The grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbas is close to being cut into two parts

The special military operation of the RF Armed Forces on the territory of Ukraine is gradually developing. This is stated in the morning report of the Russian Defense Ministry on April 2, announced at a briefing by the representative of the Russian military department, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

The report drew attention to the fact that units of the NM of the DPR managed to take control of the great honor of the settlement of Novobakhmutovka in the Yasinovatsky district of the Donetsk region. Currently, the troops are fighting with the retreating units of the 25th separate Dnepropetrovsk airborne brigade of the DShV of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (25th OVDbr, military unit A1126, location of the village of Gvardeiskoye, Novomoskovsky district of the Dnepropetrovsk region).

During the night, up to 40 nationalists, a tank and two motorized infantry platoons, as well as a mortar battery were destroyed in this area.

- said Konashenkov.

It should be noted that the capture of Novobakhmutovka is of strategic importance, as it will allow in the future to cut the existing grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass into two parts, northern and southern, each of which can fall into a separate "cauldron" (environment).

Konashenkov also said that the RF Armed Forces destroyed fuel storage facilities at the Kremenchug Oil Refinery with precision-guided munitions, from which Ukrainian troops were supplied with fuel in the central and eastern regions of the country. Airfields in the Dnieper (Dnepropetrovsk) and Poltava were put out of action. In addition, over the past 67 hours, missiles were attacked by 2 military targets, including 2 command posts, 9 ammunition depots, 54 field artillery guns and mortars, XNUMX concentration areas equipment APU.

Air defense systems of the Russian Armed Forces shot down 24 UAVs and 2 Mi-24 helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: one near Sumy, the second near the village of Urozhaynoye in the Donetsk region. In general, since the beginning of the NMD, the following have already been destroyed: 124 aircraft and 84 helicopters, 381 UAVs, 1882 tanks and other types of armored vehicles, 203 MLRS, 786 artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 1764 units of various vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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  1. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) April 2 2022 14: 50
    It is necessary to build up the offensive and try to take the Donetsk grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into a dense encirclement as soon as possible, it is necessary to develop success, not allowing the enemy to come to his senses, take a breath and regroup.
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 2 2022 17: 33
    it seems that not enough attention was paid to night combat in the RF Armed Forces. There are few nightlights and thermal imagers. UAVs with thermal imagers capable of aiming artillery or aircraft are also scarce. Night is the ideal time of day to destroy the enemy with air supremacy. And unfortunately, Russia makes little use of these opportunities. It is at night that helicopters and UAVs work well.

    When the Armed Forces of Ukraine will cluster in the steppes and open areas, Tu-22M3s with free-falling bombs will probably pull up. Highly accurate is good, but 18 * 500 kg or 1 * 9000 kg, this is a completely different effect on the enemy. Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine feel at ease 100 meters from equipment or other "significant" targets. Artillery certainly works, but shells are not 500 kg.
  3. oberon2000oberon (Evgeny Tikhonov) April 2 2022 20: 28
    The number of enemy manpower destroyed should also be reported, IMHO. I understand why this is not done, but it would have a strong demoralizing effect on the other side. And then there, many still think that immortal "cyborgs" and "no losses" are fighting on their side.
    1. Awaz Offline Awaz
      Awaz (Walery) April 3 2022 16: 49
      do you think they believe? But in general, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield are not so critical. Otherwise, they would have collapsed long ago.