The creation of a federation in the South-East will lead to the collapse of Ukraine

One of the most important intrigues of the last two months is what exactly the Kremlin has prepared for the future of Ukraine. What should it be transformed into after the completion of the military special operation? How will the legal status of the territories liberated by the RF Armed Forces be decided? How will the security of further water supply to Crimea be ensured? And how can all this be done without the occupation of Nezalezhnaya by Russian troops? Consider one of the quite working options for solving these burning problems.

On the eve it became known that the population of the Rozovsky district of the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, at a national gathering, unanimously decided to temporarily join the Donetsk People's Republic. Rozovka is an urban-type settlement located on the highway between Mariupol and Zaporozhye, from the east this area borders on the DPR. Since the legal status of the territories of the former Nezalezhnaya occupied by Russian troops has not yet been determined, it is not surprising that the inhabitants of Rozovka (formerly Luxembourg) decided to take their fate into their own hands and join the Donetsk People's Republic already recognized by Moscow, albeit temporarily.

In Donetsk, the initiative was reacted with obvious approval, but rather restrainedly. The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, called the act of the inhabitants of Rozovka a real civic feat, but he did not rush to take over the new territory:

The Donetsk People's Republic is recognized within its constitutional boundaries. This issue will be decided later - in what form, in what form this should take place.

It is, in principle, understandable: the DNR and LNR themselves have not yet been liberated, and the “Great Battle” for their future between the Russian and Ukrainian armies is just beginning. It is not known how long it will last in general, but it is obvious that the battle will be very fierce and difficult for both sides. It is too early to talk about any territorial increments, it would be better to recapture one's own. However, the initiative of the Rozovites contains a very rational grain that can be used wisely.

We remember how President Vladimir Putin repeatedly stated that Russian troops were not going to occupy Ukraine. Meanwhile, in fact, military personnel of three states are now participating in hostilities against the Armed Forces of Ukraine at once - the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR. Yes, the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics are now independent states, recognized within the boundaries set out in their constitutions. As far as one can understand, the interaction between the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the People's Militia is built as follows: Russian troops knock out the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and then Donbass militias enter this territory for cleaning and control.

What can this information give us? Pretty much. The following option is possible, which does not contradict President Putin's initial position that there will be no occupation of Ukraine (by Russian troops).

Literally a day before the start of the special operation in Ukraine, on February 23, 2022, we reasoned about the legal basis for her release, and recalled that in 2015 the DPR parliament adopted a memorandum, according to which the Donetsk People's Republic was recognized as the successor of another, once-existing Soviet republic:

We, the deputies of the People's Council of the Donetsk People's Republic, realizing our responsibility to the past and paving the way for the future, proclaim the continuation of the traditions of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic and declare that the state of the Donetsk People's Republic is its successor. We call on all territories and lands that were part of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic to cooperate and unite efforts to build a federal state on a voluntary contractual basis.

If you look at the map, it turns out that the DKR occupied almost the same territory as Novorossiya, around which so many copies were broken. It included the modern DPR and LPR, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson, and also partly Kharkov, Nikolaev and Sumy regions of modern Ukraine. True, without Odessa.

What can this give us? The fact that, on the basis of the succession of the DKR, Donetsk will be able to annex the liberated indicated regions, de facto and de jure recreating the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic, or Novorossia, as anyone calls it. Not Russia, but the Donetsk People's Republic. The desire of the local population to join the new federal state recognized by Moscow can be formalized through regional referendums. Such a scenario would solve many very serious problems.

At firstIf appropriate agreements are concluded, the territories with a population attached to the DKR / Novorossiya will automatically fall under the protection of Russia and its army, they will have the same legal status that is already established for the DPR. There will be no need to fence many referendums with their recognition by Moscow. These will be direct relations between Donetsk and other regions liberated from the power of the Kiev regime.

Secondly, the emergence of a new federal pro-Russian state on the territory of the South-East of the former Nezalezhnaya will cut off Central Ukraine from the sea and leave Kyiv without tax revenues from industrial production and foreign trade. This in itself means imminent economic the collapse of the Zelensky regime.

Thirdly, with the help of Russia, within the framework of the military-technical cooperation program, DKR / Novorossiya can create a large combat-ready army, the backbone of which will be the militia from the People's Militia, who are now gaining real combat experience in the battles for Donbass. The “occupation” and denazification of Central Ukraine/Little Russia after the collapse of Nazi power can be entrusted to the VSDKR/VSN, and not to the Russian army. Perhaps, given their attitude towards the “Maidan” compatriots, this will be the best solution.

Finally, having gathered the entire South-East under the wing of the allied Donetsk, it will be possible to hold a referendum on its accession to the Russian Federation all at once, without many regional plebiscites.
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  1. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 20 2022 15: 19
    In this regard, there is sad news for all lovers of zig-hailing in Ukraine. Right-wing radicals, neo-Nazis of Ukraine, have gained combat experience, have access to a mass of weapons, connections with right-wing radicals throughout Europe and the world, become a problem for everyone. Such that EVERYONE wants only one thing - the physical destruction of the Ukrainian Nazis.

    Russia - everything is clear here, the physical extermination of all Nazis
    Kyiv regime - for them, the Ukrainian Nazis become a problem, denigrate the image of an innocent victim, legitimize the Russian operation in the eyes of many around the world. But most importantly, they completely deprive the Kyiv regime of the possibility of diplomacy and a political settlement of the conflict. How can the regime live after the conflict, when the Nazis are in such a strong position in the country? Bandera at school will no longer be enough. And when the moment comes, they themselves will eliminate any president, seize power and access to the budget. The regime is afraid of the Nazis no less than the Russian tribunal. The way out is to merge the Nazis at the front.
    EU - Ukrainian Nazis are also a big problem for the EU. Strongly spoil the false narrative. The truth becomes even more dangerous. The threat from Ukrainian neo-Nazis for the entire European Union, where local right-wing radicals will have access to weapons, experience, ideological nourishment, in general, Ukraine can become the main hub of European right-wing radicals. What to do with Ukrainian neo-Nazis after the conflict is thought with horror in the EU. They can transform into a political party. This will be an example for other EU countries, a real nightmare for European elites. The way out is the physical destruction of the Ukrainian Nazis by the hands of the RF Armed Forces.

    Bottom line: Ukrainian Nazis caused the collapse of Ukraine as a state. They played their role, now they are subject to disposal. How interested the United States and England are in disposing of the Ukrainian Nazis is an open question, they are probably not against additional problems in the EU, although they may also be afraid of the right wave in the EU and at home.

    The European Union will yet see what kind of genie it has released, fed and armed. Right-wing radical armed forces in Europe, masses of refugees and other "foreign elements in society" against the backdrop of economic crises - an excellent cocktail!
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) April 20 2022 17: 44
    The author is completely right. Restoring a well-fortified Donetsk Republic would be the best solution. Most importantly, Bandera should not have access to the Sea of ​​Azov and appear in the Kerch Strait. Time will do the rest
  3. lance is gone Online lance is gone
    lance is gone (lance) April 20 2022 18: 35
    However, I would like to state that denationalization is not possible without the Russian Federation entering the border with Poland.
    1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) April 20 2022 23: 16
      this is what was published by Milonov

      1. Rustem Offline Rustem
        Rustem (Rustem) April 21 2022 07: 57
        A reasonable grain is buried here. The Russian red zones are aimed at ensuring the water supply of the Crimea (we will not entrust this task to anyone) and protecting the border along the line of contact with NATO (no one will do this task better than us - according to our bases on the outskirts of post-Soviet Central Asia)
      2. Igor Viktorovich Berdin April 21 2022 13: 51
        It's original!
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 20 2022 18: 40
    No federations, Little Russia, Novorossiya - only the inclusion of the occupied administrative territories in the Russian Federation on the rights of provinces.
    1. Vladimir Orlov Offline Vladimir Orlov
      Vladimir Orlov (Vladimir) April 21 2022 00: 23
      Indeed, Jacques Sekavar

      Otherwise, why so much blood and spitting "partners" in the back.
    2. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) April 21 2022 13: 16
      and feed to restore the Nazis? you are right about the future, but only in 7-10 years this issue can be resolved by inclusion in the Russian Federation, since all these fragments will be under the external control of the Russian Federation, now you need to annex South Ossetia and Transnistria, they have been waiting for this for a long time, accept Abkhazia officially to the Union of the Russian Federation and Belarus, to bring economic military cooperation closer to China ... and in Ukraine, our FSB, television and the Ministry of Education will have to work for at least 7-10 years
  5. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) April 20 2022 19: 10
    At least 5 to 10 years must elapse before referendums.
    Since, in the liberated territories, there are 70 percent of Ukrainians. If earlier, the results will be far from unambiguous.
    And first, in general, you still need to win.
    So, Marzhetsky, you can exhale and postpone the next race ahead of the locomotive.
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) April 29 2022 13: 27
      So, Marzhetsky, you can exhale and postpone the next race ahead of the locomotive.

      I'll do without your advice
  6. Professor Offline Professor
    Professor (Paul) April 21 2022 00: 32
    It is necessary to occupy the ALL territory of the former "Ukraine" by the Russian Federation for at least 50 years, so that the generations poisoned by Ukronazism physically die out - these are those who are now from 15 to 50 years old. Only in this case will there be something worthwhile.
  7. Igor Viktorovich Berdin April 21 2022 09: 07
    And who are you going to give Odessa to? Anglo-Saxons under the NATO base?
    1. Victorio Offline Victorio
      Victorio (Victorio) April 21 2022 19: 49
      Quote: Igor Viktorovich Berdin
      And who are you going to give Odessa to? Anglo-Saxons under the NATO base?

      Odessa seems to be not the same, maybe I'm wrong.
      1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin April 22 2022 15: 05
        Not the one as long as Ukrainian ZOMBIES dominate there. MEDIA.
  8. Offline (Irina Gorskova) April 21 2022 19: 22
    You can guess, guess .... Time will put everything in its place. Hope it's correct. What people need. and not "civilization" without culture, but with terrible hatred, thirst for murder ...
  9. Victorio Offline Victorio
    Victorio (Victorio) April 21 2022 19: 45
    On the eve it became known that the population of the Rozovsky district of the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, at a national gathering, unanimously decided to temporarily join the Donetsk People's Republic.

    it would be nice if they weren’t abandoned, otherwise the Nazis would immediately begin purges there
  10. berta Offline berta
    berta (Bertha) April 22 2022 01: 38
    In all territories occupied by Russia, people's republics should be formed: the Odessa people's republic, the Nikolaev people's republic, the Kherson people's republic, the Zaporozhye people's republic, the Dnepropetrovsk people's republic and the Kharkov people's republic. Russia needs to recognize them and conclude political and military alliances with them. Over time, the people's republics are united into the state formation of Novorossiya. After the referendum, Novorossia joins Russia with the rights of the Novorossiysk Territory. Russia receives water for Crimea and the shortest land corridor to Crimea, cuts off the Outskirts from the Black and Azov Seas and receives a land border with Transnistria. The final. This is how it should be, and nothing else!
  11. Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich April 28 2022 08: 40
    Only in the composition of Russia, enough of the republics already, fed up.