Western expert spoke about the limits of friendship between Russia and China

The friendship between the Russian Federation and China seems unshakable and boundless. However, this is not the case, since Russia's NWO in Ukraine puts Beijing in a very delicate position, both politically and economically. The Americans are aware of this underlying reason, which is why they are trying to put pressure on the Celestial Empire more and more. This was told by American expert Simon Watkins in an article for OilPrice.com.

Russia is without a doubt an important trade and political partner for China. However, the role and position of the Russian Federation pales in comparison with the significance for Beijing of America and Europe. The expert concludes that Washington’s reminders of the need for China to decide which side it is on, especially in the light of Moscow’s NMD, will soon have an effect, and China will soften its position, moving towards European, Western positions on this issue.

Even before the outbreak of hostilities in China, they said that "there is no limit to the friendship of the Russian Federation and China", now, you may have to refute this formula

says Watkins.

Basically, close cooperation was ensured by the personal friendship of the leaders of the states, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. As the expert writes, several facts testify to the unreliability of the situation in which Russia has placed China. The most obvious is growing fears about the US retaliation against Beijing, which led to the sale of Chinese shares after the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. The PRC will definitely need to make a more decisive gesture of withdrawing support from a partner if Beijing is to reduce the risk of non-essential political и economic consequences of Russian actions in Ukraine. So there are still limits to friendship, they were revealed by such a serious test as the Russian operation in Ukraine.

However, the analyst excludes the imminent introduction of US sanctions against China for cooperation with the Russian Federation or implicit support in one form or another. He foresees a symmetrical response from Beijing to hidden sanctions: China will try to liberalize all types of markets as much as possible, which will allow companies to decide for themselves whether to cooperate with the Russian Federation or not. It is easy to guess what decision Chinese business entities will make based on the significance and volume of trade. However, Washington wants official Beijing to “renounce” Moscow, and not just business. So far, there is no concrete decision on this matter.

Watkins writes that China currently has many legal and semi-legal ways to circumvent anti-Russian sanctions, but is not in a hurry to apply them: the focus on the American and European markets is affecting. So in the matter of inclining the (situational) PRC to its side, the United States has achieved some success, although it is dictated primarily by the entire previous history of relations between the two countries, and not just by the recent actions of the Russian Federation.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 6 2022 11: 21
    A different social system and state structure predetermine the inevitable political, economic, ideological, and possibly military confrontation between China and the United States.
    In the economy of the Russian Federation during the period of V.V. Putin, the fundamental elements of the Leninist New Economic Policy, which was put by DengXiaoping and the basis for the development of the PRC, are clearly visible. It is this, and not personal relations, that brings Russia and China closer together. Personal relations can only speed up or slow down the historical process, but cannot change it.
    Approximate trade turnover between China and the United States is about 700 billion. plus about 800 billion. with the EU, which is a total of 1500 billion. against 150 billion from RF. This predetermines concerns about US retaliatory measures against Beijing.
    On the other hand, the Russian Federation is a reliable and predictable trading partner, moreover, it has almost unlimited all the resources that exist in nature, the industrial potential of which cannot be compared with China's. This is especially important in the event of a confrontation with the United States and a blockade of sea trade routes.
    The Twentieth Congress of the CPC will determine the strategy for the development of the PRC and relations with the Russian Federation in particular, and until then, the PRC will adhere to a policy of non-interference in the dismantling of the "collective West" and the Russian Federation.
    1. Homeless Offline Homeless
      Homeless (Vladimir) April 6 2022 12: 57
      If the PRC succumbs to US and EU pressure, it may not dream of Taiwan joining the PRC. By the way, if the United States had wisdom in politics, they themselves would have now hinted to China that it could take Taiwan into its arms in exchange for refusing to communicate with Russia.
      1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
        Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 6 2022 17: 55
        Why would China bargain with the United States for what belongs to it - the whole world, including the United States, recognizes Taiwan Province as an integral part of China.
        The United States needs Taiwan to control sea trade routes and their possible blockade along the line of South Korea-Taiwan-Singapore.
        This, and not hypothetical oil and gas and other deposits, is the essence of the islands artificially created by China and the aggravated disputes over the ownership of the Xisha, Nansha, Diaoyu Islands, which no one cared about until quite recently.
  2. Was Offline Was
    Was April 6 2022 15: 03
    Unfortunately, China is not our friend. Just a situational partner. And when things change...
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis April 6 2022 22: 54
      Unfortunately, China has shown weakness in front of the West. And that means he will be crushed. China's last hope is Russia. If they think that they will be left alone after Russia, then they are greatly mistaken.
  3. Mikhail Novikov Offline Mikhail Novikov
    Mikhail Novikov (Mikhail Novikov) April 7 2022 08: 24
    Well, why should Russia and China be interested in the opinion of a "Western expert" about our relationship?
  4. Aleksandr_42 Offline Aleksandr_42
    Aleksandr_42 (Alexander Chudov) April 8 2022 13: 50
    I don’t think that America can really put pressure on China, any economic blow to China and a kayuk to the American economy, the Chinese will just have to wait to become the world economic giant