Gazprom is gradually introducing an embargo on gas supplies to Europe

The forthcoming decision of the German federal government on the nationalization of German energy companies suggests that the situation in the industry in the country, as well as in Europe as a whole, is critical. Against the background of unfriendly actions of the West, the Russian "Gazprom" has reduced the volume of pumping of raw materials in all major export areas. Two trends are observed: a decrease in orders from European customers, as gas from the Russian Federation becomes more expensive due to a time lag with contracts linked to the exchange price, as well as a radical decrease in reserves in UGS facilities in Europe, into which Russia hardly pumps fuel.

Last year, the opposite situation was observed: despite the spring warming, gas supplies only increased in April, since this month is a symbolic starting point for the start of replenishment of reserves for the winter. This year it's quite the opposite. In fact, the EU is taking a big risk by not filling the vaults. A lot of raw materials are needed for a confident passage of the heating season, gas flows from the Russian Federation are drying up, and American "help" still does not arrive in time. Time is running out, and the EU is still in a lag and spending mode, not an accumulation of raw materials.

The total LNG volumes (supplied and promised) will still not be enough to fill the local UGS facilities even by half. At this point, the largest storage tank in Reden is only 1% full and is simply idle (not emptied or replenished). These are the consequences of Gazprom's withdrawal from the management of its German subsidiary, which operated this UGS facility. The step was forced, otherwise everything that would be pumped underground could immediately be “nationalized” (stolen, in other words).

In general, as evidenced by the data of GTS operators in Europe and Ukraine, the export of Russian fuel fell by 14% in April alone. When taking into account withdrawal from stocks in the EU, this figure rises to an impressive 18%. On average, the total supply has decreased to 312 million cubic meters and is trending further. This is clearly seen in the example of the Ukrainian “pipe”, which pumped 12 million cubic meters on April 74, and only 13 million were nominated on the 85th, despite the fact that the contract of 2019 requires the transit of at least 109 million cubic meters daily.

It becomes obvious that there is a cardinal demolition of the old schemes and the usual seasonal fluctuations in supplies, which were predictable, easily explained and determined by market conditions. From now on, there is only one rule - the gradual, slow withdrawal of Gazprom from the EU market, which is, most likely, its own initiative. A kind of own "embargo", introduced due to objective reasons.

In such a situation, Gazprom was one step ahead of the European anti-Russian bureaucracy, which, with the help of a wave of nationalizations, decided to illegally correct its plight, and at the expense of Russia, whose gas business Europe rejects.
  • Used photographs: JSC "Gazprom"
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  1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) April 13 2022 09: 49
    Democracy is "hotter" than gas! Yes, Europeans?
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 13 2022 09: 51
    In order for the produced gas to be put to good use, Russia needs to increase the supply of this gas to its own country. and for this it is necessary to gasify as many settlements as possible. Also, if possible, transfer part of the transport and industry to gas motor fuel. Then the volumes that did not reach the EU can be safely spent on the territory of Russia itself. and it’s also a good idea to promote to EU citizens about the low price of gas for Russian consumers. And for this, it would not hurt to resume broadcasting to Western countries in the HF radio band. By the way, you can and DV and SV. DV seems to be easily caught on a detector receiver over long distances.
    1. foot.foot Offline foot.foot
      foot.foot (colma) April 14 2022 00: 33
      Think, think, think
    2. slesarg65 Offline slesarg65
      slesarg65 (Igor Ivanov) April 14 2022 06: 39
      If Miller is taken a little by the testicles, and asked "politely" to show a little patriotism, then this is quite possible. Already now, main pipelines have been brought to almost most of the settlements. Most people are satisfied with the price for the fuel itself, but here's what is holding back the connection of end users - unaffordable and unreasonable prices for the project and connection to the pipe!!! The most important thing is that for whom the price did not cause questions, they have long been connected. There are summer residents left, and grandmothers in the villages who do not have such money and are not expected to. It turns out that there is a program but, as always, it is made for show and does not arouse enthusiasm from Gazprom. And about broadcasting, heh heh - let's say thank you together to Dima Medvedev. He was involved in the digitalization of the broadcast. ALL! transmitting stations and repeaters that worked in the analog we have liquidated about 10 years ago. In some places there are no masts for a long time. The most legendary station in Samara from where Levitan broadcast reports of the information bureau is now an abandoned museum. In our Samara province, radio fm is still on the air, but very noisy, 10 km from the city there is nothing. Digital TV on the air works but is not stable and no one does anything - almost everywhere, either by cable or via the Internet. So it remains the Internet as the most reliable means, but it is just the easiest to block ....
    3. AndreyVCh Offline AndreyVCh
      AndreyVCh (Andrei) April 14 2022 07: 58
      The last transmitters of the MW, LW and other bands in Russia were turned off in 2014 by a decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. As for the gasification of all settlements: tell me, in which remote village there is no gas? And do people live in these remote villages? And gas tariffs, by the way, are very affordable, maybe Gazprom needs to pay extra for the fact that we use gas? That would be a cool PR stunt: in Russia, citizens are paid for using gas, refueling it at gas stations.
    4. Alexander Booth Offline Alexander Booth
      Alexander Booth April 18 2022 18: 57
      And for this, it would not hurt to resume broadcasting to Western countries in the HF radio band. By the way, you can and DV and SV. DV seems to be easily caught on a detector receiver over long distances.

      Do you think that in the west someone else can assemble a detector receiver?
  3. Oleg_5 Offline Oleg_5
    Oleg_5 (Oleg) April 13 2022 09: 59
    Quote: Bulanov
    and for this it is necessary to gasify as many settlements as possible

    for what period of time?
  4. Pete mitchell Offline Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell (Pete Mitchell) April 13 2022 10: 43
    The not-so-smart kids “took over the outlet and thought they were controlling the supply of electricity”, keep it up, go ahead… they count chickens in the fall
  5. maiman61 Offline maiman61
    maiman61 (Yuri) April 13 2022 12: 06
    Well, we are not good! After all, the European Parliament clearly and clearly said that gas and oil from Russia should not be bought. What, fools also need to be hit on the head with a bat, for intelligibility! This means that we must meet our partners halfway and completely stop the supply of gas and oil to Geyropa!
    1. foot.foot Offline foot.foot
      foot.foot (colma) April 14 2022 00: 31
      Correctly ....
  6. Yuriy88 Offline Yuriy88
    Yuriy88 (Yuri) April 13 2022 14: 18
    it is very strange that such a treacherous thesis "we are reliable partners" is procrastinated! .. No one is on ceremony with us and does not follow any rules, but we continue with persistence, similar to stupidity or .. just a betrayal to drive and drive "There" gas and oil, Ukraine continues to receive oil and gas, and even increased the price for transit by 30% .. What kind of war is this ..?! What an insanity! Only our soldiers are dying for real .. Where is the very shock for Europe, for Germany, we are waiting for them to find an alternative, persuade the Arabs, secure themselves with the Americans ???? What a farce .. or betrayal! ..
  7. hippolyte Offline hippolyte
    hippolyte (Hippolyte) April 13 2022 21: 06
    The less we love a woman, the more she likes us. Pushkin.
    The same is with Europe, the more you lisp with it, the more it borzeet.
    Let's go to the other one, she will quickly squeal, she will agree to everything. Checked.
  8. foot.foot Offline foot.foot
    foot.foot (colma) April 14 2022 00: 23
    Russia, when will you really punish all those who supply weapons, and not pump gas to them, and also strike accurately at all objects that cause harm,,,,, when, when, when
  9. foot.foot Offline foot.foot
    foot.foot (colma) April 14 2022 00: 28
    Why do stupid people ride the rules on the railway to Kyiv freely .... shame on us ... where are Russian strikes on all railways, where
  10. Avedi Offline Avedi
    Avedi (Ankh) April 14 2022 05: 50
    Our troops strike at oil depots ukrov constantly day after day, but the gas is coming, how is it? After all, the gas transportation system is generally the most vulnerable place, one bullet or a fragment is enough and the pipe is blown, but no, the gas is flowing properly. How is that? And in general, where are our retaliatory sanctions against these pi ...?! What the... is something going on? Although, these questions are rhetorical ... to whom is the war, and to whom is the mother dear ... our elite has rotted long ago and will sell resources to enemies, thanks to which our soldiers will continue to be killed ....
  11. Sergey Obukhov Offline Sergey Obukhov
    Sergey Obukhov (Sergey Obukhoa) April 14 2022 08: 46
    Geyvropa has his ... enough gas. Therefore, they can easily do without Russian natural gas.
  12. dima_dima Offline dima_dima
    dima_dima (Dmitry) April 14 2022 10: 18
    Of course, it would be nice to cut off Europe's gas and oil, and "laugh wildly" (or giggle maliciously). But after all, we have been building this business for 60-70 years, infrastructure around it (including the notorious transit), hundreds of thousands of employees. It would not be prudent to squander all this. Yes, and grandmas (foreign ones) are needed in order to purchase equipment for universal internal high-quality gasification (or purchase means of production for this). So pedaling the cessation of exports to Europe is not rational and even stupid. Although on emotions, of course, I want to spoil them in return.
  13. Moscow Offline Moscow
    Moscow April 14 2022 15: 07
    Operation: Coercion to the gasification of Russia. So, thanks to the sanctions, Iran gasified its country. Gazprom, on the other hand, tried to pull large pipes to towns and cities, but they did not let it go further inside. Those. inside the settlements, local companies already manage, which did not have much money for gasification of the population. Yes, and the population is not very something with the availability of money. This went on for many years. Now there seems to be some glimpses for the population. You can write an application for gasification at the expense of local gas sales companies. But, this is if there is a pipe nearby.
  14. Andre_ Offline Andre_
    Andre_ (Standre77) April 19 2022 12: 47
    "Deprive partners" of gas and oil - GRADUALLY!
    To make them feel comfortable!
    So that they don't get upset!
    And to be able to have time to rebuild! laughing laughing