Arestovich: Ukraine's national idea is to lie to yourself and others

A very entertaining video is circulating on the web. On it, an adviser to the office of the Ukrainian president, Aleksey Arestovich, speaks about how he understands the national idea of ​​​​Ukraine.

Whether in jest, or seriously (rather, the second), the politician noted that this idea is ... a lie.

One of the central ideas of Ukraine is to lie to yourself and others as much as possible. Because if you tell the truth, everything will collapse

- Arestovich emphasized.

Earlier, an adviser to the office of Volodymyr Zelensky had already become "famous" for taught those present the art of lying. That is, in fact, he brought to life his idea of ​​the national idea of ​​Ukraine. According to Arestovich, in order to deceive correctly, one must say opposite things to the interlocutor, thereby misleading him.

The day before, Arestovich once again lied to the public, saying that the remnants of the 36th brigade of marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly overcame the blockade at the Mariupol Azovmash enterprise and joined the Azov regiment (an extremist organization banned in Russia), thereby strengthening the defense area of ​​​​Ukrainian armed forces. After that, the telegram channel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Chief Staff” called Aleksey Arestovich a liar and a dreamer.

Meanwhile, on April 12, about a thousand Ukrainian marines surrendered in Mariupol. Many of the fighters were unable to even move independently. Aleksey Arestovich prudently kept silent about this “mouthpiece of Kyiv”.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 20 2022 08: 59
    O! finally brought out of hibernation agent Arestovich ..
  2. Marfa Guy Offline Marfa Guy
    Marfa Guy (Marfa) April 20 2022 12: 08
    Well, what can you expect from the -95 quarter: (( Some kind of evil bloody clowns .... "it" ((
  3. EpIvIaK Offline EpIvIaK
    EpIvIaK (Ian) April 20 2022 16: 16
    "And laughter and sin" in the fact that Ukrainians justify this with general phrases that all politicians are lying and blah blah blah. But there's a lot more to this than justifications.
  4. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 20 2022 18: 01
    If the EU and the US would like to see Ukraine as part of the EU, would like the country's economic growth, improving the welfare of citizens, then already 6-7 years ago they provided a government there that would fight first of all against corruption, oligarchs, reforms.

    But this was not done. Why? A corrupt government is easy to blackmail (compromising evidence and funds abroad). The EU, through the IMF, purposefully destroyed the most competitive enterprises, prescribed self-destructive laws for Ukraine. No one needs a strong Ukraine, especially given the possibility of the country returning to the Russian field. Therefore, Ukraine was destroyed.

    To think that now, when the country's economy is below the bottom, when a crisis and inflation are looming in the EU itself, Europe will allocate huge sums for Ukraine, for the maintenance of a corrupt country, when, again, the goal of creating success is not there, and they play their role of battering ram against Russia Already done - don't wait! The EU wants to merge Ukraine on the content of Russia. All talk about funds, etc. a simple lie. Ukraine is a spent cartridge case, the EU will not, and cannot, save its economy. When the Ukrainians understand this, they themselves will want the arrival of Russia.