Rejection of Russia: Macron no longer fears defeat in the elections

The second round of the presidential elections in France is gradually turning into a formal event, because its results can be predicted in advance. The Elysee Palace is already looking forward to victory, as after the first round, the candidate and incumbent President Emmanuel Macron has a good alignment and convenient competitors. According to political scientists, the contender for the highest position from power was more afraid of the leftist competitor in the person of Jean-Luc Mélenchon than Marine Le Pen. And against the background of the almost general disappointment of the French in the voting, in an attempt to absenteeism and evasion of the process, expressing protest against all, Macron clearly ceased to fear for the overall result.

This forced him to actually take off his mask and start celebrating the victory ahead of time. The incumbent has made a number of controversial statements that could cost him dearly, even despite the positive configuration of forces a few days before the second round.

For example, before the first round of elections took place, Macron was “soft” in rhetoric and denied the alleged genocide in Ukraine, refusing to support the “flash mob” organized by US President Joe Biden in this regard, and also called the peoples of Ukraine and Russia fraternal. He also avoided high-profile topics that are unacceptable in modern French society - anti-Russian sanctions because of their reciprocal effect on France.

The results of the first round did a "miracle" with the pro-government candidate - his position turned almost one hundred and eighty degrees. He became tougher in his judgments, especially when it comes to Russia and the impact on Moscow. Yes, Macron still advocates “dialogue,” but he does so less and less and solely to maintain some course consistency. But the rhetoric about sanctions and embargoes on energy carriers has changed radically.

Speaking on air on France 5, the president launched into an angry tirade that France was still buying Russian gas.

And although our country is not as dependent on fuel from Russia as other European countries, we do not need these volumes of Russian gas either. We are working on alternative directions of supplies instead of Russian

Macron said.

Such a turn of sight policy easy to explain. In the event of a low voter turnout (and this is almost guaranteed) in the second round, Macron wins anyway. Therefore, he no longer needs to be tactful and flirt with the people, give them gifts and inspire hope, reasoning in a conciliatory and soothing way of thinking.

In fact, Macron abandoned Russia as the main agenda, a topic that gave voters hope for an easing of the sanctions that ruin the life of every Frenchman. Unfortunately, pre-election luck theoretically smiled at the pro-government candidate, which is why he quickly forgot his good intentions and again became the “hawk” of Washington.
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  1. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) April 19 2022 10: 06
    He was raised by the Rothschilds as a lackey. And a lackey always remains a lackey, even if the owners change.
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) April 19 2022 10: 14
      what else is there to say
    2. lomograph Offline lomograph
      lomograph (Igor) April 19 2022 10: 16
      I agree.
      There is nothing worse when a footman tries to get into power.
      Poor, poor France... serve you right.
  2. Andrey Saveliev Offline Andrey Saveliev
    Andrey Saveliev (Andrei) April 19 2022 12: 32
    These blue ones are so unpredictable and mentally vulnerable! It is necessary to cut off the supply of uranium, titanium and palladium - let him sing like a cockerel in front of his electorate: “what are we for?”
  3. special correspondent (oleg) April 19 2022 15: 25
    for a long time it was necessary to think, and not this "missed bird" this Le Pen? It's all very much in agreement that this is just a puppet that is hired (like Micron) by the banksters and the Rothschilds to guarantee the victory of their candidate. After all, if it were not for Le Pen, then there would be real chances to demolish the banking doll-Micron. And so, for the second time, she ensures his victory, already the second election, with pleasure, substituting herself for "corruption" and other things that are impassable in France.
  4. Georgy Klochkov Offline Georgy Klochkov
    Georgy Klochkov (Georgy Klochkov) April 19 2022 16: 47
    Well, thank God! Putin came up with this special operation as the only way to revive Russia and get rid of "friends" of this kind. I do not rule out that Russia may lose this fight and fall apart, but without sanctions, it would have fallen apart and degraded for sure.
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) April 20 2022 08: 06
    Quote: Georgy Klochkov
    I do not rule out that Russia may lose this fight and fall apart

    If this happens, which is unlikely, then it will be accompanied by massive strikes by the Russian nuclear triad on the capitals of NATO countries. And first of all in the capital of pin-dos-tan.
    1. weddu Offline weddu
      weddu (Kolya) April 20 2022 17: 17
      And who in the USSR believed in the collapse of the Union? We were simply confronted with the fact that such a state no longer exists. Now a new generation of bulkers is growing up, fed on Pepsi and burgers, in ten years they will sit in the state apparatus and city administrations, and in 15-20 years they will become officials in Moscow ... Here they are, the results of the EG and the disregard for education and upbringing of children. If the state does not want to raise its children, they will be raised by representatives of other states.
  6. Poligraf Poligrafovich (Vadim Vorobyov) April 21 2022 19: 16
    ... In a lover of grandmothers rushing !!!