Russian scientists have developed extra strong implants

Russian scientists have developed extra strong implants

Domestic scientists, in collaboration with foreign colleagues, have managed to synthesize bone implants based on calcium phosphates, surpassing all modern analogues. The development is in demand not only in dentistry, but also in surgery.

Problems with the musculoskeletal system are not only among the older generation. They are increasingly manifested in young people, which makes it difficult not only to work normally, but also to feel like a full-fledged member of society.

The demand for synthetic bone tissue substitutes is growing every year. But they are subject to increased requirements: characteristics close to human bones, strength and the absence of a negative impact on health. The basis for the creation of synthetic implants are calcium phosphates, since it is from them that the bones in the human body are made.

Calcium phosphates are the main raw material in the manufacture of implants

To increase the strength of artificial bone tissues, they are alloyed with metal cations. This not only improves the characteristics of the material, but also gives it antibacterial properties. It takes root well, and after healing, the implant does not need to be removed.

Scientists from five Russian institutes, in collaboration with specialists from Italy and Romania, studied the change in the characteristics of ceramic materials depending on Technology synthesis. As a result, regularities were revealed that affect the microstructure of the material.

Several methods have been developed to ensure the homogeneity of the structure and the necessary physical parameters. The finished compositions showed good antibacterial characteristics, which is important for implantation in the human body.

Gadolinium treatment significantly increases the antibacterial characteristics of the material

All the synthesized compositions, alloyed with the rare earth element gadolinium, turned out to be an order of magnitude better than the materials used today. They not only have increased strength characteristics, but also have antimicrobial properties. Implants of this type have shown good biological compatibility with the human body, which allows them to be used for any medical purposes.

Representatives of the A. A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported that the technology is being developed and will be used not only in Russia, but also abroad in the near future. At present, documents are being prepared for certification and obtaining a patent of the established form.
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