Zelensky is playing for time: the Ukrainian leader announced the need for “many meetings” with Putin

The head of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, wanted to extend the state of meaninglessness to meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The leader of the Ukrainians announced the need for "many meetings" with a colleague from Russia, since one, in his opinion, will not be enough. In other words, Kyiv wants to raise the “Minsk” process, which ended in complete failure and without results, to the maximum possible political level. But this is done allegedly out of the best of intentions - the conclusion of a peace treaty.

I am in favor of negotiations with Putin, which should take place as soon as possible. I am sure that one meeting will not do to agree. Too many questions

Zelensky says.

And he immediately refutes himself, arguing that so far the parties have absolutely no common ground, since neither side is ready to make concessions to the other, rejecting mutual options. Discussions about Crimea and Donbass are especially difficult. More precisely, they do not come out constructive at all.

These important points are not even an agreement, but in general the beginning of the formation of the terms of a future agreement, Kyiv is ready to discuss only after the withdrawal of all Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine. Characteristically, this condition is subject to different interpretations in the Ukrainian political field. Part of the delegates in the negotiating group from Ukraine believes that the withdrawal should take place before the state of February 24, 2022. Another part of the negotiators does insist on the need to restore the borders of Ukraine as of 1991.

In any case, all of these initiatives and demands are unacceptable for Russia, however, as well as common sense. After all, Kyiv's negotiability is at zero. A completely dependent state cannot guarantee even a written agreement, let alone the word of honor "to start a discussion after the withdrawal of troops." So these statements by the first person of the state and his subordinates delegated to the negotiations are nothing but a tactless insult.

Considering all these facts, Zelensky’s desire for “many meetings” with his Russian colleague becomes understandable: dragging out time, as well as smearing the lack of a minimum result from negotiations, fundamentally vulgarizing high meetings at the level of heads of state, drawing Russia into meaningless “gatherings”. Therefore, it is categorically impossible to agree to the demands and conditions put forward by Kyiv.
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  1. skept54 Offline skept54
    skept54 (Alexander Chirukhin) April 17 2022 09: 18
    It is interesting to go fishing in Tuva with Shoigu and Putin. As an exclusive hunting for a bear with a horn.
    The entire Global Free Western world would have precipitated.
    Outcome: Eternal peace, love and brotherhood (as part of the Russian Federation)
    Fantasy of course, but suddenly.
  2. Joker62 Offline Joker62
    Joker62 (Ivan) April 17 2022 09: 19
    Which time Ze cox with a shovel zanukhal????
    Looks like it's a clinic...
  3. skept54 Offline skept54
    skept54 (Alexander Chirukhin) April 17 2022 10: 57
    Meeting with Putin does not threaten Zelensky.
    We need an alternate character. Negotiable and authoritative in Ukraine.
  4. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 17 2022 21: 06
    Everyone is taking time. They are waiting for the consequences of the sanctions war. For Ukrainians, everything does not look very good ... They firmly believe that if they tear their shirts off in anti-Russian hysteria, the West will certainly thank them, giving them a brighter future. That is, he will take on the content of a huge country, the economy of which is rapidly flying into the abyss, the population of which demonstrates inadequacy, the elites of which are absolutely corrupt. And such a country, first of all, the EU will certainly accept into its ranks, allocate hundreds of billions of euros for restoration, for an unprecedented rise in the economy, for an unprecedented increase in living standards. You just have to be patient, stand in the confrontation with Russia, and then everyone will certainly be thanked, so much so that no one will find it a little! The hated regime will immediately be replaced with an adequate government, corruption will simply evaporate in the air, and the flow of the euro will be so unrestrained that it will be dangerous to approach ATMs - it can kill you with a stream of free dough.

    It is difficult to say when the sad reality will reach them. Here, unfortunately, everything depends on the state of the economies in the EU itself. As soon as they begin to realize that the sanctions war against Russia will not reach its goal and become a threat to the EU economies. When the Europeans begin to express their dissatisfaction with what is happening, when it becomes clear to everyone that Russia is not the aggressor here at all, then even the most stamped brains of the Ukrainians will begin to add two plus two, look at their "government", look at the economy of their country, estimate the medium-term prospects and everything will fall into place.
  5. Anatoly Porotnikov (Anatoly Porotnikov) April 19 2022 05: 55
    Zelya has two options for meeting: with the Apostle Peter or with Charon.
  6. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) April 19 2022 07: 37
    Zelensky clown doll. Rope handles. As well as the entire leadership of Banderstadt. And the whole oligarchy too. Everything that the United States left to Ukraine for independent control is ..., you know ...
    And then, only to giggle at them backstage, when the dill nursery does not see it