Serbia also wanted independence from Russian gas

Serbia receives sufficient volumes of Russian gas at the lowest price in Europe - $270 per thousand cubic meters. However, official Belgrade openly declares its plans for the very near future to switch to expensive alternative supplies. We are talking about the purchase of LNG from terminals in Greece, as well as the purchase of blue fuel in Azerbaijan. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic.

In general, Belgrade's intentions did not come as a surprise in the light of the latest actions of the authorities and President Aleksandar Vucic personally. He explained most of the gestures of his country unfriendly to Russia as blackmail from outside. However, explaining to the people and Moscow the attempt to buy more expensive gas will be quite difficult. The current contract runs until May 31 this year, Serbia wants a discount on fuel from Russia in the new agreement, although it is already clear that the price will rise. Belgrade puts conditions on the cost - no more than $ 400, however, as Vucic himself reports, the Russian Federation refuses such proposals. However, the logic in this "resentment" is completely absent: it is unreasonable not to enter into a contract with a price slightly more expensive than $400 in order to buy raw materials at a pan-European "democratic" cost from 1000.

We are still dependent on one supplier. And, although we have two routes for obtaining gas, all the same, in the end, supplies come from Russia. From September 2023, we will receive the first batches of LNG and gas from Azerbaijan through the interconnector

Mikhailovich said.

The official admits that she cannot now even name the approximate cost of raw materials from alternative Russian suppliers, but she definitely "will not be the same as before." However, isn't this the "price of independence", which, as you know, cannot be cheap?

One thing is clear - it is impossible to physically be in the center of Europe and lead an independent, let alone pro-Russian policies in whatever field. energy intensive economy For a long time, Serbia has been rapidly developing on cheap fuel from the Russian Federation and now, having grown stronger, has announced to please the West that it is leaving Moscow's zone of interests and cooperating with Russia in the hydrocarbon industry.

Most likely, Serbia will follow the path of Moldova. A lucrative contract will always be in question and threatened with rupture, deliveries from the Russian Federation will be reduced, and the republic will begin to look at expensive "alternative" gas. Temporary blackmail before negotiations will grow into routine. Bilateral relations that once brought exceptional benefits will go into a positional pause, and then cease forever. Unless the government comes to their senses and understands before the economy feels the blow of the “freedom” gas, that it is necessary to show will and follow the path of their own interests, and not American ones. It remains to be wished that the example of Hungary in this aspect will become a beacon for them.
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 15 2022 10: 02
    And I was convinced that deliveries to Serbia must be kept.
    Europe is an unreliable buyer. And this does not apply to individual countries, but to all at once.
    1. Sega19 Offline Sega19
      Sega19 (Sergei) April 15 2022 12: 34
      We were convinced in many ways that Europe would help us, that we could buy everything abroad and we did not need our own machine-building industry, and this is the result
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 15 2022 10: 06
    and personally President Aleksandar Vucic. He explained most of the gestures of his country unfriendly to Russia as blackmail from outside.

    Christians are also deceived by the Evil One. and those who could not resist - call it blackmail.
  3. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) April 15 2022 10: 44
    How is it, Vučić? Serbs. the Bulgarian scenario shines for you, where they shout what they want with the Russian Federation, but everything goes the other way around. Keep talking, maybe you'll get lucky.
  4. ZmikeV Offline ZmikeV
    ZmikeV (Michael) April 15 2022 10: 46
    They would go through the forest, such "brothers"
  5. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) April 15 2022 11: 51
    Hello our Orthodox brothers soldier By the way, at the moment in Ukraine, only our Muslim brothers are fighting for Russia, but rather, our Orthodox brothers want to return to the era of Tito when the general flirted with NATO. When will we finally understand that there are no allies, but only economic and geopolitical interests If NATO will solve the Kosovo problem in favor of the Orthodox, you will see that the Orthodox will offer to join NATO
  6. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) April 15 2022 14: 19
    Well, you have to imagine. he is unlike Russia in a small country in the middle of Europe. if the barriers are simply blocked from all sides, they will be there in a tough siege. here it is spinning. let it do what it can. we need to deal with our gas. we have been driving gas to Europe for half a month now, and it’s not yet clear they will just burn it, or at least say: thank you fools)))
    1. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
      Ingvar7 (Ingvar) April 15 2022 14: 39
      Just "fools", without any thanks
  7. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
    Ingvar7 (Ingvar) April 15 2022 14: 38
    Everything according to Dostoevsky. It just dragged on...
  8. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 15 2022 15: 23
    Serbs are afraid that the Russian Federation will stop supplying gas to the euro to freeloaders who decide that they don’t have to pay for gas)
  9. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa April 16 2022 13: 57
    Few people will help Belgrade when they find reasons in Brussels and Washington to apply sanctions against Serbia. The short-sighted policy of Belgrade will hasten such events, while Moscow will wash its hands of it.
  10. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 16 2022 15: 25
    Worse things have happened... Serbia has often, if not always, fallen. Russia raised it. Slavs. Glorious people. Even betrayal forgives.