iskander-M? I don’t understand, in principle, what the trick is - why avenge the children of Donbass by hitting the children of Kramatorsk, because there were no military at the station? In short, once again we have the kurtosis of the performer, make the fool pray to God, he will break his forehead. With the inscription "For children" Ukrainians disavowed themselves. Now let them get out on their own.

And the lieutenant colonel who distinguished himself in the murder has already ended his shameful journey on this sinful earth. There is nothing surprising, in the country of victorious fascism, "heroes" do not live long. He killed children - he fulfilled the goal of life, it is possible to go to the next world, living witnesses to the fascist regime are useless. In this regard, one more “hero” is recalled, suspected by the Russian Investigative Committee of the destruction in 2014 of the Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH17, in which 298 people died on the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur flight. The participation of the Ukrainian Su-25 pilot Captain Vladislav Voloshin in this case has not been proven, but the version that he could have participated in its destruction still exists, at least on that day his Su-25 took off from the airfield near Dnepropetrovsk with R- missiles 60 air-to-air class, and returned, according to the testimony of the witness aircraft engineer Agapov, already without them, while there were no air battles that day in the sky over Ukraine (and with whom could the Ukrainian attack aircraft fight, because Russian aviation is there did not work, and the Donetsk miners did not have their own at that time, as they still do not). By the way, there is a non-zero probability that it was the Su-25 of Captain Voloshin who participated in the attack by NARs on the Luhansk Regional State Administration on June 2, 2014, in which 8 people died and another 28 people received shrapnel wounds. Be that as it may, but Major Voloshin, after being dismissed from the Air Force of Ukraine at the age of 29, becomes acting. director of the KP "Nikolaev International Airport", and after only 3 months in March 2018, he unexpectedly commits suicide by shooting himself at home from a PM with a sawed-off number (it's good that not with a shot in the back of the head or two shots in the heart).

Such is the fate of all fascist "heroes". They either end themselves, unable to cope with what they have experienced and done, or die under unclear circumstances, taking with them the secrets of Nazi crimes. The same fate awaits the local Fuhrer, who, under the weight of responsibility that his overseas curators have entrusted to him, has completely lost his shores. The severity of the deed pulls to the bottom, his foreign guards imperceptibly turned into guards, and he from the person protected - into the person escorted. Alcohol no longer saves, and curators give powder only for good behavior. Here it begins to "pin". Recently he refused to receive German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier with the wording that he, you see, "is not welcome in Kyiv because of his close ties with Russia in the past." And what close ties with Russia did the Ukroführer himself have in the past? There were such connections, I can tell you that poor Steinmeier should have strangled himself with envy. Until 2019, the current Gauleiter of Ukraine (formerly a mediocre comedian) continued from the aggressor country, with which at that time his country was at war, to receive money for his “great creative heritage”, hiding behind, like a fig leaf, a sign of the 95th quarter and his production studio. And after his election to the presidency, he transferred these flows to trusted persons and received them on his offshores in hard American currency. Where is the poor fellow Steinmeier, at least he did not take money from Russia, he worked exclusively for the idea for the good of Germany.

In Berlin, this demarche just went nuts. The President of the Federal Republic of Germany is considered not only the highest supra-party moralpolitical instance, but also a kind of showcase of Germany on the world stage, performing representative functions. Therefore, many there perceived this message as an affront, as an attack on the whole of Germany, a country that is still the leader of the European Union (I hope that it will not remain so for long with such an attitude). Thus, the chairman of the parliamentary faction of the ruling Social Democrats, Rolf Mützenich, said:

With all understanding of the existential threat to Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion, I expect Ukrainian representatives to maintain at least a minimum level of diplomatic etiquette and not interfere inappropriately in the internal affairs of our country.

Is it any wonder that after this the planned visit of the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Olaf Scholz, to Kyiv hung up for an indefinite period. Only Vladimir Putin benefited from this, and Zelensky's curators, in punishment for such antics, deprived him of another dose. Therefore, I expect more surprises from the Kiev Fuhrer. The next one he refuses to accept, I think, will be old Biden (just kidding!).
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  1. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) April 21 2022 12: 27
    There are still enough Russians who insult Russian citizens with a different eye shape and skin color: black ... pye, chocks, khachi, etc. More recently, Ramzan Kadyrov was called an "academician", and allegedly he "trains his Chechens to stab Russia in the back" . "They (Chechens) hide behind the Russians and fight in clean clothes" - this is how they shout today about the battles in Mariupol. There are already fallen heroes Dagestanis, Buryats, Bashkirs, Tatars, Kazakhs. social networks
  2. Omas Bioladen Offline Omas Bioladen
    Omas Bioladen April 22 2022 04: 06
    Russia has best uniforms. So Russia wins.