Chinese press: The whole world is paying for adventurous US sanctions against Russia

The anti-Russian restrictions imposed by Washington are definitely not to the liking of a significant number of states on the planet. One such country is mighty China, which is not afraid to talk about it openly. Beijing looks at what is happening with undisguised irritation, and the Chinese media do not hesitate to inform the international community about this.

For example, the Chinese edition of the Global Times does not understand why all of humanity should pay for the whims of the current administration of the White House, which has become almost a hostage of the “fading hegemon”. The newspaper points out that the ill-considered American sanctions against Moscow have become another geopolitical adventure by Washington, for which the whole world will pay.

According to experts, economic problems around the world are caused by many reasons, but there are only two main (fundamental) ones. The first is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to harm various sectors of the economy. The second is the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions that appeared after the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis. The US-led West has tried to cut Russia out of international trade, but that simply cannot be done in an age of global markets.

Thus, countries whose economies are still under the pressure of the coronavirus faced yet another set of difficulties, more serious ones at that. The attempt to “gore” the Russian Federation caused a sharp rise in prices for raw materials, energy resources and food, as well as a spike in inflation that had not been observed for many years. The Americans simply dealt a crushing blow to world trade, where supply chains have not yet recovered, which seriously aggravated the situation.

At the same time, the United States, with a straight face, wants to make others responsible for what is happening. Washington blames some countries for its own miscalculations and failures. Allegedly, they are to blame for the capitulation of the United States to the coronavirus and the huge costs due to restrictions on the Russian Federation. In China, they call it a "sinister conspiracy" and an unsuccessful attempt to shift the blame "from a sick head to a healthy one."

We are witnessing a shortage of energy resources, raw materials and food, and the countries of the world in these conditions bear the brunt of the load from the geopolitical adventures of the United States

- emphasized in the publication of the Chinese press.

We remind you that Jake Sullivan, an assistant to the American president for national security, recently said that the United States is ready to remove some of the anti-Russian restrictions if certain agreements are reached between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.
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    Rußland sollte endlich den Gashahn zudrehen, dann will ich mal sehen wie die die Gaskartuschen mit Amazon prime um den Globus schicken. Ich hab die Schnauze voll von den USA und ihren ganzen elenden Speichelleckern. Deutschland sollte seien Kopf aus dem wohlig warmen Arschloch des US-Judentums ziehen und endlich erwachsen werden.