Own wallets begin to borrow Americans more than Ukraine

US President Joseph Biden does not pay due attention to domestic affairs. Such sentiments increasingly began to emerge in the American media background. In particular, the influential publication Politico writes about this.

White House allies are concerned that US citizens may think President Biden is more preoccupied with foreign affairs than domestic

- writes the edition.

This opinion has a very real basis. While the US leadership is engaged in geopolitics, ordinary Americans are increasingly feeling the deterioration of their own well-being. This is facilitated by both the rise in gasoline prices, which amounted to more than $ 1 per 1 liter, and the rise in price of familiar foodstuffs. In addition, American farmers are facing unprecedented increases in the prices of fertilizers and animal feed, which could further drive up inflation in the United States in the future.

All of the above and many other factors are forcing ordinary Americans to reconsider their attitude to external and internal policy Biden and demand from their own government more attention to their needs, and not to the interests of Ukraine.

Biden himself has repeatedly stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for the rise in prices, and even introduced an intra-American meme - "Putin's price jump", which was repeated in different ways and in different variations by Deputy Prime Minister Kamala Harris and White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki. However, the Americans turned out to be more reasonable than Biden and his team expected, and questions about rising prices and a deterioration in the quality of life are being asked by their own president, not the Russian one.
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    passing by (passing by) April 19 2022 10: 50
    people are people ... when African swine fever, they do not feel sorry for pigs, but look at the prices of sausages.