The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation threatened with strikes on Kiev

The Russian Defense Ministry issued an unequivocal warning to the Kiev authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If the enemy strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation continue (we are talking, for example, about sabotage against the oil depot in Belgorod), then the Russian army can hit decision-making centers, including in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

If strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation continue, the RF Armed Forces will strike at decision-making centers, including in Kyiv

the military department said in a statement.

The Ministry of Defense recalled that the country's Armed Forces, during a special operation on the territory of Ukraine, have so far refrained from such measures, but everything has its limit.

Recall that on the morning of April 1, two Mi-24 attack helicopters of the Ukrainian Air Force attacked an oil storage facility in Russian Belgorod. Property damage was inflicted, but there were no casualties.
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  1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) April 13 2022 20: 34
    The military decision-making center is the "headquarters".
    Doesn't the Russian General Staff know where the "main military headquarters" of the Ukrainian sect is located?
    What prevented / prevents it from demilitarizing?

    Strange somehow ...
    1. Vitaliy_42 Offline Vitaliy_42
      Vitaliy_42 (Vitaly Bochkarev) April 14 2022 02: 00
      General Staff at Langley.
  2. tkot973 Offline tkot973
    tkot973 (Konstantin) April 13 2022 20: 35
    A bit too late, in my opinion.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) April 14 2022 11: 38
      Better late than never!!!
  3. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) April 13 2022 20: 52
    I am surprised by the word - Maybe. A soldier can die, but we need honorary prisoners for some kind of meaningless signature ??? We already have one idler in Rostov, and a legitimate one. Let him do something useful - let him sign.
    There, in Kyiv, they sit drinking whiskey, sniffing coke and receiving delegations flaunting on camera - And we should regularly watch this circus and be surprised ?? There that rockets do not fly ??
    Half of Europe regularly visited there. They go there to shoot videos about what kind of Russians are bad and we sit pretending to be gentlemen???
    Decision-making centers are destroyed in the first minutes of operations. Everyone who can be fried should be fried right away and not watch their antics and ridicule on TV - these animals have become insolent to the end and we are all diplomatically looking at all this ????
    The first week of the operation showed that these are not polite people in Crimea - this is tough, this is Nazism, this is fascism - this is a battle to the death. there is no point in diplomacy when they spit in your face and promise to do it further.
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) April 13 2022 21: 10
      That's right, who will fight and die, and who will play can-can't games.

      RIA News
      Russia threatened Ukraine with strikes on decision-making centers when trying to sabotage

      The time for threats is long gone - the time for action is long over! and look around and wait for "sabotage attempts" (apparently, all shelling, arrivals and helicopter attacks - this does not count) is not worth it. It is already fraught with human casualties on the territory of Russia.

      And by the way, all the European satellites of Washington from Johnson to Duda - quietly travel to Kyiv and back ... by rail, which also carries loads of heavy weapons. And on which it is also "possible" and necessary to strike - both at the junction stations, and it would be nice even in front of or behind the letter trains with European "partners" hurrying to Kyiv and back. They would feel with their own skin what war is and that this "arrival" in their garden. You look, and deliveries would stop.
      The Russian army has always been able to fight and win, but the ones who lost wars were officials and politicians with a Western orientation and dipreverances.
      1. Pete mitchell Offline Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell (Pete Mitchell) April 13 2022 21: 19
        Quote from InanRom
        by the way, all the European satellites of Washington from Johnson to Duda - quietly travel to Kyiv and back ... by rail, which also carries loads of heavy weapons. And on which it is also "possible" and necessary to strike ...

        Now is the time to do it - there are a lot of "guests" there: let them do it a little ...
      2. InanRom Offline InanRom
        InanRom (Ivan) April 14 2022 00: 22
        meanwhile, the highest officials, seemingly responsible for the fate of the country, continue to make "discoveries":

        Valentina Matvienko was surprised by the absence of nail production enterprises in Russia

        “We don’t even produce nails in a country that produces so much metal”

        Not us, but you ...

        Speaker of the Federation Council Matviyenko urged to involve small and medium-sized businesses in the production of nails
        "For me, for example, it was a kind of discovery, now I'm trying to get to the smallest detail, we have imported nails!" - said Matvienko.

        she is "now" "trying to reach", but the country has been brought to the handle .. or to a carnation ?!
        It would be funny if it weren't so disgusting and disgusting.

        "The government lives on another planet, dear!" Kin-Dza-Dza

        do not be surprised if for this public both denazification, and NVO, and strikes on Russian territory are also a "discovery" ...
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. hippolyte Offline hippolyte
      hippolyte (Hippolyte) April 13 2022 21: 11
      I wanted to write myself but I won’t, it’s better not to succeed.
  4. Oleg_5 Offline Oleg_5
    Oleg_5 (Oleg) April 13 2022 21: 07
    If I understand correctly, they used to save it exclusively for the court (future).
    But really - there is a limit to everything ...
  5. Alex Min Offline Alex Min
    Alex Min (Alex Min) April 13 2022 21: 10
    It's time to stop this clowning! along with a clown in a green T-shirt .. especially since he is just a puppet. Puppeteers are known.. stop being "gentlemen". especially with "partners" .. Why are we still "feeding" them !? We fulfill contractual obligations...they don't! Stop thinking about them .. it's time to think about yourself. We! They are gas...They are weapons against us! Death and destruction..for our gas..What money doesn't smell!?'s in the blood of our warriors..that business is based on blood!?
  6. foot.foot Offline foot.foot
    foot.foot (colma) April 14 2022 02: 04
    Threaten not to hit .. :-) And they foolishly can accidentally hit Moscow and beyond, where is the guarantee
    1. EVYN WIXH Offline EVYN WIXH
      EVYN WIXH (EVYN WIXH) April 14 2022 08: 46
      Already hit and drowned.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Alexander Ponamarev (Alexander Ponamarev) April 14 2022 06: 11
    If you are, then we are like this!?!?! What kind of kindergarten? Hit without warning!!! They did not announce "they say you attacked, and we are on the bridge, on the oil storage facilities" Stop making excuses !! And what is the position of the RF Ministry of Defense? ...... It has long been necessary to hit the railway on the borders of Poland, so that there are no supplies, cut off oxygen, from any trash that is traveling, if we endure this, then they will become completely insolent
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) April 14 2022 11: 47
      It is completely incomprehensible why warn the enemy in advance about your intentions and plans, you need to chat as little as possible, and act more, act quickly, decisively and effectively, stop waiting, now any of our delay is like death !!!
  9. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) April 14 2022 07: 52
    Too many common people have crept into the army... They also count on the gentle invisible hand of the market, the honor and conscience of the capitalists... There are no words...
  10. Alexander Popov Offline Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov (Alexander Popov) April 14 2022 08: 07
    Some threats, but the Nazis act.
  11. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) April 14 2022 08: 24
    It was high time to do this and start with government dachas near Kiev and the "valleys of the poor" in which the Bandera oligarchs live, who to a large extent financed and still finance this entire Bandera coven ...
  12. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) April 14 2022 08: 28
    I don't understand what's going on?
    How we fight, we have 200 thousand, they have the whole country. Despite the fact that oil refineries work for them, railway roads carry equipment from Europe, bridges are intact, electricity, television, the Internet work, the barracks were not bombed on the first day with personnel careful of the lads. Who will protect our guys, Zelensky? The fascist government, led by the puppet Zelensky, who does not spare anyone, calmly walks around Kiev, and their European curators go to them every day. Although they should be destroyed on the first night with rocket strikes.
    Ridiculous statements are heard from the authorities about some kind of negotiations, about patriots, that they do not want to overthrow the regime, our flagships are sinking, attacks on Belgorod.
    What is happening there? How are we going to defeat them, that's how??
    It is necessary to hammer them into the Stone Age, and then begin the operation.
    Campaign soon we will work for a bowl of rice, sitting under sanctions, paying reparations to Ukrainians, and when they take away everything they can, they will go to demilitarize us. If these devils in power will continue to play "special operation"
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Igor Viktorovich Berdin April 14 2022 09: 13
    It's high time to clear all the admin buildings in Kyiv. And write "This is for Donetsk."
  15. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) April 14 2022 09: 54
    Quote: Krapilin
    The military decision-making center is the "headquarters".
    Doesn't the Russian General Staff know where the "main military headquarters" of the Ukrainian sect is located?
    What prevented / prevents it from demilitarizing?

    Strange somehow ...

    Because we are playing a "special operation", and crests are fighting, not sparing either their own inhabitants, not ours. And our "rulers" keep threatening, but they start criminal cases.
    They scare the hedgehog with their bare ass
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) April 14 2022 12: 19
      It’s time to finally understand that we won’t achieve our final goals with half measures and half strength, and start fighting at full strength, the sooner we finish with the Ukronazis in Ukraine, the better it will be for us, time is now working against us and it’s simply impossible to hesitate.
  16. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
    Yuri 5347 (Yuri) April 15 2022 14: 05
    ... I do not understand this, you need not to threaten, but to do. Who has not yet understood that words of threat are useless? I'm sure Shoigu understands, I'm sure it's not about him.
  17. stitch Offline stitch
    stitch (Steven Seagal) April 16 2022 15: 53
    What nonsense - to warn Kyiv about anything. All this leads to a loss in the information war and provocations. In the West, they judge by themselves, so they will never believe in our "humanism". For them, this is a sophisticated, outrageous lie.