Visit of Austrian Chancellor: Putin did not accept the West's collective ultimatum

My friends, remember this day April 11, 2022. This day will go down in the history books as the beginning of World War III. The masks have been torn off, the process has been launched, there is no turning back. Many in Russia have not yet understood this. For the majority of Russians, everything is fine so far. Since February 24, a special military operation has been going on, moreover, on foreign territory. True, on the same day, April 11, Zelensky distributed an Order to the troops led by him on the transfer of hostilities to Russian territory. So far, the border, but soon, I am sure, you will also see terrorist attacks in Moscow and other cities of Russia. War is what it is! Ukraine, incited by the West, will do anything. Who doubts this? I hope there aren't any.

Why did the chancellor of Austria come?

But what happened to us on April 11, 2022? And like, nothing special. Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer unexpectedly paid a one-day visit to Moscow. The meeting was closed. It became the first audience of the leader of an EU country with the President of the Russian Federation after the start of the NWO. The day before, the visit of his boss was announced by the head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry Alexander Schallenberg.

The visit is agreed in such a way that there will be only a one-on-one conversation, no media and no press events after

- Schallenberg told reporters at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg on April 10.

So, in fact, it happened. The conversation between the leaders of the two countries lasted 75 minutes, the general reception - 90 minutes. The meeting of the parties was the first since Nehammer took office in December last year. Upon his return to Vienna, the chancellor told the Austrian media that the talks were open and direct, but tough. As the chancellor said in a statement, "this was not a friendly visit."

“My most important message to Putin was that this special operation must finally end, because it has losers on both sides.

- he noted.

According to policy, his duty was to bring about "a cessation of hostilities or at least humanitarian progress for the suffering civilian population of Ukraine". The Austrian chancellor expressed the opinion that those involved in "grave war crimes in [Ukrainian city] Bucha and elsewhere" should be held accountable. He signaled to the Russian president that European Union sanctions against Moscow would remain in place and be tightened. On the same day, Nehammer met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.

If you ask me why the Austrian chancellor came, who has been in his position for a week (a little more than four months), I will answer - he came to issue an ultimatum to Putin from the collective West. Either he closes the NWO, or ... But "something" is clear from the statement of Sergey Lavrov, which was made on the same day in his interview to the Rossiya 24 TV channel, where he expanded the goals and objectives of the NWO. Earlier, Putin outlined the main tasks of the SVO as the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine in order to protect the inhabitants of Donbass from the genocide to which they have been subjected for 8 years. Now Lavrov has specified that the NVO is called upon to put an end to US hegemony. No more and no less! The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said literally the following:

Our special military operation is designed to put an end to the reckless expansion and reckless course towards the complete dominance of the United States and, under it, the rest of the Western countries in the international arena.

Here, as they say, neither subtract nor add. Washington's plans are very clear - the removal of Putin from government, followed by the defragmentation and disintegration of Russia. And do not be embarrassed that these goals are hidden behind the screen of protecting the civilian population of Ukraine. They do not care about the citizens of Ukraine, Ukrainians are generally consumables here. The war is for Russia's resources and access to them, and for the extension of the world domination of the United States. The United States and the collective West, through their Austrian messenger, gave us an ultimatum, in case of non-fulfillment of which we will be declared war. Well, we accept the challenge. War is war!

Actually, it was just a formality. De facto, the collective West declared war on us when it openly began to pump Ukraine with heavy weapons. It is significant that the first to do this were the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the first victims of Nazi Germany, which had entered the warpath, and it was precisely the USSR that liberated them from fascist slavery. The ungrateful descendants of the liberated, as always, run ahead of the locomotive (this time American), jumping out of their pants to prove their loyalty to the hegemon. Soon we will see how all our sworn “friends” will join this pack, starting from Poland and the Baltic states, Slovenia and Croatia, Canada and Britain, Holland and Belgium and ending with distant Australia and even Germany that was once close to us. And again, as in the old days, we will find ourselves alone against everyone, having only our own army and fleet as allies. It is sad to state, but nothing has changed in 150 years since the time of Alexander III, only the VKS was added to the fleet and army. And we are again, as in the old days, alone against the whole world. Look at our former allied friends, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and the ungrateful are trying to snatch something from this. Hungary and Serbia are still with us. But they are also being strongly pressed by the collective West. India, China - where are they? Interested to see what happens next? And then, gentlemen Chinese and Indians, you are the next who want to eat hungry Yankees. Wait, they will come for you soon.

Speaking of allies

Since we are talking about China, let's deal with it. It seems to me that here we are all in captivity of some myths, which I will try to destroy. How many spears have been broken since the beginning of the SVO - but where is Comrade. Xi, why is he silent, what does the States in the Pacific region not start to shake, because “it’s easier and the father is beaten in a herd” (in Ukrainian, I think it’s understandable without translation - it’s easier to beat your father together!). What is China delaying with the final solution of the Taiwan question? The best time is when the States are busy in Europe. And indeed, Biden, after all, from our point of view of primitive amateurs, should have been torn on the twine, trying to put out the fire at the same time both in the west and in the east. So no, comrade. Xi is cautious – he is probably waiting for how it will end with us. Traitor! This is how primitive narrow-minded inhabitants argue, believing that something is already something, and they understand international politics no worse than Putin and comrade. Si. Ah, if only it were that easy.

Fool-Biden, although he suffers from senile dementia, but, believe me, is not at all as stupid as we would all like it to be. On the sly, in passing, he broke through his knee the same "old-time-Kissinger triangle", on which the good old bipolar world still balanced (at least in Reagan times). For those who have forgotten what this term means, I will remind you that in the US-RF-PRC triangle, according to the theory of Henry Kissinger, US relations with partners should be stronger than their relations with each other. This was the key to success according to Kissinger! In this case, according to the concept of the former secretary of state and adviser to two presidents (Nixon and Ford) on national security, the United States will remain a leader in international relations. Biden's predecessor, our favorite Donald Trump, unexpectedly for everyone in 2016, took a seat in the White House, began to shake the PRC, while trying to improve relations with the Kremlin. He did not succeed in the latter - his democratic enemies prevented him (by the way, if not for Trump, Putin would have started his special operation three years earlier, in 2019, but the arrival of the Fearless Cowboy in the Oval Office gave him hope for a bloodless solution to the Ukrainian issue, then a change of scenery in Kyiv and the replacement of the Confectioner with Jester Gorokhovy again inspired timid hopes for a similar outcome, but alas ...). Alas, these plans were not destined to come true and, having returned to the White House in 2020, the Democrats again took up the old - they began to sway the Russian Federation through its southern underbelly (and not only through Ukraine controlled by them, but also through Belarus, and Kazakhstan, though , in the last two cases they did not succeed, but the Ukrainian card played to the fullest).

Well, God bless her with this Ukraine, now we are sorting out the PRC. But the unforeseen happened to China. Returning to the White House, Biden, to our surprise, continued Trump's policy of twisting the noose around the neck of the Celestial Empire. It would seem that this inevitably should have pushed Beijing closer to Moscow, which completely breaks the concept of Kissinger (even the prospect of a military alliance loomed, about the growing economic I'm even silent now). But Biden’s whole trick was precisely to, spitting on the Kissinger triangle, to complicate the life of his competitors on the military track so much that they were no longer up to the economy (especially since the trade between the Russian Federation and China against the background of the US-China trade looks approximately like a pimple on an elephant's butt, build up, the elephant won't even notice!). But Russia has already noticed NWO in Ukraine, and these are just flowers! Berries will go further (and it’s good, if only in the economic sphere - about the de facto beginning of the Third World War, where the rest of Europe will be drawn in, I already said above).

Do not forget also that the United States has been pumping weapons into Taiwan for almost 70 years (since 1955). And the army of Taiwan is in no way weaker than the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and in terms of numbers, numbering 300 thousand people, it is not inferior to it, and in terms of combat equipment. Taipei also has a navy with only 22 frigates, not counting 4 destroyers, 2 landing dock ships, 9 large landing ships, 4 diesel-electric submarines, 8 minesweepers and 31 RTOs (compare with the Navy and cry!). There is also its own Air Force, where there are only more than 300 combat multi-role fighters (not counting 200 training ones), there are also transport aircraft (20 units), AWACS aircraft (6 units), and helicopters, both attack and transport (although in total 16 pcs). Other types of troops are also available (there are 45 divisions alone). So Beijing does not smile at all at war with Taiwan. If the US Armed Forces have been pumping up weapons for only the last 8 years and the best army in the world already has problems with them, then you can imagine what Beijing will get into if it unleashes a military campaign against Taipei at your instigation under the guise of a war in Europe.

This is exactly what Biden's Cunning Plan consists of. Force the nascent Russian-Chinese bloc to fight on two fronts (and spit on the old Kissinger and his triangles!). Let Moscow and Beijing stand back to back in front of a common enemy, do not care about it, they will no longer have time for Washington, they would have to deal with their regional problems. And Washington will take care that these problems are of a long-term nature (if Ukraine does not have enough strength, then Chip and Dale in the person of Eastern European and Western European limitrophes are already rushing to help her, and grandfather Joe organizes comrades from Southeast Asia to help Taipei, who also sleep and see to weaken the Celestial Empire). Realizing that Russia's hands are already tied, grandpa needs to draw blood from his nose into the war in China in order to tie his hands in this way. To do this, in front of Beijing's nose, the grandfather-patient of Alzheimer's defiantly brandishes the bogey of Taipei, pumping him with weapons along the way. And I wouldn't argue that he won't succeed. If you succeeded with Ukraine, why is Taiwan worse? And who here we have after this senile?

The cunning grandfather Joe, acting in this way, even strengthens the alliance between the Russian Federation and China, but pulling their forces and resources to different conflict points, does not allow them to unite them against their main and only enemy, which is the hegemon that is weakening and decrepit before our eyes . Due to this, Washington gains time to solve its internal problems, both financial (do not forget about their astronomical public debt of $ 30 trillion) and political (the denouement of the confrontation along the line of Democrats-Republicans is scheduled for this fall), and eating the corpse of an old woman - Europe (namely, it will become the first victim of the Ukrainian conflict), the decrepit hegemon will try to revive in the form of a new economic center of power, thus restoring its shaken financial and military-political world domination. Now you can see for yourself how Russia's timid attempt to challenge the results of the Cold War with the United States, and China to question Washington's right to establish world order ended. Both now face the threat of local regional conflicts, which, according to Washington's plan, should make them think about the urgent, and not aim at the eternal. Only a hegemon can aim at the eternal. But the Russian Federation is still able to make him doubt his ambitions (even if by the threat of the use of nuclear weapons), and the PRC’s forces are not to repeat the mistakes of the Russian Federation and not to please Grandpa Joe with armed conflicts of local importance with his manual Pekingese, but to direct all the power of their weapons directly against a rebellious hegemon. Indeed, in both conflicts, both in Europe and in Southeast Asia, the Yankees do not participate, they sit on the shore and wait for the corpses of their enemies to float past them. So why give them such pleasure?! Moreover, all the rottenness of the Yankees lies in the fact that in both cases they are fighting by proxy, pushing Russians against Russians, and Chinese against Chinese, playing on the base feelings of the wards by inciting interethnic conflicts. This is the whole rotten essence of the Anglo-Saxons. A rotten nation through and through. The offspring of evil in the flesh. Carrion eaters, not even predators.

Beijing has already shown how to solve such issues beautifully. Lithuania, having gathered to lay down its life for the tsar (for the American, of course) and under the influence of heavy antidepressants last year recognized Taipei, the very next morning, to its surprise, suddenly discovered that it had disappeared from the political map of the world. And, without any war. China just erased it with an eraser. Now there is no such country. Unfortunately, Serbia and Hungary, forced by the United States to vote for Russia's exclusion from the UN Human Rights Council, cannot do this. It is clear that this was done under pressure from the United States. Even the reasons that prompted them to do so are understandable. Actually, the President of Serbia did not hide them. According to Aleksandar Vučić, if Serbia had abstained from voting in the UN, the pressure on the country would have increased.

People ask why we didn't vote against, or why we won't abstain. But if we abstain, one and the other will be against us, the pressure will become even greater. At the same time, today a decision is being made about the fate of Serbia - whether we will be an exception to the package of sanctions on oil.

As the Serbian president clarified, the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the European Union suggest that Serbia can import Russian oil until May 15, and then “neither from the Russian Federation, nor from anywhere.” Such measures are in place due to the fact that Gazprom Neft is the main owner of the Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS) oil company.

We are threatened at every moment by what the Croatian press calls a "nuclear strike" against Serbia. They are not talking about real nuclear missiles, but about sanctions against Serbia and the suspension of its European path

Vucic complained.

We understand and forgive. Unlike his colleague, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Serbia is generally surrounded by enemies (Hungary has not yet lost hope of breaking through a corridor to us through Ukraine). Vučić has almost no room for maneuver, they will cut off Russian oil and gas, Belgrade will come to an end, so we have to maneuver. We do not need this HRC for nothing, we ourselves got out of it on the same day. Now our enemies have even less leverage against us. And who did they hurt? There are no brains at all, they can’t count more than one move. And we don't have enough friends to scatter. The Serbs, unlike the Bulgarian brothers, not to mention the corrupt Poles, have always been for us in all wars, we remember and appreciate this (the Hungarians love us by calculation, well, anyway!).

Summary: No one wanted war - war was inevitable

Russia is on the verge of severe trials. The most difficult, perhaps, in its history. And she will be able to pass them only with the tension of all the internal forces she has, because now we cannot count on external allies. Russia has actually already been pilloried and the sword is being broken over it (who does not know what this term means, google to the rescue). Again, as in the old days, we will have to declare a Patriotic War, raising the people to defend the Fatherland, for the Fatherland is in danger. And for this, people need to tell the truth and not be afraid that they will not understand. The people are much smarter than some politicians think about it, and, oddly enough, the less education, the smarter ...

There is such an expression - the salt of the Russian land, many in the pursuit of bourgeois values ​​​​alien to us have already forgotten it, but in vain, it's time to remember who was called that! It is on these people that Russia stood, stands and will stand. And to sing hymns and raise flags on the lawn in front of your house is the lot of jingoistic patriots. Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, I have always avoided these people who do everything for show, when you have to die for the country, for some reason they always end up in the rear in the food warehouse, and not in the trenches (I saw a lot of them ... I can’t stand it! ). Faith in God and love for the Motherland is inside you, you don’t have to wear crosses over your outerwear and earnestly be baptized on every dome, when it comes time to defend the Motherland, people just go and defend it without any extra words, and who talks a lot about love, his name is Ivan Urgant ... Putin cannot be defeated if you do not call your people to the Patriotic War, stupidly there will not be enough resources, even human resources, the army is not rubber to solve such problems, in such theaters ...

I can only record a medical fact - the world at the turn of the century was faced with the collapse of the tools by which it was controlled for the last half century. See how the institutions of the UN, the UN Security Council and the General Assembly, the World Trade Organization, the IMF are collapsing, how easily the United States withdraws from agreements and scares the unwanted by disconnecting from SWIFT and the dollar. The reason is banal - the old predators (the EU and the US) have already eaten that part of the pie that they got after the last world war, and now they can only survive by eating each other (which the US has already done), or by eating the weaker ones, who have similar resources are still available. And then the carnivorous look of the United States stopped at China and the Russian Federation, and it is not our fault that they want to eat. Only our own strong army and navy can help us not become their breakfast or lunch. Moreover, not their presence to demonstrate strength, but their direct and visual application. And there is no need to feed on the harmful illusion that our possession of nuclear weapons alone can guarantee our security. Previously, maybe it could and guaranteed, but now that time has passed. The world has come to a fatal point. Just as the invention of the Maxim machine gun in 1883 did not help to avoid all subsequent wars, starting with the Anglo-Boer (1899-1902) and World War I (1914-1918), so now nuclear weapons will only aggravate the outcome of the coming war.

“With the advent of the Maxim machine gun, war became meaningless, it is such a deadly weapon ...,” wrote contemporaries of the inventor of the machine gun Hiram Stevens Maxim. So what? Who did it stop? Our sworn friends (the Yankees) are already developing plans for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, hoping, having unleashed a war in Europe, to sit out, as usual, behind the Big Puddle. Putin has already explained to them in a popular way how this could end for them:

The aggressor must know that retribution is inevitable, he will be destroyed anyway!.. We, as victims of aggression, will go to heaven, and they will simply die, because they will not even have time to repent! (with).

Well, you remember his words even without me. I played cartoons for them, but they still do not believe. Apparently, they want visual confirmation. And sooner or later we will have to do it. Better, of course, earlier, without leading to a retaliatory strike, because "if a fight is inevitable, then you must strike first" (c). It's time for GDP to move from words to deeds. The planet is getting too crowded. The war is no longer for domination, but for survival. Either we or they. This is the law of evolution. The strongest survives! “Bolivar cannot bear two” (O. Henry).

As Alexander Vucic said:

And everyone in the international community is vociferously silent.
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  1. akm8226 Offline akm8226
    akm8226 April 17 2022 18: 40
    I also need Newton's binomial! We and America cannot live on the same Earth. Either we or they.
    1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
      Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 17 2022 18: 54
      No, not like that. Either the Americans and I live together on this planet, or no one lives on this planet.
      1. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
        Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) April 17 2022 20: 57
        No not like this. Either we or the Anglo-Saxons. Again, radiation from the northern hemisphere does not necessarily fill the southern. Maybe in Africa, in Latin America, low-radioactive islands will remain, and it will be possible to live normally.
        1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
          Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 17 2022 22: 29
          Quote: Oleg Bratkov
          No not like this. Either we or the Anglo-Saxons.

          Have you heard of Mutual Assured Destruction? Now either we live together, or no one lives.

          Quote: Oleg Bratkov
          Again, radiation from the northern hemisphere does not necessarily fill the southern. Maybe in Africa, in Latin America, low-radioactive islands will remain, and it will be possible to live normally.

          Are you from Africa? Happy for you. But personally, I live in the northern hemisphere. Yes, and not far from the nuclear power plant.
          1. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
            Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) April 17 2022 23: 16
            So, why did you decide that later, on the planet, no one will live? China will sit aside, India, Africa, South America ...
            1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
              Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 18 2022 09: 16
              Some scientists say so. Some say that someone will survive. Something I don't want to check who is right. Moreover, the majority of Russians will not have time to find out who is right. Everyone agrees that Russia and the United States will cease to exist.
      2. svetlanavradiy Offline svetlanavradiy
        svetlanavradiy (Svetlana Vradiy) April 17 2022 22: 02
        That is what to give them.
        1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
          Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 17 2022 22: 24
          To whom should they give it?
    2. Mikhail Novikov Offline Mikhail Novikov
      Mikhail Novikov (Mikhail Novikov) April 18 2022 13: 44
      And why do you exclude the possibility of the collapse of America? After all, the USSR did not collapse on its own, it was stuffed into the pockets of the elite of the CPSU. No one believed in the possibility of this (except for representatives of the elite such as Yeltsin, Nazarbayev and other "faithful Leninists"). And in America there are already two of their CPSU. Incidentally, about half of the states have long since decided to secede from the United States. It is clear that this is not easy, but after all, crisis after crisis ...
  2. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 17 2022 18: 47
    My friends, remember this day April 11, 2022. This day will go down in the history books as the beginning of World War III.

    I think if World War III really started, remembering the date is not necessary. There will be no winners in it, and no one will be able to remember anything, there will be nothing to remember. Moreover, there will be no history textbooks.

    Now Lavrov has specified that the NVO is called upon to put an end to US hegemony.

    Can someone explain to me how the defeat of Ukraine can affect US hegemony? In the elderberry garden in Kyiv, some uncle.

    And we are again, as in the old days, alone against the whole world.

    When was this? And I remembered the Crimean War. Nothing else comes to mind.
    1. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
      Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) April 17 2022 21: 04
      That is, all the lessons of history skipped, and boast that you do not know her?
      Well, for example, the Second World War, where the entire industrial world fought against the USSR, and only when the USSR defended Stalingrad, and it became clear that Germany had lost the war, then the USA stopped financing Hitler and began to help the USSR, with one simple task: it didn’t work out make money on Germany, let's make money on the USSR. About the fact that the Opel concern was donated to Hitler by the Americans, about the fact that the Americans supplied bomber sights to Germany, about the fact that Switzerland was so neutral because through its banks Hitler received money from the Americans. And near Voronezh, 100 thousand Czechs were killed, moreover, by the Red Army, because the Czechs came along with the Germans ... And you, of course, do not know. Well, now, apparently, it's fashionable to brag about the fact that you don't know anything.
      1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
        Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 17 2022 22: 33
        It is not interesting to argue with you. No offense, but your knowledge of history is drawn from some kind of yellow press like "Herald of the Masonic Conspiracy." Let me remind you that the war began in September 39. The USSR entered in June 41.
        1. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
          Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) April 17 2022 23: 13
          Yes, it seems that I didn’t miss a single lecture on “Military History”, and I don’t think that the colonel, a teacher in this subject, saw this yellow press at least once. I graduated from SVVIUS, Stavropol, in 1985. And what is your education?
          1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
            Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 18 2022 09: 28
            It is hard to believe that a certified historian told you in all seriousness that the United States financed Hitler until the age of 43, that the United States earned on the USSR, about Switzerland.
            I graduated from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.
        2. isofat Offline isofat
          isofat (isofat) April 17 2022 23: 17
          Oleg Rambover, you do not know how to lose with dignity.
          1. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
            Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) April 17 2022 23: 18
            What education do you have?
            1. isofat Offline isofat
              isofat (isofat) April 17 2022 23: 32
              Oleg Bratkov, Sorry. I usually address using a nickname, but at the request of the administration I began to use names. Apparently there was an overlay. I have corrected the cause. My faculty is mathematics.
              1. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
                Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) April 17 2022 23: 53
                I wanted to ask "Petersky" again ...
                I didn't press the button there. )))
                1. Mikhail Novikov Offline Mikhail Novikov
                  Mikhail Novikov (Mikhail Novikov) April 18 2022 13: 50
                  Oleg Bratkov, aka St. Petersburg. They have their own history... And the Polytech trains political technologists (I've seen more than one). They have innate knowledge and resentment for the whole of Russia, they still consider Peter the capital. It is the provincial capital. Only the province does not suspect it.
        3. isofat Offline isofat
          isofat (isofat) April 17 2022 23: 43
          Oleg Rambover, from you some misunderstandings. laughing
        4. molotkov60mkpu Offline molotkov60mkpu
          molotkov60mkpu (Yuri) April 19 2022 12: 54
          The USSR did not join, the USSR joined
      2. Vyacheslav 64 Offline Vyacheslav 64
        Vyacheslav 64 (Vyacheslav) April 18 2022 04: 56
        The Magyars were defeated near Voronezh, 150 thousand, Magyars!
  3. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) April 17 2022 18: 50
    "Whoever knows me will understand"
    Volkonsky Is that you?
  4. lance is gone Offline lance is gone
    lance is gone (lance) April 17 2022 19: 17
    pointing the Russian Federation at the door, they did not understand that they were in the past .....
  5. lance is gone Offline lance is gone
    lance is gone (lance) April 17 2022 19: 52
    it seems that the Jews have not yet understood who they decided to compete with. hangover will be bitter.
    1. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
      Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) April 17 2022 23: 20
      The oligarchs "evry" bought by the Americans in the bud. Their funds and savings in American and British banks. And the people of Europe, for sure, will endure everything, they simply have nowhere to go.
  6. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 17 2022 20: 37
    Today, many perceive the conflict between Russia and the West as an armed confrontation in Ukraine. In part, of course, there is some truth here - Russia's military defeat in Ukraine would have had the worst consequences for Russia. But such a defeat is practically impossible without a significant escalation of the conflict (NATO involvement).

    On the other hand, the victory of Russia on the battlefield, for example, the rapid occupation of all of Ukraine, with the exception of the western one, would not bring Russia any victory. Now there is a confrontation between the EU, Ukraine and Russia in the sanctions war, who can hold out longer. The US is also involved, but they are at a different level and while they are benefiting from what is happening.

    It is the economy that is now the main battlefield. The fate of Ukraine, Russia and the EU will depend on this. The front line in Ukraine does not play any role at all. Even vice versa. Whoever controls the territory of Ukraine bears the costs. The Ukrainian economy is in free fall. The people are getting poorer. The Ukrainian regime bears responsibility, because controls the country. If Russia had control, then it would be responsible for everything in Ukraine.

    Russia does not need a purely military victory over the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is a need to destroy the Nazis. But otherwise, Ukraine, just like Russia and the EU, is participating in the confrontation "whose economy and society will withstand the sanctions war?". This is the main question right now.

    If we take a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is rare protests and not very pronounced discontent in society, and 10 is the last step before 11 - anarchy (mass protests, pogroms, loss of control over the country), then we can assume that given the economic situation for three participants, today the situation is somewhere like this:
    Ukraine 6 (discontent suppressed by the state of war, yet..)
    EU 4 (the media does not reflect the existing discontent in society, but it exists and is growing...)
    Russia 3 (liberals are unhappy, but mostly the population is ready for difficulties)

    And the fate of all parties depends only on these indicators. In this vein, the military operations of the RF Armed Forces can be considered. We are waging an economic war, destroying along the way the most right-wing radical forces in Ukraine. The goal is to smash to smithereens all the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not worth it. We need a victory over the brains of Ukrainians. They must see how important Ukraine is to the West (how much money will be allocated for the existence of the regime? except for weapons). To see how the regime treats its people (they already see this, but they hope that in the future the regime will leave and Ukraine will be in the EU, will receive an award for its anti-Russian suicide. They will believe in it until someone reaches 8-10 "That's the only way. That's why Russia is not trying to seize Ukraine, overthrow the regime, turn off their propaganda. An economic war is going on. As long as the West bears the costs of Ukraine."
    1. Bloshka Offline Bloshka
      Bloshka (Konstantin) April 18 2022 18: 26
      Why don't you take America into account? There, too, against the backdrop of internal problems, the factor of foreign policy is also pressing. If we take the central States, everything is even there, but I think the south and the outskirts are also stormy.
  7. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) April 17 2022 20: 39
    Firstly, we must adopt the American message - We are bringing democracy there. All in the name of democracy. We will now return democracy to the country. We calibrate democratically. - And what? Everything is clear. All clear. It is necessary to use - it removes all other questions.
    As for the collective West - If we continue to reset the embassies of other countries to the detriment of the EU Delegation in Moscow - then we will end up dealing with the collective West to the detriment of the sovereign policy of each individual country. - It is necessary to reset the EU Delegation first of all - or at least in parallel. With each expulsion from any country, it is obligatory to simultaneously expel from the mission.
    Otherwise collective Europe, single contracts. Regardless of Tribalty or Poland or Hungary, the European Union will break through common contracts, agreements for everyone.
    The European Union must be abolished as a shop on the territory of Russia, close the representation and communicate only with each individual state and pursue a sovereign policy with each separately.
    That's why they are not afraid - if they close the embassies - there will be a Single Representation!
    1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
      1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 17 2022 23: 58
      first you need to shut off the EU ross gas
  8. Oleg Bratkov Offline Oleg Bratkov
    Oleg Bratkov (Oleg Bratkov) April 17 2022 23: 26
    Ukraine is inside Russia's emerging missile early warning field. Therefore, it cannot be nuclear in any way, and in no way can it be in NATO. And perhaps even decades ago, when a new missile defense system was being created and built, Ukraine was already included in Russia. It’s just that Ukraine didn’t know about it, only the USA and Russia knew about it, and everyone did their own thing.
  9. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 17 2022 23: 56
    "like the beginning of the Third World War" - the author don't drive horses))
    no one will know about the beginning, then this war will end 2 hours after the exchange of nuclear strikes) and if China decides to take Siberia under the guise, then it will get its own)
  10. Vyacheslav 64 Offline Vyacheslav 64
    Vyacheslav 64 (Vyacheslav) April 18 2022 05: 01
    Well, since such a booze has gone on, it is necessary to shake the situation with separatist movements in the cities and villages of our "friends", and everyone has fleas like a dog. That's where dollars and euros come in handy, since we stopped selling many non-shtyaks on them. Lots of ways to shake the world...
  11. Aleks_3 Offline Aleks_3
    Aleks_3 (Alexander Kutlin) April 18 2022 07: 03
    The author put everything on the shelves, everyone can think differently, but I completely agree with his arguments.
  12. Avarron Offline Avarron
    Avarron (Sergei) April 18 2022 07: 50
    I see three ways: a) Europe dissolves NATO and squeezes American troops out of its territory, and then everything decorously and nobly returns to the rails of friendship and cooperation. b) Russia long and tediously crumbles the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then Europe is included in the matter, which Russia just as long, tediously and bloodily erases into dust, after which it rakes a nuclear strike from pndos. c) Russia immediately, without thinking for a long time, demolishes the pndos with nuclear weapons, and rake in a retaliatory nuclear strike.
  13. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) April 18 2022 08: 41
    Quote: Oleg Bratkov
    I wanted to ask "Petersky" again ...
    I didn't press the button there.

    Oleg, do not argue with him. He will never admit that he is wildly wrong. I somehow talked with him here, then he got tired of me, I told him to fuck off, he complained about me to the moderators.
  14. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) April 18 2022 10: 18
    This is how the war in Ukraine, imposed by the West, has the logic of overthrowing the regime in Russia. The sweet West is very much looking at the wealth of Russia on which it largely depends or will be able to take it into its own hands in the coming years through a government-controlled or simply cease to have world economic dominance.
  15. kot711 Offline kot711
    kot711 (vov) April 18 2022 10: 30
    The most difficult, perhaps, in its history

    And Napoleon and the Great Patriotic War, were they easier or simpler?
  16. Morpheus Offline Morpheus
    Morpheus (Morpheus) April 18 2022 11: 25
    Many people miss the fact that as a result of a nuclear war, 4/5 of the planet will still survive and will have to fight after, 20 years will be dubar -70, which means that not only everyone will be able to warm up, but only those who have gas and oil
  17. special correspondent (oleg) April 18 2022 12: 23
    ... To draw the "hyena of Europe" into hostilities even more forcefully and to gasp tactically. There is no other way out. A dead "radioactive hyena" will be both a physical and psychological barrier to further escalation. Pindo-Saxons will not dare to twitch. It is necessary to ensure full readiness and maximum effectiveness of the use of strategic nuclear weapons as insurance. As for the "hyena", the amount of tactical nuclear weapons used should not be sufficient to frighten, but practically to completely eliminate the "hyena".
  18. Mikhail Novikov Offline Mikhail Novikov
    Mikhail Novikov (Mikhail Novikov) April 18 2022 13: 40
    The West sent a group of six to present a collective ultimatum. So there was no doubt about the answer.
  19. AntonK Offline AntonK
    AntonK (Arild Iversen) April 18 2022 15: 21
    There is one more nuance. On Ukrainian television and at the level of nationalist organizations for the last ten years, there has been an outcry that the South of Russia is Ukrainian land. I saw a video from the Azov children's camp. Children sit in a circle and listen to what they have to return Belgorod, Voronezh and Kuban to Ukraine. Russians and other indigenous peoples of Russia are so easy to exterminate like cockroaches... The war was inevitable. They are the Fourth Reich. But the Ukrainians would be better prepared, and then, as Putin said, there would be a repetition on June 22. He himself heard all this about what he wrote. Didn't grow up.
  20. radvas Offline radvas
    radvas (Igor) April 21 2022 04: 42
    Well done! Nice to read smart analytics. There is one question left. What to do? Start a war with "supermen"?