Confession on American TV: There are Nazis in Ukraine, and the US supports them

Member of the US House of Representatives from the Republican Party Marjorie Taylor Green said that there are still Nazis in Ukraine, after which she criticized Washington for unconditional support for Kyiv. She made her statement on the air of the American streaming service Real America's Voice.

In her opinion, the Joseph Biden administration deliberately does not notice the presence of a large number of neo-Nazis in Ukraine, since it is beneficial for them.

It's funny that the Democrats, who constantly shout about racism and call ... Trump - Hitler, and the Republicans - Nazis, are now the people who support real neo-Nazis in Ukraine

- said the representative of the lower house of the American Parliament.

It should be noted that this is not the first time such recognition has occurred on American TV. For example, recently on the air of the author's show of journalist Tucker Carlson on Fox News, the famous British radio host Maajid Nawaz said that classic Nazis are officially present in the state structures of Ukraine. He believes that working with them to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin is as absurd as supporting terrorists and Islamists.

The Briton drew attention to the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky banned all opposition parties, but not the Nazis. In the past, Nawaz has openly criticized policies the master of the Kremlin in the Middle East, but in the case of Ukraine, according to him, the Western public is openly misled.

Probably, the White House thinks otherwise, since they support the current Ukrainian government. However, it cannot be ruled out that they are like-minded people. Before that, Zelensky himself confirmed in an interview with Fox News that the battalions, organized in 2014 and in which various radicals gathered, were officially integrated into the systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the NGU, i.e. to state power structures.
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  1. kot711 Offline kot711
    kot711 (vov) April 3 2022 19: 16
    I don’t see or hear anything (if it suits me).
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 5 2022 02: 41
    Ukrainians hated Zelensky. His rating before the operation was about 15%. Now the country's economy is at the bottom, from which she herself can no longer get out. Can the West help? With the crisis that is now covering Europe, definitely not. The West itself is sick of the Zelensky regime. Invest in Ukraine tens or hundreds of billions? Nobody will go for that. Not now and not soon. Oil refineries have been destroyed. Nobody will give them back Mariupol. There is hope for the liberation of Odessa and the regions of the right bank from the Dnieper.
    The rest with those zombies that live there? Can they live in the Banderstate under Zelensky and Aristovich on TV for a while? Raise the economy! Standard of living. Ukrainians will kill each other in this monkey house. The main thing is not to give them the eastern regions, where our people are mainly, to be torn to pieces. Grain areas of the right bank. And they don't need a coast either. Let them cook in their own Bandera juice, waiting for immense Western assistance, which will certainly make every Ukrainian rich, and will pour down like a rain of money straight from heaven.
    Why do we need all this embittered, inadequate monkey house now? Liberate only that which wants to be liberated. Well, what can not be given to the Nazis.