Russia's default will turn into Europe's default, Medvedev warns

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev drew attention to and reacted to the recent statements by the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen that Western sanctions have a strong impact on sustainability economics Russia and its default on obligations is only a "matter of time." The Russian functionary outlined his conclusions in his own Telegram channel.

Medvedev noted the activity of a high-ranking European official. After that, he came to the conclusion that she was concerned not with the end of the special operation of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine, not with the achievement of the long-awaited peace, but with completely different issues.

That's it! That's what I secretly wanted at night! This is the deep strategy of the European Union, the secret plan of the masochists from Brussels and their partners in games from across the ocean

He wrote.

The former Russian president and ex-prime minister of the Russian government warned the EU that there are two extremely unpleasant but obvious points that need to be taken into account.

The default of Russia may turn into a default of Europe. Both moral and, quite possibly, material

- he specified.

According to him, the EU financial system is now unstable and public confidence in it is declining. Even in the crisis year of 2008, it was not as difficult for Europe and Europeans as it is now.

Expect powerful gratitude from ordinary Europeans for hyperinflation, which can no longer be attributed to the evil Russians, for the lack of basic products in stores and for the influx of refugees, which will provoke a wave of violent crime worse than Albanian

- he added.

Medvedev believes that after the above, the bureaucrats in Brussels will have to change their rhetoric. Otherwise, "on the streets of well-groomed European cities, smelly bonfires made of tires will burn in honor of the heroes of the Maidan and the Great Peremoga over Europe!"

We remind you that von der Leyen gave a forecast according to which the GDP of the Russian Federation in 2022 will decrease by 11% due to the fact that hundreds of large companies have left, are leaving or will leave Russian territory in the near future. Before that, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Moscow would go to court if Western states tried to default on its default on Eurobonds.

Note that Europe is now faced with a record level of poverty of its own population. At the same time, the collective West got together appropriate about $ 300 billion of Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves. At the same time, Moscow can open own oil exchange and sell "black gold" exclusively for Russian rubles, which would be a disaster for the Bretton Woods system of monetary relations.
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  1. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) April 17 2022 21: 36
    .... At the same time, Moscow can open its own oil exchange and sell "black gold" exclusively for Russian rubles, which will be a disaster for the Bretton Woods system of monetary relations .....
    - Here we are always like this - we can but we don't! We want - but do nothing - we (as my diplomat friends say) All the time want to be clean, kind, correct right up to the toothache to the detriment of our interests, the interests of the country, the interests of the people. But so correct.
    But no one pities us, the West would be happy to do something more vile. But we are inactive. And you need to act in such a way as to drive them waist-deep into the ground, so that next time these ghouls would not even think about coming to plunder Russia. Hit backhand, with a swing, so that it falls down. and not just stupid: "We could, we can, or we can't ....."
    If we don’t do it, then there’s nothing to talk about it, talkers are empty talk.
    As just recently: It is necessary to nationalize ... and then Matvienoko - NENADA! Gotta be civilized!!! So once and smeared a fundamentally important question. - Well, how can one not recall the agents of influence of the West in the highest strata of power.
    1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
      1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 17 2022 23: 40
      for hostile countries, the resources of the Russian Federation should not be sold at all, or only for precious metals, for which the West must buy Russian rubles in order to buy Russian resources with them
    2. sapper2 Offline sapper2
      sapper2 (Minesweeper2) April 18 2022 04: 23
      The authorities are tired of "Wishlists, Wishlists, Horror Stories" .... Apart from chatter, things do not go ... With such an approach to the leadership of the country, wars are not won ...
  2. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) April 17 2022 22: 02
    It surprises me too, and very much. The West has fired almost all arrows at us in the form of sanctions. Most of them hit, we resisted, and in response, silence. We only hear how our media are tearing themselves up that if Russia wants to, then the EU economy will have to die. And then a lot of enumerations of what Russia can do, but does not yet do. Unclear request They essentially took away half of our reserves, savings from us (what was acquired by overwork) Our economists say that we could compensate for everything by taking away their assets, real estate, aircraft that we lease, again NO we can’t do that. Aircraft continue to pay contributions, real estate and assets do not touch them. I don't know what's going on, but it feels like our government is just an army of Cossacks mishandled. Nothing else comes to mind.
  3. Andrey Saveliev Offline Andrey Saveliev
    Andrey Saveliev (Andrei) April 17 2022 22: 29
    In my deep personal conviction, the time has come to “buy” European capitals that have frozen 300 yards of our hard-earned reserves by issuing a specific ultimatum: you give us ours + lift sanctions + refuse to supply weapons to the Nazis + wildly apologize that everyone was beguiled in exchange for not using Syao and tactical nuclear weapons. The same applies to ovs, Japs and kangaroos. They are ready to exchange the "golden billion" for 145 million evil quilted jackets. Or we will definitely be pecked, enslaved and destroyed.
    1. EpIvIaK Offline EpIvIaK
      EpIvIaK (Ian) April 18 2022 07: 06
      If only they would not peck themselves. Now, not 15 years ago, the legs themselves are clay and the farther the thinner the legs. Everything is slowly bursting at the seams. But it would be necessary to put pressure on them, yes.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 17 2022 23: 10
    Ha. You don't understand anything.
    Non-war is non-war, and interest on securities and shares is interest.
    The population - do not care, but the exchange ... you can threaten ....
  5. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 17 2022 23: 36
    Of course, you need to think about your own, but if they are not able to "unwind", you need to buy equipment abroad

    - NeDimon blurted out and went to the USA in 2010 to buy 50 Boeings, instead of Tu214. and then he gave the Norwegians a water area in the Barents Sea, etc., etc. ... in his place, one should generally be silent and not disgrace, the West’s strategy to strangle and collapse Russia has been for hundreds of years, and only a round yes un or a traitor does not know it or hide it.
  6. tavia Offline tavia
    tavia (Tatyana) April 18 2022 08: 26
    If we can, we must do it! And so no moral torment! All soplezhuev - to hell with the decision-making! Enough of us obligingly dancing in front of the eurosodom in the hope that they will "appreciate" the breadth of our soul and inner nobility ... Personally, as a taxpayer and a citizen of Russia, I don't give a damn what will happen to Van Der Leyen and the whole crowd of her henchmen and voters.