It became known about plans to build 70 Tu-214 aircraft

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), part of the Rostec state company, plans to build 2030 Tu-70 narrow-body passenger liners by 214. Such measures were taken by the company in connection with the need for import substitution, which must be achieved in a short time.

Currently Tu-214 is produced in Kazan in small quantities. The production of aircraft is planned to be increased, since Boeing and Airbus refused to cooperate with Moscow in connection with the special operation carried out by the Russian Federation in Ukraine. In addition, foreign partners of the UAC, for their part, stopped cooperation with the Russians and stopped the supply of parts for passenger liners MS-21 and SSJ-100.

As noted in Rostec, the Tu-214 is equipped with a high-quality Russian engine of the PS-90 family - they have received the appropriate certificates and are mass-produced. The aircraft is technically reliable, the flight range is about 6,5 thousand km, the capacity of the liner is 210 passengers.

Along with this, the Tu-214 is used as the main model for aircraft under the Open Skies agreement and is mainly included in the flight fleet of the Rossiya detachment, which transports top officials of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation in terms of the volume of production of civil aviation equipment still far from the USSR, which in the 80s produced about 60-70 aircraft annually.
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  1. faiver Offline faiver
    faiver (Andrei) April 8 2022 12: 23
    Is it already possible to clap your hands, shout "Uraaa" and throw caps into the air? Or is it too early?
    1. Bob Sencler Offline Bob Sencler
      Bob Sencler (Bob Sencler) April 17 2022 23: 49
      Early. Not even a cartoon yet.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) April 8 2022 12: 39
    Such plans speak only of the impotence of the authorities: 70 by the year 30 should be issued monthly. But after all, for this you need to work in three shifts, and in our country only budgets are torn apart in three shifts, and no one wants to work as you force when you strain yourself in the "mobilization" economy.
    1. faiver Offline faiver
      faiver (Andrei) April 8 2022 13: 04
      70 by 30 should be released monthly

      - you have enough, my friend, there are 70 pieces. a year is a pipe dream, and you a month... bully
  4. Oleg_5 Offline Oleg_5
    Oleg_5 (Oleg) April 8 2022 13: 09
    Better than nothing, of course. But it's a drop in the ocean...
  5. if the ist works in 3 shifts without days off and holidays - you can build a hundred tuziks by the year 25!
  6. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) April 8 2022 16: 11
    They sat on pipes for 20 years, buying imports - they wanted to please the West in order to hang out and live there on an equal footing (like Solovyov Sheinin and other monkeys) ... they didn’t like it, the West ordered to surrender Russia and sit at the bucket ... they didn’t want to sit on the bucket , now after 20 years we are thinking about production, we must say in 2-3 years to do what could be done in 20 years
  7. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) April 25 2022 21: 05
    The road will be mastered by the walking one. work brothers