American "analogues" of the Russian "Iskander-M" may appear in Ukraine

Washington is ready to explore the option of transferring longer-range weapons systems to Kiev than is currently being supplied. This was stated by First Deputy Head of the Pentagon Kathleen Hicks, answering a question about the US consideration of an application for weapons from Ukraine, which could potentially strike at the territory of Russia.

Thus, there was a possibility that American "analogues" of the Russian "Iskander-M" could appear on Ukrainian territory. We are talking about operational-tactical missile systems MGM-140 ATACMS, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, which use short-range ballistic missiles.

Missiles of the MGM-140A / ATACMS Block I modification were mass-produced for the US Army until 1997. The basic version of this ammunition has a range of up to 165 km, it has an inertial control system and a cluster warhead with 950 elements of the M74 type. Missile MGM-140B / Block IA (with cluster warhead) - produced from 1998 to 2001. Its inertial control system is connected to the receiver of the American NAVSTAR satellite navigation system, the cassette warhead contains 275 M74 combat elements, and the missile's flight range is up to 300 km.

But the range of ammunition is much wider. In total, in 1998-2014, the plant in El Paso produced more than 3,7 thousand ATACMS missiles of all modifications, of which about 600 were already used by the United States, including 479 during the fighting in Iraq in 2003.

In addition, it became known that the first batch of T-72M tanks, located at the base for storing armored vehicles of the Polish ground forces in Lublin, was sent to Ukraine. In total, Warsaw plans to transfer 100 T-72M tanks to Kiev.

There is no official information on this matter. However, the well-known Polish military analyst Jarosław Wolski indirectly confirms these data. He claims that the said tanks "mysteriously disappeared" from the storage base in Lublin. At the same time, he specified that these tanks had recently been upgraded to the level of the T-72M1R, a thermal sight and other improvements appeared. Now, probably, they should be expected in the Donbass.
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  1. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) April 12 2022 22: 11
    Well, about those who will use these systems - there are no problems. Look, under the guise of gendarmes and other swindlers, various publics are being brought into Ukraine - that is. those same specialists to use systems that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have time to quickly master. This is the military experts for these installations.
  2. Magmax Offline Magmax
    Magmax (magmax) April 12 2022 23: 15
    They will not be useful.
    1. Victorio Offline Victorio
      Victorio (Victorio) April 14 2022 11: 38
      Quote: Magmax
      They will not be useful.

      maybe, but the condition / attitude to technology (judging by the photo of the tank on the trailer) is impressive.
  3. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic April 12 2022 23: 29
    Too bad the Americans left Afghanistan. They will really like "javelins" and other "panzerfausts", according to their technique. However, there are a lot of vile bases, all over the world. Somebody will be useful. The main thing is more and closer.
  4. Alena1770 Offline Alena1770
    Alena1770 (Helena) April 13 2022 00: 56
    And how are we going to solve this problem?
    1. 123456IvanovAA654321 (Ivan) April 13 2022 03: 58
      Just like last month, we are resolving the issue of deliveries of other weapons. No, you can, of course, do it wisely: gouge absolutely all the bridges in western Ukraine, thereby making it impossible to transfer heavy weapons (which, by the way, Ukraine has already done on our territory, yesterday a bridge was blown up in the Belgorod region). In the central part, at least railway bridges should also be broken. But this is not our method. We will look indifferently at the transfer of any weapons, slap our lips, talk about "progress" and "success" in the negotiations, but no real action will be taken. I’m wondering: do we have adequate people in the leadership? Or they will begin to fight in a normal way only when ballistic missiles are handed over to the Ukrainians and they roar around Moscow. Maybe then it will come what needs to be done?
  5. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 13 2022 03: 36
    Then you can think about transferring the Iskanders to Serbia
  6. Mikhail Novikov Offline Mikhail Novikov
    Mikhail Novikov (Mikhail Novikov) April 13 2022 08: 54
    Well, they can appear only in western Ukraine, and you still have to get to central and eastern Ukraine. If it works out, of course.
  7. special correspondent (oleg) April 13 2022 11: 17
    "mysteriously disappeared" from the storage base in Lublin. At the same time, he specified that these tanks had recently been upgraded to the level of the T-72M1R, a thermal sight and other improvements appeared. Now, probably, they should be expected in the Donbass.

    - How is it? Self-propelled? And what idiot is responsible for letting them do it? Bridges - railway - must be eliminated.
  8. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 13 2022 11: 46
    the delivery of the MGM-140 ATACMS will have to respond with the destruction of US aircraft carriers, banderas will shoot at civilians (the points are over) and kill thousands of people, the crew of an aircraft carrier of 4 thousand - with one covert strike (torpedoes) on an aircraft carrier, you can avenge the victims in Little Russia
  9. Roma Phil Offline Roma Phil
    Roma Phil (Roma) April 14 2022 00: 34
    Washington is ready to study the option of transferring longer-range weapons systems to Kiev,

    Well, how to transfer missiles to Kiev? Very simple: Launch a rocket from the territory of Poland and it will fly directly to Kyiv under its own power.