State Duma deputy: Zelensky crossed all red lines

Achieving the goals of the special military operation conducted by Russia in Ukraine is constantly delayed due to the excessively active pumping of weapons in Kyiv by the Western allies. The US is arming, Russia is disarming. The result is a vicious circle. Such processes can last indefinitely, which is why the Russian Foreign Ministry sent an official diplomatic note to the State Department demanding to stop the supply of weapons, pouring as if from a "horn of plenty". Of course, this naive action will have no result.

But the initiatives of the enemy in the person of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who addressed the head of the White House Joe Biden on recognizing the Russian Federation as a "country sponsor of terrorism", are likely to be heard and implemented. Now that's over the edge. Domestic policy.

State Duma deputy Adalbi Shkhagoshev calls such calls frank and deliberate crossing of the last red line, a line beyond which there is almost no turning back. This point of view was expressed by a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption in response to Zelensky's anti-Russian calls.

This is akin to a scoundrel's appeal to a madman. Zelenskiy addresses those who trampled on Libya, massacred millions of Iraqis, and makes every effort possible to fuel conflicts around the world

- the deputy is indignant, operating in his speech with well-known metaphors regarding the leaders of Ukraine and the United States.

The politician is no doubt right. But it is also obvious that Zelensky is not independent and is not a decision-making unit. However, his personal initiatives, his will to foment conflict, go far beyond any point in Washington's orders. The leader of Ukrainians is sincere in his anti-Russian rhetoric, activities and demonstrative actions. Therefore, as a kind of Russophobic center of activity, it should be denazified almost in the first place.

The note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as the correct words of Russian politicians and officials, unfortunately, are a weak argument in the fight against the dishonest world “democratic” community. America has already supplied $1,65 billion worth of arms to Ukraine and continues to do so. Appeals, threats, pleas - none of this will lead to a tangible result: the bandits from big politics will never stop.

Only the full fulfillment of the tasks set by the NWO will bring the anti-Russian coalition to life. And if the fulfillment of the tasks of achieving the security of the Russian Federation in the international arena lies through the revision and reformatting of the plan and the entire form of the operation into something more global, then it is necessary to take this step, since Moscow is no longer fighting with Kiev, but with the collective West represented by NATO .
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 16 2022 11: 08
    Zelensky crossed all red lines

    So what's next? Will there be enough potency who is burdened with official powers to get excited about this? Or else Viagra needs to be thrown in the form there, I don’t know attacks on Russian territory, for example. And then the impotence of the Russian authorities is already visible to the naked eye.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 16 2022 11: 12
    Well, if a prominent EDRO member said so, then everything is clear ...
  3. Alexander Valerievich April 16 2022 12: 47
    After the recent events in Ukraine, there is more and more distrust of the authorities. Gas, as pumped, and pumped. For free. The dollar fell, prices rose. Gasoline as cost 50, and costs. Just as other states did not support Russia, they do not. One hope was for the army and navy, and there are still some misunderstandings. Raised the spirit of the people! For what? As we are behind the screen. They say one thing, they do another. Soon people will go crazy from such indecision!
    Why can't they clear the west of Ukraine? Need to do it! And as hard as you can! Nuclear nuclear! And only then start a dialogue with the West. And don't be shy about expressing yourself. They don't understand Russian, let them understand Russian mate. When the word "pi-ets" will not be veiled naked by our diplomats, but will really sound like horror for everyone. I repeat EVERYONE!!! God grant the Russian people patience. And the Russians are not people of a fair trial.
  4. Dmitry X Offline Dmitry X
    Dmitry X (Dmitry X) April 16 2022 14: 40
    At the end of March, they retreated from the Kiev, Chernihiv, and Sumy regions under the auspices of redeployment. Well, I don’t discuss it, although there is a lot to discuss. OK. We are redeploying to reinforce the Donbass grouping. Two weeks passed. Of the results, only one real plus is the surrender of the Mariupol military. This is actually a step towards victory. But further ... bombing and sabotage in the border areas of the Russian Federation,
    the loss under mysterious circumstances of the flagship frigate Moscow, sabotage in Bucha, Kramatorsk, etc., the unhindered pumping of Ukraine with Western weapons, fearless voyages to Ukraine and, in particular, to Kyiv of high-ranking Western bureaucrats, in fact, the cessation of a massive offensive. There is a feeling that the scales are balanced. And this causes strong tension in the Russian people. The situation must be urgently activated. CBO methods will not work here. This is war. And all steps must be subject to the laws of war.
  5. Zubkov61 Offline Zubkov61
    Zubkov61 (Eduard Zubkov) April 16 2022 15: 50
    Until the gun is at the temple of the United States, Washington will not calm down. Everything is going according to their plan. Here you will remember Zhirinovsky, rest in peace to him, it is necessary to talk with you while holding your finger on the RED BUTTON.
  6. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) April 16 2022 17: 55
    - Yes, it's just becoming clear that our leadership of the Russian Federation has simply begun to leak all this WSO, which is being held in Ukraine! - It's time to call a spade a spade! - After the final capture of Mariupol - everything is concrete and will begin to emerge! - Endless negotiations will begin; endless "days of silence"; endless reports about refugees and civilians (which do not stop anyway); "voluntary demonstrative" withdrawals of Russian troops from their positions will begin, etc., etc., etc.!
    - Just now they still can’t come up with an excuse and “weighty reasons” to start all this! - But, of course - this "pretext" will be composed and invented!
    - Only here's how to be now with Kherson; and with the same Mariupol; and with Berdyansk; and Melitopol and with a number of villages and villages in which Russian troops are now located and where the local people believed that the RF Armed Forces had liberated them forever ??? - What will happen to them??? - Total darkness!
    - Most likely - all this will have to be left to the troops of the RF Armed Forces !!! - And what about Donetsk and Lugansk and their environs, where shelling never stops?
    - Now all the inhabitants of the LPR and DPR will have to be taken to Russia! - How else ?
    - But now the Armed Forces of Ukraine will seriously start hitting with all the guns, MLRS, "dots-U" - across the territory of the Russian Federation! - And how - The Hague (court), and indemnity, and Crimea (give back, or something) ???
    - Russia has already begun to supply free Russian gas to Europe - and what else will be done??? - What is our leadership going to "commit" in general ???
  7. Zwain Offline Zwain
    Zwain (Zwain) April 17 2022 03: 22
    Dressed in the form of a beggar!!!
  8. sapper2 Offline sapper2
    sapper2 (Minesweeper2) April 17 2022 17: 03
    We are witnessing the revival of European fascism ... And again directed against Russia ...... At the tip of its blow is Ukraine .... Only the complete defeat of both Ukraine and Europe will close the issue of confrontation between the Russian and the Western world ..... With THEY HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT....