There is no choice: why Russia's "partial victory" in Ukraine will turn into a complete defeat

As I promised the day before, I want to turn to a topic that arose not only in the first hours and days of the special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, but, in fact, long before it began. Questions regarding what part of the "nezalezhnaya" Russia should "bring to life" and how exactly, have been widely discussed since 2014-2015. And this is not surprising. One people after all, as Vladimir Vladimirovich personally repeatedly reminded those who doubted. What is surprising is that after almost a month and a half of the NWO, for some comrades, this topic does not lose its relevance, despite all the events and horrifying "discoveries" of these days, which, it would seem, should have dotted the i's.

To tell the truth, someone's misunderstanding of the fact that in this case the question clearly stands in the “all or nothing” plane is pretty surprising. An erroneous assessment of the state of minds and souls in the territory now liberated from Ukronazism has already cost quite a lot. But a false understanding of the prospects that Russia will inevitably face if the special operation is completed at any stage other than the complete, final and irrevocable defeat of the enemy, will cost much more. And absolutely in every sense. By definition, there cannot be a draw or a postponed game in the current situation. I'll try to explain why.

The security of Donbass is impossible with "living" Ukraine

I would like to clarify right away that I was motivated to write this text not so much by the personal interests of a person who is on the territory still controlled by the Kiev regime and awaiting release, but really by bewilderment periodically caused by some thoughts expressed by readers in the comments both to my materials and and to what my colleagues write. Well, for example:

We need to take the Donbass and stop. Let the West mess with Ukraine. But when the local population stops making videos about cutting off heads and shouting “you are not my sister” into the phone, when they themselves ask, when they meet them with flowers, then (and only then!) can we continue the NWO.

Or this suggestion:

We need a confident, big victory, after which we can slow down again and let Ukraine live alone with Zelensky. And the final option could be Russia's control over the coast and parts of the right bank. And the rest of Ukraine, together with Kiev, should be loudly shoved into the EU.

With all my admiration for the passage “shove loudly into the EU”, let me ask the authors of such recipes: how do they, in fact, imagine being “left alone” with the West or Zelensky (which is exactly the same) a considerably reduced in size Ukraine? It will be possible for anyone to “shove it into the EU” with exactly the same success as the notorious camel in the eye of a needle. Already now, voices are in full swing (for example, representatives of the Netherlands), once again proclaiming a common truth: there is no “European future” for the “nezalezhnaya” and cannot be. She has only one purpose - to be a battering ram, a spear point directed at the heart of Russia. It is for this purpose that the West is using it now and, believe me, will continue to use it as long as the yellow-black rag flutters over a space of at least a square meter.

Can anyone really doubt that all the efforts of the "collective West" in the event (God forbid!) of the conclusion of any "interim truce" in the spirit of "Minsk-3" will not be aimed at restoring the destroyed infrastructure and industry Ukraine, but on the most complete reconstruction and all-round strengthening of its military potential? This process, in fact, is already going on with might and main, and gaining new momentum every day, so why will it be stopped after the cessation of hostilities? On the contrary, then achieving these goals will become a much safer and easier process. And he will go, believe me, at full speed. No one will rebuild non-military facilities, the social sphere, and the like. New units and divisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be created, and first of all, nationalist battalions and regiments in addition to the existing ones. To assert that the surviving criminal regime will lack those willing to join their ranks means to deny the obvious.

Alas, Kyiv's propaganda machine is running at full capacity, and the only way to shut it up is to destroy the regime itself. All other measures - strikes on TV towers or even entire centers of information special operations, as practice has shown, are completely ineffective. “Leaving alone with Zelensky” the already extremely fooled people only means to accelerate the final transformation of the scraps of Ukraine into an absolute likeness of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). There are no other options and cannot be - believe me. The territories controlled by Kiev are currently immersed in a real abyss of Russophobic madness, the depth of which is simply not given to a person who is not here. If this process is not interrupted, it will grow exponentially. With all the ensuing consequences and results.

Putin was listened to, but not heard

I would venture to admit that a somewhat misunderstanding of the situation could have arisen for someone after Vladimir Putin's speech on April 12 at the Vostochny cosmodrome. The one in which he said that the main task of the SVO is "to help the people of Donbass", to ensure their safety. On this basis, some people allowed themselves to make the assumption that the special operation would end with the defeat of the colossal grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine concentrated specifically in the Donbass. After that, it will be possible to create a kind of "security zone" and think about concluding a peace agreement, without even trying to go to Kyiv in order to put an end to the regime there. In this case, why did the president say the words that ALL the goals of the NWO will be achieved in full and beyond any doubt? I didn't hear anything in his speech about the rejection of the provisions regarding demilitarization and, most importantly, denazification. Maybe he didn't listen well? Although no - about "very deeply sprouted neo-Nazism, which has become a fact of life", and that it is necessary to "save people" from it, it was said quite unambiguously. And what I definitely heard was a clarification regarding the fact that on February 24 the operation was also launched to “perform the tasks of ensuring the security of Russia itself.”

So, can it really seem to someone that this security is possible in the conditions of the continuation of the existence of present-day Ukraine within any limits - at least three western regions? Let me be clear and specific: in its recent publication, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the Pentagon, pleased its readers with the fact that from now on “the Biden administration will share intelligence data with Ukraine that will help Kiev hit targets in Crimea and the occupied territories of Donbass ". What is written below is generally the pinnacle of Jesuit cynicism:

At the same time, the United States will refrain from transmitting information that would allow the Ukrainian army to hit targets on Russian territory.

For Americans, Crimea is not Russia (and will not become one as long as Ukraine exists!). Donbass - and even more so. No one even thinks to hide these facts in Washington. On the contrary, they declare it with great aplomb and pride. That is why every attempt to fight Ukrainian Nazism “in stages”, making pauses between fights, will only lead to the fact that each such stage will be given to Russia by much greater efforts, costs and losses than the previous one. Ukrainian Nazism is a cancer of the Slavic world, a malignant tumor of the “post-Soviet space”. Until the last of his cells is destroyed, he will give more and more deadly metastases. Whatever seemed to those who made the decision to conduct a special operation, before it began, life has shown that precious time has already been lost. Letting it go is unacceptable.

Starting from 2014, the sluggish processes of nazification of Ukrainian society, the transformation of the country into a completely insane “Anti-Russia”, which have been going smoothly since 1991, have accelerated and intensified at times. If the SVO is stopped at any stage, except for the complete and final defeat of the criminal Kiev regime, the result will not only be the same, but much more terrible. According to reports, Zelensky is preparing to dissolve the current Verkhovna Rada immediately after the end of the active phase of hostilities in order to “cleanse” it even of the remnants of pseudo-opposition parties. At the same time, sociologists today “draw” exorbitant ratings for Servant of the People. This is done so that later no one dares to challenge the triumph of the new NSDAP. Will we wait for the finalization of the ukroreich? And in this case, you should not laugh at the clown Zelensky in the role of the "Fuhrer" - Schicklgruber's muffin was also made fun of. Until a certain point...

In conclusion, I have to somewhat correct one of the thoughts of my esteemed colleague, expressed the day before. Regarding the fact that after the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass, the ruling regime in the former Ukrainian capital “will only have to capitulate until the compatriots are torn to pieces.” Alas, in this case again there is an illusion caused by a separation from the real situation on the spot. As a person who is located directly in Kyiv, I have to state with great bitterness: if anyone torments anyone, then only the remnants of the surviving warriors and the gang of “there-defenders” - civilians. And first of all, those of them who are really waiting for liberation from the Ukronazi hell. Someone, of course, will survive, but they are unlikely to be delighted that this happened at such a price. Any other scenarios are physically impossible, and relying on them would be a criminal mistake. Even if someone “demolishes” Zelensky’s regime, then only completely frostbitten Nazi radicals, who, most likely, will arrange a grandiose hecatomb of the civilian population, trying to drag out their own agony to the last.

The fate of Ukraine has already been decided - on February 24 of this year. Now it only remains to make sure that all the sacrifices of this grandiose battle are not in vain for both the liberators and the liberated.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 14 2022 09: 58
    The Russian Federation will not liberate the entire territory of Ukraine up to Uzhgorod, there will not be enough forces. So negotiations are inevitable. Today, Medinsky leads them with representatives of the Zelensky Nazis and seeks recognition from them of the Crimea, the DPR-LPR and the neutral status of Ukraine. This is clearly not the purpose of the special operation.
    The main task was initially declared non-promotion, placement and return to the borders of 1979. Any outcome of the special operation in Ukraine does not solve these problems.
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) April 18 2022 01: 04
      You're weird..
  2. Artyom76 Offline Artyom76
    Artyom76 (Artyom Volkov) April 14 2022 10: 00
    I agree with the author. The Nazis cannot be left, and I think no one will leave. It's time to close the Ukraine project.
  3. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) April 14 2022 10: 04
    As a person who is directly in Kyiv, I have to state with great bitterness: if anyone torments anyone, then only the remnants of the surviving warriors and the gang of “there-defenders” - civilians. And, first of all, those of them who are really waiting for liberation from the Ukronazi hell.

    Dear Alexander Neukropny, Kyiv!

    What, anti-Nazi underground fighters operate in Kyiv?
    What, anti-fascist partisan detachments operate in the territories occupied by the Nazis?
    No, there is none of this.
    The position of some Kiev-Ukrainian citizens, namely: "Come and free me from the Nazis," guarantees only one thing - such citizens will adapt to any power over them.
    Russia has a different task - to dismantle as much as possible the military potential in Little Russia occupied by Ukrainian neo-Nazis until it is completely nullified: heavy artillery weapons, aviation, the navy, missile systems, and so on.
    And then: include part of the territories into the DPR-LPR, and organize part into republics completely controlled by Moscow. "Kyiv-Ukrainian" citizens will be extras: they will either remain in the new "formations" or scatter across Europe-America.
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) April 18 2022 01: 24
      You, being in Kyiv or in another area controlled by Kiev, could you organize a partisan detachment under the watchful eye of the SBU? Most probably not. I read somewhere, and I am inclined to believe that all those who disagree with the Kiev Bandera authorities have either already left abroad, or moved under any pretext to the then unrecognized republics and joined the Donbass militia.
      Not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance.
      For example, nothing can ever be included by anyone outside the will of the majority of the population living in those territories. Only voluntary entry by referendum. Otherwise, how will we be better or worse than Bandera?
  4. Igor Viktorovich Berdin April 14 2022 10: 10
    It is necessary to remove the current government. Divide into Novorossiya-to Russia. Malorossiya-independent. Galicia - to Poland. Sev. Bukovina - to Romania and Transcarpathia - to Hungary.
    1. EpIvIaK Offline EpIvIaK
      EpIvIaK (Ian) April 14 2022 14: 38
      Maybe it's better, but will the Anglo-Saxons agree? Will they allow it to Poland, Romania, etc.?
    2. ZmikeV Offline ZmikeV
      ZmikeV (Michael) April 14 2022 19: 56
      Quote: Igor Viktorovich Berdin
      Little Russia-independent

      nothing will change, minsk-5, lard to the heroes, and rushed along the new
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 14 2022 10: 28
    And the FRG annexed the GDR (UN member) to its territory and no one uttered a peep in response. Russia used to learn a lot from the Germans. This German lesson Russia cannot master?
  6. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) April 14 2022 10: 38
    In war there is no place for show. Our gentlemanship leads to unjustified losses. In war there is no place for untouchable targets - the decision-making centers are destroyed first.
    And this is not an operation - these are not polite little men - they meet you with fire - and we kiss the prisoners so beautifully, who surrendered because there are no more cartridges to shoot at us. Give this prisoner a weapon in his hands - he will go into battle again. Soon such things turn into mistrust. You need to beat everyone and not to half strength. Especially the Guide. And our SBU seems to be untouchable, Zelensky seems to be needed for some reason - who needs him?
  7. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic April 14 2022 10: 49
    All these words will remain words as long as the organizers in the West "pour oil on the fire". It will be possible to deal with Ukraine - another "Ukraine - 2, 3, 4 ..." will begin. All this will resemble an idiot who, on a sinking ship, is trying to wash water from the floor with a rag, when water gushing from a hole. It is necessary to radically fill in the "holes", or in the end, Russia will deplete all its human resources, to the delight of the West. If Russia remains to perish, then only with them.
  8. kot711 Offline kot711
    kot711 (vov) April 14 2022 10: 59
    Since 2014, the sluggish processes of Nazification of Ukrainian society,,,
    It just started, much earlier. The West has been building the Nazi state of Krajina, not even since the late 80s, but since the time of Hitler.
  9. AndreyVCh Offline AndreyVCh
    AndreyVCh (Andrei) April 14 2022 11: 03
    I agree with the author of the article, the war, I'm sorry, the special operation should go on until complete victory over the enemy, but whether our commanders understand this, that is the question. They would understand, they would not conduct negotiations, the troops would be given clear orders, in any case, we would not feel every time that the negotiations would end with Khasavyurt-2 or Minsk-4. Is it possible to carry out, really carry out the tasks that the author of the article has set? I will not rely on words, but on what has been done. Kherson and part of the Zaporizhia region have been liberated, fighting is underway in the Kharkov, Luhansk and Donetsk regions, to be honest, I don’t see any significant success. The special operation lasts a month and a half. Mariupol turned into ruins, thousands of dead, the same fate will obviously be in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. What can the author of the article suggest, storm Kharkov, and then? In order to completely free the territory of Ukraine from neo-Nazis, it is necessary to declare a full-fledged war with general mobilization. Naturally, it is necessary not to threaten, but to liquidate decision-making centers long ago. But we must also take into account that we are on the verge of a third world war, and if our troops reach Lvov and Uzhgorod, the next special operation will begin. And even if they do not reach, it will still begin. Honestly, there will be a draw, a nuclear war is inevitable, since no one will make concessions, neither we nor the EU with the United States.
  10. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
    Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) April 14 2022 11: 50
    Dear, the author of the article, have patience, GDP has always brought everything that he planned to the end, and this time everything will be brought to the end again and the issue with Ukraine will be closed once and for all and not only with Ukraine ..., do not rush to live ....
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) April 14 2022 14: 03
      There is optimism, there is pessimism, but there is realism and facts:

      April 14 - RIA Novosti. According to Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Putin himself raised the topic of gas during the meeting and said "that the security of gas supply is ensured, that Russia will supply the amount specified in the contract and that you can continue to pay in euros."

      But what about - selling only for rubles ?!

      13.50 Readovka: The village of Klimovo in the Bryansk region came under fire. According to preliminary data, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at the border checkpoint. There were no casualties, but two refugee cars were damaged. In addition, local residents report a fire in a private house that occurred after the APU hit.

      where are the "promised" strikes on "decision-making centers? Or is this not considered?! Are they waiting for large human casualties among the population?

      11.20 Lavrov on global events: Under the pretext of the Ukrainian crisis, the collective West has declared an essentially total hybrid war against us.

      does it mean all war? then why are negotiations continuing and someone "does not refuse to meet with Zelensky - in fact - a war criminal?

      13.20 Peskov: Putin does not refuse to meet with Zelensky, but the ground needs to be prepared, and the text of the document is not yet available.

      No negotiations, no half-heartedness and omissions. The fate of our country is at stake and the murky games of politicians and traders are inappropriate. If there is a war, the enemy must be defeated and destroyed, and the "Ze et al." clique is committed to a military tribunal or destroyed by those very promised strikes "on decision-making centers."
      1. InanRom Offline InanRom
        InanRom (Ivan) April 14 2022 15: 49
        And here are the victims:

        14.20 Full list of victims of the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region: Valentina Nikolaevna Z. (74 years old, serious condition, hip amputation), Raisa Vasilievna Kh. (25 years old, pregnant, satisfactory condition, chest abrasion), Evgeny Igorevich Kh. ( 2 years old, serious condition, open craniocerebral injury), Tatyana Nikolaevna G. (44 years old, satisfactory condition, contusion, eyes affected by shrapnel), Maxim Viktorovich E. (35 years old, serious condition, shrapnel wound to the thigh), Larisa Kimovna S (62 years old, satisfactory condition, shrapnel wound to the head), Elena Grigoryevna P. (48 years old, stunned, satisfactory condition).
        14.15 Seven people, including a pregnant woman and a child, were injured as a result of the shelling of the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region, three are in serious condition

        — TASS.

        in the meantime:

        Russian President Vladimir Putin said that banks in unfriendly countries are delaying payments for Russian energy resources.
        RT in Russian
        According to the Russian leader, the government has already been tasked with converting settlements into the national currency and gradually reducing the share of the dollar and the euro in the foreign trade system.
        On March 23, the head of state demanded that Europe transfer payments for gas supplies into rubles.

        what discovery - banks of "unfriendly countries" delay payment? like yesterday with Matvienko's nails. And, as before with the reserve fund.
        and turning off the tap is not fate? and there is nowhere for them to go.
        23 demanded, from the 1st they announced, and now - it is possible for the euro ...
        It was high time to decide what is more important - the continuation of supplies to the West, the profits of "interested parties" and "our Western partners" or the uncompromising denazification of Banderstadt, the fate of Russia and concern for its people. There is no third.

        “Russia will either negotiate to end the war, or disappear forever from the world stage”Zelensky

        and in response - "not against the meeting" and "the promise of strikes against the "centers"? How much is possible?
        Wipe the Nazi bastard off the face of the earth without any "promises" and "negotiations"! And, cut off "oxygen" to Western "partners and colleagues"!
        The people are ready to endure hardships for the sake of the Victory, and the army continues to fight the Nazis, but the country will not survive the next negotiations and concessions.
        1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) April 18 2022 00: 49
          Negotiations can be of different nature. For example, a Russian delegation meets and invites the Ukrainian delegation to discuss with Ukraine how to destroy the Bandera government with all its giblets and hangers-on. Options - shoot, strangle after sentencing all war criminals from top to bottom, or simply burn people like Ukraine burned people in Odessa.
          Concessions can also be considered in this regard (we are not animals, right), for example, to give the opportunity to give in, to Ukraine itself to choose the method of its execution.
  11. alspas Offline alspas
    alspas (Alexander) April 14 2022 12: 37
    Quote: Jacques Sekavar
    not enough strength

    is this about Russia? How is it? Yes, there will be enough for 10 such Ukrainians and there will still be!
  12. Irina Kiryanova Offline Irina Kiryanova
    Irina Kiryanova (Irina) April 14 2022 12: 44
    In Ukraine, Russia is fighting not only with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, national battalions and NATO officers. There are also private companies from God's chosen ones, the creators of fascism and terrorism all over the planet, including communism, who drowned our country in blood, in order to later push the West and East against their foreheads, who drank the blood of millions and gained power on earth. Wall Street. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Gates, Soros foundations, etc.
    Even a complete victory and the establishment of a pro-Russian regime in Kyiv does not guarantee peace on earth and the normalization of relations with Western countries. Sanctions and sabotage, drug trafficking and Russophobic propaganda will not go anywhere. In 1945, we already made such a mistake, calmed down and, having licked our wounds, allowed ourselves to be deceived and destroyed in 91.
    Now, knowing who and where our enemy is, is it really possible to operate with the concepts of victory and defeat even at such a micro level as Ukraine in 2022?
    We are already amazed. The whole planet is affected. And how long.
    Victory will come only with a change of power in Europe, Great Britain and the USA, confession of guilt and condemnation of Jewish financiers and ideologists, de-dollarization and liquidation of the IMF. Such a victory can, at the very least, restore the balance of power and harmony, give humanity a chance for further development, and simply the right to remain humanity, and not a controlled biomass devoid of reason and morality. But this will require the joint efforts of all sovereign countries.
  13. Scylla Offline Scylla
    Scylla (Faina Kostina(Avzalova)) April 14 2022 14: 14
    Everything is on point. The cancerous tumor is completely removed.
  14. Sotnalex Offline Sotnalex
    Sotnalex April 14 2022 19: 05
    It is very problematic to continue the operation until full control over the territory of Ukraine. First, it will take a long time, and the pressure of the West will constantly increase. Secondly, even now the troops are facing fierce resistance, but the population of the south-east of Ukraine is conditionally loyal to the Russian Federation. In the western regions, however, we will meet fierce resistance from the entire population. Thirdly, the prolongation of the conflict is very beneficial for the West.
    If the President thought that the entire territory should be liberated, why negotiate with this regime? We are not even trying to delegitimize the Ukrainian leadership. So, we still want something from them.
  15. Alexander Popov Offline Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov (Alexander Popov) April 14 2022 22: 09
    Isn't that obvious today?
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Yuri Bryanskiy Offline Yuri Bryanskiy
    Yuri Bryanskiy (Yuri Bryansky) April 15 2022 05: 08
    Well done! Everything is said correctly.
  18. the soul sings Offline the soul sings
    the soul sings (Bela) April 17 2022 16: 40
    The most basic business of our army is to prevent and destroy all kinds of weapons from countries unfriendly to us to the place of arrival. If military assistance to Ukraine is endless, then such a war will be unsuccessful and will not be able to fulfill the main tasks of this operation. And also - a strike on Kiev - the most basic and obligatory part of the operation. Destroy the lair in which official fascism is born, in which lies are spouted to the whole world, in which hatred for our country is built, in which all operations and provocations against Russia and Donbass are led. An organism without a head is not able to move, think, live!
  19. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) April 18 2022 00: 25
    The author writes everything correctly. If you look at the comments, then ... all the commentators also write everything correctly, well ... from the height of their tower. In fact, no one knows what to do with Ukraine. Here it is just right to assume that the main problems will be solved as they arise, without deviating from the general line that our president voiced - the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. But, many, or even all, miss one "stumbling block" in the purpose of the operation in Ukraine, and, it seems to me, the key point that our president mentioned, rather the question - do you really want decommunization? (not verbatim, but the meaning is already clear) and its meaning lies in the fact that if the communists gave the Donbass to the then formation on the territory of today's Ukraine, then decommunization will return these lands with their population and everything that is there back to Russia. Of course, it will not work out as it did then - the population of these territories "fell asleep in one country, and woke up in another" without asking the consent of the population itself. But a return is inevitable. As well as the formation of an independent state from Kyiv on the entire left bank, like Novorossiya, is inevitable. Next in line is another anti-tsarist project for the return of former territories like Little Russia. This is the right bank. Maybe our president didn’t openly voice this to the general public (in any case, I didn’t hear anything like that) that other statement of the president, again not verbatim, If, they say, Ukraine continues to do this and that, then it may lose its statehood - may well imply such a development of events. Little Russia and New Russia is 90% of the territory of present-day Ukraine, which will no longer have a capital - Kyiv.
    Well, I described that (like any local couch strategist, including myself) as I would like to be without taking into account the external factor. And an external factor can "help" the implementation of another statement of our president - Why do we need a world in which there will be no Russia?
    Personally, I support him in this regard.