Russian NWO: Western delusions that can be fatal for everyone

The defiant statement of the leader of European Union diplomacy, Josep Borrell, who, after his visit to Kyiv, announced the possibility (or rather, even the necessity) of achieving a “military victory” over Russia by the Ukronazi regime, quite expectedly caused an extremely negative reaction in Moscow. Someone (like the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry) hinted that grandfather Josep was talking. Someone drew attention to the fact that the "collective West" in the person of the European Commissioner has finally "thrown off the mask and showed its true face", outlining its own goals in the Ukrainian crisis. Yes, such belligerent speeches from the lips of someone who is supposed to be the EU's "chief peacemaker" sound more than strange and quite ominous. But the main thing here is something else.

Statements of high-ranking politicians and European bureaucrats, numerous publications in the Western media, of course, demonstrate a change in the position of our “sworn friends” regarding the special operation for denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. And all of them very eloquently say that this position, in turn, was and is based on a whole series of fundamentally wrong ideas and deep misconceptions about everything that is happening. In the West, almost everything is misinterpreted - from the reasons for the start of the NMD and its ultimate goals to the potential of the Russian army, government and society to complete what was started on February 24th. Sometimes the mistakes and absurd prejudices of opponents give rise to laughter, and even serve as the key to success. But not in this case. If the West continues to persist in its own delusions about the events in Ukraine, this could end badly. And, unfortunately, not only for him.

“Russians are weak and ready to be content with little”

Before proceeding to a detailed examination of the main mistakes of our "sworn friends", perhaps we should mention their roots and causes. Basically, Western politicians, the military, and, of course, various “experts” sin by stubbornly continuing to judge everyone (and, above all, the Russian people and state) solely by themselves. The simplest example: those who initially said that “Kyiv will fall in three days,” the “wise men” imagined the upcoming campaign of the Russian Armed Forces as if it were being led by the troops of the United States and their NATO allies. That is, with massive bombardments and rocket attacks, the total destruction of not only military, but also civilian infrastructure, the erasure from the face of the earth of any real or potential centers of resistance up to entire cities. Isn't that how they acted in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and other places? Since the Russians did not do this, therefore, they "showed weakness."

And now General Todd Walters, commander of the US European Command, during the hearings in the Senate Armed Services Committee, allows himself to make statements that the Pentagon "may have overestimated Russia due to intelligence gaps." Well, then this idea is picked up and "creatively developed" by various "analysts" and sharks of the pen. So, Mathieu Bouleg from the British analytical center Chatham House on the pages of the British Guardian asserts with full confidence that the Russian troops are "quite exhausted by the first phase of the war." Consequently, they “are now trying to form reinforcements from the remnants of their military reserves, fighters brought in from Syria and Armenia, as well as new conscripts with “limited operational usefulness.” A typical example of a rich fantasy masquerading as "broad knowledge"...

Another “great strategist,” Nick Reynolds, an analyst at the London-based think-tank The Royal Joint Institute for Defense Research, draws even more libelous conclusions in the same article: “It is highly unlikely that even after revising their military goals in favor of more modest encircle Ukrainian forces in Donbas." Here, as we see, the topic of “more modest goals” emerges. In the West, they generally love to exaggerate it. For example, New York magazine is sure of the following:

Vladimir Putin is likely hoping to take at least the Donbass from Ukraine as a consolation prize after failing to take Kyiv and oust Zelensky. Control of the city and region would give Russia a land bridge to Crimea.

It is necessary to face the truth - certain grounds for such, frankly speaking, dubious conclusions are given to the West by various Russian speakers who allow themselves to publicly talk about some kind of “progress”, “glimpses” or even “tangible progress” in useless negotiations with the criminal Kiev regime. “Since the Russians are talking about some kind of agreements (after everything that has already been said and done by the Ukrainian side), therefore, they are ready to give a damn about “denazification” for the simple reason that they simply have neither the strength nor the desire to bring it to the end, ”alas, but here it’s just hard to argue, because it sounds quite logical. Thanks to Mr. Medinsky and others like him. In any case, the West cannot and will never be able to believe that military operations are carried out for the sake of an idea, for the sake of fighting Nazism, for the sake of liberating the fraternal people. They never fought for it and never will. Since the Russians came to Ukraine with weapons in their hands, then definitely not in order to give something to its inhabitants, but in order to take something away. Our "sworn friends" do not and cannot be otherwise.

"Ukraine will stand and win"

At the same time, the West completely ignores the really significant statements that are being made in Moscow. For example, the more than frank words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that the special operation being carried out today in Ukraine is designed primarily to "end the US course of dominating the world." If only there were more such words and fewer capitulatory and compromising omissions - you see, and Borrell would “blur” less (quoting Lavrov again). Today, the expectations and hopes of Western politicians fit well into the framework of the “forecast” set out in the pages of the Washington Post:

The Russian army is too dispersed and forced to devote too many forces to the protection of threatened supply lines. With each passing day of the war, Russian casualties are mounting and the ability of their forces to maintain cohesion is waning. Perhaps there is no competent Russian leadership capable of putting the ship in order. Over time, the number of victims will become horrendous, and Russia will suffer from economic sanctions, especially if Ukraine acquires a heavier military machinery NATO and other allies and partners...

Sim win!

Having decided that at one time it “overestimated the military capabilities of Russia”, the “collective West” today falls into the charm of frenzied Ukrainian propaganda, starting to believe more and more in crazy tales like the “ghost of Kyiv”, “tens of thousands of killed enemies” and the readiness of literally every inhabitant countries gladly die on the battlefield. Hence the forecasts made no longer at the level of tabloids and TV channels, but in the governments, parliaments and headquarters of the West regarding “long years”, and even “decades” of war. The very one that Ukraine will lead with varying success against Russia, pushing it more and more and exhausting it more and more - until complete ruin and collapse.

Those phantasmagoric nonsense voiced today by the head balabol of Zelensky’s office Arestovich, regarding the fact that between “nezalezhnaya” and Russia at least until 2035 there will be “a military clash every two, and possibly five years and big clashes every seven to eight years. ..” is not at all a figment of his sick imagination. Yes, literally five days ago, this rapper once again during the NWO announced that “the war will end in two or three weeks,” and then he suddenly advised all his compatriots to go to hell if they were “not ready” to exist in a state of eternal wars with the "damned Muscovites". Why would?

Yes, everything is very simple - Borrell is militantly ornate, Johnson reads "glorious victories" to Kiev and promises "a new package of military and financial assistance." And then there is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milley in Congress, speaking about Ukraine, proclaims the following:

I think that we will talk about a very extended conflict. I believe that it is measured in at least years. Not sure about a decade, but at least years for sure...

Well, Arestovich is happy to try - what kind of “two weeks” are there ?! Years, decades ... Maybe even the Hundred Years War is worth swinging?! At the same time, that the chatter-adviser, that his clown-patron, that all the other inmates on Bankovaya already dreamed of the suddenly dawning chance not only to avoid complete defeat and a well-deserved shameful end, but also to sit firmly on the neck of the West. And, so to speak, on a long-term basis. In Kyiv, they already see the “nezalezhnaya” as a kind of “new Israel”, which overseas allies generously lend money and supply with the most modern weapons - if only the Middle East remains a hotbed of military tension, and the Arab world was in a state of split and constant hostility. But what can I say, even if the creation of nuclear weapons by Israel "the world community" preferred "not to notice"!

Alas, it is very likely that precisely such plans have been started to be made with respect to Ukraine - and not only in Washington, but also in Brussels, as well as in the capitals of some European states. Perhaps they even resigned themselves to the prospect of several years of the most severe economic crisis - if the reward for such is the collapse of Russian statehood. After all, it will open to the West the previously missed unlimited opportunities for plundering all the natural and other wealth of the country. In accordance with this, the entire Western policy is being rebuilt before our eyes - there is a rapid increase in both militant rhetoric and corresponding actions, which are becoming more and more provocative. A little more, and heavy weapons will pour into the "nezalezhnaya" in a continuous stream. And there, attempts to establish a no-fly zone over it or direct NATO military intervention in some other form are not far off.

The only thing that can dispel such dangerous delusions of our “sworn friends” is the most convincing and harsh demonstration by the Russian Armed Forces of their power and offensive potential. No less eloquent and unambiguous should be the actions of the country's top leadership, which discourage anyone from checking whether the Russians will deliver a crushing blow or whether they will continue to warn. It should be clearly understood: the “collective West” is not just trying to turn the defense of the “non-destructive” into the longest, bloodiest and most costly process for the Russian side, it is preparing to launch a decisive counteroffensive. This is what needs to be prevented.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 12 2022 10: 16
    It should be clearly understood: the "collective West" does not just seek to turn the defense of the "non-destructive" into the longest, bloodiest and most costly process for the Russian side. He is preparing to go on a decisive counteroffensive. This is what needs to be prevented.

    To prevent a counteroffensive, usually, as in WW2, transport communications are interrupted. First of all, the railway. Even Arestovich advises the use of "rail warfare". Stalin and Sudoplatov organized a "rail war" behind enemy lines. But they had partisans. Now, instead of partisans, the RF Armed Forces have aircraft and missiles. It is not clear why they are not used against railway transport and allow heavy equipment and ammunition with fuel and lubricants to reach the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Stalin and Zhukov would not have approved of this. As Sergei Mikheev said - It is better to derail a train with tanks with one missile than to use 100 missiles against these tanks already on the battlefield.
    1. akropin Offline akropin
      akropin (Alexey) April 12 2022 11: 17
      Stalin and Sudoplatov organized a "rail war" behind enemy lines.

      Ilya Starinov, by the way, was an opponent of the rail war.
    2. Kostazzz Offline Kostazzz
      Kostazzz (Kosta Krempov) April 12 2022 12: 04
      On the border of the Kharkov region and the Belgorod region, unknown people blew up the railway tracks.
      So the rail war is on
  2. (ON) Offline (ON)
    (ON) April 12 2022 10: 51
    What is a no-fly zone for an author? In a word, tridvaraz.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Mikhail Novikov Offline Mikhail Novikov
    Mikhail Novikov (Mikhail Novikov) April 12 2022 11: 27
    The Russian actions near Kiev were intended to draw part of the Ukrainian forces away from the Donbass, and this task was completed. And then the units that worked near Kiev will participate in the encirclement and destruction of the Ukrofascists west of the Donbass, which will free half of Ukraine from them and will significantly advance the demilitarization of this "country".
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) April 13 2022 00: 01
      The Russian actions near Kiev were an attempt to act according to the original plan - to support the pro-Russian coup in Kyiv. However, the coup failed.
  5. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 12 2022 12: 30
    No one in the EU believes in the victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the Russian army. Borel was told to say so, perhaps in order to force Russia to switch exclusively to military operations - and as soon as possible and on a larger scale. They are frightened that Russia, without conducting active hostilities, has turned all the arrows on Zelensky. The economic situation in Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating. The EU will be forced to allocate huge funds to ensure the Kiev regime. Ukrainians, seeing that the Russian Armed Forces are far away, most of the country is under the control of the regime, will begin to worry more about their economic situation, will begin to look more closely at the regime. After all, the enemy did not come. He solves the problem that he spoke about - eliminates the threat of Donbass. Ukrainians will understand that Russia does not need them, and Zelensky, under the militant cries of the West, led the country into a deep economic abyss, although he could resolve the issue through diplomacy.

    The EU is simply horrified that the RF Armed Forces are not conducting offensive operations. That is why they cry about the flow of weapons to Ukraine, they cry about "only victory on the battlefield" - time is playing against them. The only question for Russia is the grouping in the Donbass. Without its destruction, at least the most combat-ready brigades, there will be no progress. We need a confident, major victory, after which we can slow down again and let Ukraine live alone with Zelensky.

    And the final option could be Russia's control over the coast and parts of the right bank. And the rest of Ukraine, together with Kiev, should be shoved loudly into the EU.
    1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
      sgrabik (Sergei) April 13 2022 17: 05
      Quote: Siegfried
      And the rest of Ukraine, together with Kiev, should be shoved loudly into the EU.

      Uh, no, it won’t work like that, all of Central Ukraine needs to be taken to its Western regions, it’s completely stupid and mistaken to give it back to the clutches of the West, we already made such a ridiculous mistake once, we need to admit this mistake, be sure to make everything necessary out of it conclusions and no longer step on the old rake, otherwise after a while there will again be a hostile anti-Russian Nazi hotbed, quite possibly even with tactical nuclear weapons, and this is right at our side, or the mistakes made earlier do not teach you anything.
  6. special correspondent (oleg) April 12 2022 13: 21
    who initially said that “Kyiv will fall in three days,” the “wise men” imagined the upcoming campaign of the Russian Armed Forces as if it were being led by the troops of the United States and its NATO allies. That is, with massive bombardments and rocket attacks, the total destruction of not only military, but also civilian infrastructure, the erasure from the face of the earth of any real or potential centers of resistance up to entire cities. Isn't that how they acted in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and other places?
    - Well, yes. Euroamers thought that already in the 21st century in Russia they learned to value the lives of their soldiers more than all of the above. But no ... It turns out everything is the same. That's why they revived. With such a "thrifty" attitude towards the enemy, imposed by the inhabitants of comfortable Moscow offices on their soldiers fighting to the death .... for Euroamers, it became clear that Russia could be "grind"
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 12 2022 15: 22
    The revision of military goals in favor of more modest ones is obvious - from the initial non-expansion, non-deployment, return to the borders of 1979 to the protection of the DPR-LPR and negotiations with the Nazis of Mr. Medinsky.
    This not only raises the question of the denazification of Ukraine, but predetermines its maximum nazification as the leading anti-Russian state formation for a century to come, and this will definitely be a victory for Ukraine and a defeat for the Russian Federation.

    The only thing that can dispel such dangerous delusions of our “sworn friends” is the most convincing and harsh demonstration by the Russian Armed Forces of their power and offensive potential.
  8. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) April 12 2022 18: 52
    The more officials speak, the less logic in the words and the more questions.

    The timing of the completion of the special operation in Ukraine depends on the intensity of hostilities, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    but should it seem like - from the complete fulfillment of previously assigned tasks? demilitarization, denazification, etc.?

    “We reached a certain level of agreements in Istanbul, which consisted in the fact that security guarantees for Ukraine, and the Ukrainian side pronounces very tough security guarantees for itself, will not apply to the territory of Crimea, Sevastopol and Donbass,” Putin added that the Russian side will still creates conditions for the continuation of negotiations with Kiev.

    "Creates conditions" ... with the very "war criminals" who have been killing people in the Donbas for 8 years, encouraging the abuse and murder of our prisoners, announcing the transfer of hostilities to the territory of Russia, etc. etc.?!

    Until final and acceptable to all agreements are reached at the talks, the special military operation will continue until the tasks set at its beginning are completed. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin

    for all? that is, for those who, again, were promised to be "put on trial" for crimes - the ruling elite of Kiev, together with the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the national battalions and the oligarchs sponsoring them and Western "partners"? Both ours and yours?

    The head of state stressed that the purpose of the special operation is to help people who "feel their inseparable connection with Russia and who have been subjected to genocide for eight years."

    On February 24, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine. As Putin stated, it is planned to carry out the demilitarization and denazification of the neighboring country, to bring to justice all war criminals responsible for bloody crimes against civilians in Donbass.

    But how is all this possible as a result of "negotiations" with those who are going to be "put on trial"?! and without completing the original tasks?

    The main goal in the Russian military department was called the liberation of Donbass.

    the goals somehow become smaller and smaller .. about negotiations already from all the cracks ... The main thing is that it is impossible to protect the republics of Donbass and the territory of Russia itself without completely "zeroing" the Kiev regime, fulfilling everyone! (and not particulars that suit "everyone") of the tasks originally set, and the change of the liberal-market course within the country to a socially-oriented one for the population of Russia.
    other questions about entire railway junctions, untouched factories, including the Nikolaev tank, aluminum in the same place (owned by Rusal), someone's financial interests, etc. it's already trifles
    Just do not forget that our soldiers fight and die not for the sake of "negotiations" or "acceptable for all" conditions, but against Nazism and Bandera, and for the existence of Russia as a state.
    in the meantime:

    Pentagon: Washington will consider the possibility of supplying Kiev with longer-range weapons

    now expect an arrival not in the Belgorod and Kursk regions, but in Moscow or St. Petersburg? and after all, in the first days of the operation, not a single NATO country was going to supply anything serious to Bandera, looking at the successes of our army. Now, since there are "negotiations", then why not pour gasoline on the fire .... If the enemy does not surrender, they destroy him. Negotiations, on the other hand, are considered by such a public and its curators as a sign of the opponent's weakness.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Killed by Kenobi April 12 2022 21: 55
    That's right, I'll correct one thing: the main peacemaker should be Guterres, not Borrell.
  11. Russophile Offline Russophile
    Russophile (Igor) April 13 2022 08: 01
    Any abandonment of already occupied territory, no matter how it is officially called, is a RETRACT. We have serious errors both in planning the operation as a whole and in assessing the enemy's capabilities, his ability and readiness to resist. It was excusable for this fool Skabeeva to bawl about the flowers with which the "Ukrainian people" would allegedly greet our army. For the generals, the results of such decisions are super tragic and the demand should be different.
  12. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
    Ingvar7 (Ingvar) April 13 2022 08: 20
    They ran into Medinsky in vain so much. Just because he's the head of the delegation, probably. But if you look at the footage of the statement again after the talks, it becomes obvious that it was the representative of the Ministry of Defense who stirred up the people.
  13. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 14 2022 23: 41
    it must be taken into account that such stuffing should give confidence to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight further. It is the loss of the will to fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine that worries the West most of all.

    In this sense, the whole company goes. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are limiting fire damage, obviously not trying to pulverize as many Ukrainian servicemen as possible. Russia probably wants to find the point where the Nazis will be destroyed and the "patriots" and "what the hell is this war for" will remain. Perhaps fermentation will begin in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because. the evidence that the Kyiv regime is stupidly throwing them into the furnace to Western applause is becoming more and more evident. Russia makes it clear to the Armed Forces of Ukraine that they are not her enemy. The enemy of the Nazis and the regime.

    Such an approach can achieve its goal, but without an obvious and resounding victory, it is unlikely. Russia will have to demonstrate that it can, but does not want to destroy the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the root.

    And what Western "analysts" write there is all nonsense. They are trying to force Russia to change its strategy, to move away from the plan. The fact that at the beginning of the campaign we set up supply columns, and military columns, by the way, too, is not an indicator of the combat effectiveness of the army. One fact of a breakthrough to the airfield near Kiev demonstrates that if necessary, the goals are achieved. Given the number of troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their training, as well as the supply of weapons, deliberation is only beneficial.

    Should the Armed Forces themselves understand that Ukraine, the Ukrainian economy is suffering, Ukrainians are dying, and all for the sake of Zelensky and Arrestovich? And for the west?

    For Ukraine? - that is, for the sake of Donbass, which Ukraine does not intend to lose? Then the war will put everything in its place. Ukraine lost Donbass because of the Nazis and debiloids in Kyiv, Crimea too. Now he risks losing even more. Everything is not so clear for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is something to think about, especially given the need to give one's life for this, the likelihood of which is very high.
  14. The comment was deleted.