The US Treasury does not leave attempts to arrange a default for Russia

Last month, Russia managed to avoid a technical default after the US Treasury allowed, on an exceptional basis, regular payments of sovereign public debt on a payment order with debiting of dollar funds from blocked accounts of the Central Bank.

This month, such a “feint” will most likely not be possible to implement. Reuters has learned about the intention of the US financial department to ban the servicing of the Russian government debt using foreign currency on blocked accounts. Thus, it becomes obvious that Washington will still try to arrange for Russia technical default.

The ban on circumvention of sanctions, which is very convenient for Russia, will come into force in the near future. At least that's what it says news agency. The US Treasury will comply with the regulator's instructions and block the movement of funds on the account even in the United States.

The deadline for Russia's payment is today. Another payment must be made. Now they must choose: deplete their remaining dollar reserves, solve the new revenue problem, or default.

- says the representative of the US Treasury.

It is obvious that the problem is arranged absolutely artificially. Russia has enough funds and opportunities to pay any coupon debt, for any years of obligations. The US just doesn't allow it.

In this case, as analysts predict, in this area Russia will also have to switch to payments in rubles, just as it was done in the case of payments for consumed gas. However, in the field of finance, which follows from the very definition, this will be much easier to do. Another question is that our "Western partners" will never agree to this: it is important for them to pose the problem of default point-blank.

In general, there is one more goal of the ban on servicing the state debt of the Russian Federation using blocked accounts. Washington is already considering these funds as its own. The stolen (in fact) is not going to be given away, and the White House administration has no desire to suddenly get out of hand what was recently obtained dishonestly. For Washington, there is only one stage left before the fulfillment of its plans - to find a formal justification not only for blocking, but also for its own use of foreign currency reserves, so that it can put its hands in the taken away while maintaining the formal reputation of an honest player.

In this regard, it can be noted that Kyiv's hopes to receive the blocked funds are extremely naive. The United States did not rob in order to share and "bury" billions in the land of Ukraine, restoring someone else's infrastructure. However, in order to get its own, Russia will also have to try, and negotiations with Ukraine will definitely not help here.
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) April 5 2022 08: 40
    in this area, Russia will also have to switch to payments in rubles, just as it was done in the case of payments for consumed gas.

    As Western leaders say, "the contracts stipulate payment in dollars and not in any other currency." So it's better to declare a technical (artificial) default and say "to everyone I owe - I forgive."
  2. Zenn Offline Zenn
    Zenn (Andrei) April 5 2022 09: 12
    Yes, that's exactly the declaration of default they are waiting for. The fact of this will allow them to arrange a world show "We have achieved the default of Russia, its economy is destroyed! The whole world is with us and for democracy!"
    And the technical details in the modern Western world do not bother anyone.
    They crowed loudly that the United States imposed sanctions on the purchase of oil from Russia, and in March 2022, the volume of oil purchases from a Russian company for the needs of the United States increased by 43%.
    1. Polente the Wanderer April 5 2022 20: 56
      A default can affect us only if we take loans in the west or east and, accordingly, these loans will be expensive for us. It's like if an individual takes loans and does not give them back voluntarily, then he can only take them at extortionate interest from microfinance hucksters ... BUT the thing is that we are already not given access to financial markets .... And plus everything was frozen (robbed) of our financial assets in Western banks
  3. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) April 5 2022 09: 15
    And it is not necessary that other people's money in the country go as their own.

    What, in America or Europe, every morning begins with an exciting question for their citizens about "how much" the Russian ruble costs?
  4. andrey ivanov_2 Offline andrey ivanov_2
    andrey ivanov_2 (Andrey Ivanov) April 5 2022 09: 44
    Quote: Dzenn
    Yes, that's exactly the declaration of default they are waiting for.

    And what (critically) will change for us??? Well, we always justify ourselves to someone, we are afraid of someone .... This Bucha ... All Russian TV is crammed with this Bucha. Who are you and what are you proving? Me, other Russian citizens?????? We all know perfectly well that this is crap. Stop pouring water on the mill of enemies. Calm down already... Do business. Less negotiations, more business ....... The sooner we put an end to the Ukrainian nits, the faster things will go smoothly ....
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 5 2022 12: 52
    The Russian Federation does not refuse to pay the state debt from the accounts of the blocked $300 billion, but it does not have such an opportunity, and also pay from the remaining $350 billion at the disposal of the Russian Federation, i.e. double payment will turn out - what was stolen and plus payment on time would be criminal stupidity.
    The blocked $300 billion will never be returned, it was simply stolen in full view of the whole world. Moreover, they will also calculate the damage suffered by the “collective West” from the sanctions they have imposed against the Russian Federation.
    This implies the need to return to the Soviet or Chinese financial system, when the rate of banknotes is determined not by foreign policy games and stock speculation, but by the state, taking into account the real economy.
    However, it is not possible to do this in the Russian Federation due to the social system and state structure.
  6. Sterg Offline Sterg
    Sterg (sterg) April 5 2022 17: 23
    And we will declare them a default due to the inability to fulfill their financial obligations by robbing Russia.
    In fact, any self-respecting country, for such actions as robbery, should declare war on the robber! And to wage this war not by strikes on their territory, and even more so without the introduction of troops there, but to hit with "Daggers" on their military structure outside the territories - at aircraft carriers, while warning the enemy about the date and time of the strikes so that they could evacuate the crews. Also, warn that any of their responses on our territory will backfire with blows already on their possessions. They took 300 billion from us, we will sink the same amount from them.