Storage facilities are almost empty: having sent LNG to Europe, the United States left Japan and South Korea without gas

Planetary consumption and production of natural gas is a kind of system of interconnected vessels, and if an imbalance occurs, it affects all participants in the energy market. This is clearly demonstrated by the consequences of the demarches associated with the refusal of some countries from the "blue fuel" from Russia.

When there is a place to buy energy raw materials, there are no problems and you can easily diversify supplies. However, if they try to push the leading producer of raw materials out of the energy market at once, one should definitely expect problems, or rather, a crisis on a global scale. This is not just predictable, but guaranteed, since gas is produced on the planet as much as demand requires, no more.

Some "particularly gifted" countries of the European Union demonstratively refused "blue fuel" of Russian origin. Then, together with the United States, they began to influence other EU states, forcing them to reduce the consumption of "totalitarian" gas, as this was dictated by "security issues." After that, the Europeans began to consume less gas from the Russian Federation, and caravans of gas carriers (LNG tankers) from other parts of the world rushed to Europe.

Then, in the countries of Asia, which also abandoned the “totalitarian” raw materials, they “suddenly” discovered that they were running out of gas. Moreover, their storage facilities are almost empty, and there is virtually nowhere to get gas. Well, except for Russia. These countries included South Korea and Japan. For example, they watch with undisguised excitement how commodity prices rise in their markets and how 70% of US LNG is sent over the waves of the seas and oceans to Europe, although before it was the other way around. Therefore, it is not surprising that many experts are more than justified in predicting a giant energy crisis in the northern hemisphere in the coming heating season 2022/2023, as Europe and Asia begin a real battle for gas.

It should be noted that the financial year in the "Land of the Rising Sun" begins on April 1. As of March 31, 2022, the fullness of Japanese gas storage facilities was close to the December 2020 lows. Then in Japan, and in South Korea too, there was an acute shortage of gas, which gave rise to the first anomalous surges in prices in the post-coronavirus era. The industry has begun to recover from the impact of the pandemic, but the extraction of raw materials has not yet grown to the required limits.

In South Korea and Japan, they are well aware that the US cannot cancel winter, even if they really want to. Therefore, gas storages must be filled and preferably with a margin, without waiting for the start of the heating season. How Seoul and Tokyo will get out of this situation is hard to say. But they can always buy some gas from Gazprom or NOVATEK for Russian rubles, and if they stop suffering from progressive Russophobia and want to save their industry and population, then Moscow is always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 7 2022 21: 07
    It seems that quite recently there was a message that Japan would supply LNG to Europe ...
    "Trishkin caftan".

    Koichi Hagyuda, Minister of Commerce of Japan:

    Japan still has enough LNG reserves to meet domestic needs, although not in excess. But when the situation in the world becomes like it is now with Ukraine, Japan should support the GXNUMX countries, especially those that have common values ​​with Japan.
  2. Polente the Wanderer April 8 2022 03: 08
    We must stop selling the "national treasure" for candy wrappers=beads. Barter must be introduced.
    Our raw materials for modern production, technology....
  3. yo yo Offline yo yo
    yo yo (Vasya Vasin) April 8 2022 04: 24
    Europe will freeze and there will be famine, and only those who are with Russia will survive.
    Bulgaria will also survive if it is with Russia

    Vanga, 1987
  4. But they can always buy some gas from Gazprom or NOVATEK. for Russian rubles, and if they stop suffering from progressive Russophobia ...

    Don't play the fool, Japan
    Those gas, you're freezing, I suppose.
    Sakhalin and Hokkaido are two coasts:
    Sake, vodka, pollock and salmon.
    Sake, vodka, pollock and salmon ...
  5. sgr291158 Offline sgr291158
    sgr291158 (Sergei) April 8 2022 06: 12
    Well, when they start thinking with their own heads and not dancing to a striped tune.