Russia is building a new rescue ship for the Arctic

The Yantar Baltic Shipbuilding Plant (Kaliningrad) has begun construction of a rescue vessel of the MPSV06M project, called the Pevek. Such ships are ready at any moment to come to the aid of ships in distress, take on board injured sailors and immediately provide them with the necessary medical assistance.

It should be noted that Germany used to build vessels of this class for us at its shipyard Nordic Yards Wismar GmbH in the city of Wismar. Now Russia itself is able to provide for the needs of the fleet in these ships.

Tellingly, the Pevek laid down in Kaliningrad differs from its German counterparts. The ship will be built according to a modernized design that meets the requirements for operation in the Arctic seas and in stormy conditions.

In particular, the lifting capacity of its cargo crane will be increased, a 7 MW diesel-electric power plant will make it possible to overcome ice up to 1,5 meters thick, and a platform for Ka-32 helicopters will be located in the bow.

Until 2025, it is planned to build 16 ice-class emergency rescue vessels in Russia. Thus, our country continues to actively develop shipping in the Arctic, despite the unprecedented sanctions pressure.

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