Frightening oddities: what can the airstrike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Belgorod say about

To tell the truth, having seen in the morning report, with which every new day begins today, a number of reports about a strike inflicted by Ukrainian helicopters on an oil depot in Russian Belgorod, I immediately got ready for a fair portion of savage enthusiasm about the next "peremogi" that will gush Ukrainian sources. Believe me, getting acquainted with them even for the sake of fulfilling a professional duty is given to any person with a normal psyche with great difficulty.

What a surprise it was when, instead of heart-rending cries in the style of “fake”, I found on all official Ukrainian resources stories that everything that had happened was “a provocation by the Russian military, aimed at accusing Ukraine of strikes on peaceful targets.” Blimey! I have not experienced such amazement, perhaps, since the beginning of the special operation. How can it be - after all, all this time, official Kyiv and its stupid propagandists have been trying to suck it out of their fingers, to mold literally non-existent “victories” out of nothing, piling lies upon lies and fiction upon fiction. Many revelations of clumsily made fakes about "huge losses of the enemy", "a huge number of destroyed and captured equipment”and similar things do not confuse or stop anyone. The conveyor of miserable lies, becoming crazier and crazier, does not stop working for a day or an hour. And suddenly - a dull rejection of a really successful operation carried out on enemy territory! What would that mean?

Perhaps the reason is that the blow was delivered not on a military facility, but on a base that supplied fuel and lubricants exclusively to civilian organizations, and not to the Russian Armed Forces? No, this is just nonsense - after the shots of mockery of Russian prisoners of war that shocked the world and many times broadcast calls for the murder of families of military personnel and just peaceful Russians, attempts to disown a strike on a civilian object (besides, it did not entail human casualties) look simply ridiculous . So what's the deal here? In this case, we are not just an example of a screaming inconsistency with the whole behavior of the Kiev regime, but a case with rather frightening oddities. Why this is so - I will explain below.

However, to begin with, we will be forced to familiarize ourselves with the official versions put forward by Kiev - moreover, in dynamics, considering how they changed from time to time. First of all, the statement was made that, they say, "the provocation was staged by the Russian Armed Forces, which fired at themselves in order to accuse the Ukrainian side of aggression." This, again, is bullshit - at the stage at which the conflict is, there is simply no need for such things. The bitterness on both sides is already growing every day, and numerous evidence of war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine make this kind of production completely meaningless.

For a while, high-ranking representatives of the Kiev regime and speakers of the local ministries and departments mumbled something completely unintelligible in the style: “Neither yes nor no, I am not me and the mare is not mine.” Thus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba said:

I can neither confirm nor deny the claim that Ukraine was involved in this just because I do not have all the military information.

At a briefing at the Ukrainian media center in Kyiv, the speaker of the Ministry of Defense of the “nezalezhnoy” Motuzyanyk gave an even more intricate speech:

I want to emphasize that as of today, the Ukrainian state is carrying out a defense operation to repel armed Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine. And this does not mean at all that Ukraine should be responsible for all miscalculations and for all catastrophes and all events that occur on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is not the first time we have seen such accusations. Therefore, I will neither confirm this information nor deny it.

It seems that all these figures were just waiting for some kind of "manual" on the interpretation of events in Belgorod, which was supposed to come from somewhere, but still did not come.

However, later in Kyiv they spoke somewhat differently. I apologize in advance for the extensive quotations from the speeches of far from bright personalities, but you can’t throw out a word from their filthy “song”. So, here is what Alexey Arestovich, the head balabol of the Zelensky administration, said:

Militarypolitical the leadership of Ukraine accepts all methods in order to secure Ukraine. But we are conducting defensive operations on our territory. The leadership of the Russian Federation is responsible for what is happening on the territory of the Russian Federation and they need to figure out what happened in Belgorod. Maybe someone smoked in the wrong place, maybe the Russian military is sabotaging the execution of orders, they don’t want to enter Ukrainian territory. In any case, the entire responsibility for what is happening on the territory of the Russian Federation lies with the leadership of the Russian Federation ...

Again, outrageous tongue-tied nonsense, but pay attention - in this muddy "stream of consciousness" there suddenly appears a mention of some "Russian military", allegedly "sabotaging" the special operation. This is no longer just an attempt to shrug off, but a clear desire to shift everything from a sick head to a healthy one.

Further more. Even more bizarre game was aired by the well-known rhetorician and troublemaker, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of the "independent" Alexei Danilov:

The contradictions are piling up. Society in the Russian Federation is beginning to understand something. For example, what happened on the territory of the Belgorod People's Republic. Explosions at the oil depot. For some reason they say that we did it. In fact, this is not true at all. We do not comment on this. They must understand that it can be on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. We did not come to them, we did not go to them with a war...

Thus, he clumsily hinted that the Belgorod oil depot was attacked by some "Russians dissatisfied with the war" and that this, they say, was only the beginning.

Among the examples of rather strange statements on this subject, one can also cite the words of another notorious Kiev talker - adviser to the head of the presidential office, Mikhail Podolyak. This type rather peculiarly commented on the words of Dmitry Peskov that Ukraine’s strike on the oil depot in Belgorod “does not create comfortable conditions for continuing negotiations”:

You don't need to get ahead of yourself. This is Russia. We are not talking with a country that adheres to moral aspects in principle. We are talking with Russia, and they can revise what was agreed upon at any moment.

It is completely incomprehensible - what does one have to do with the other. However, here we come to the moment, which is perhaps the key in this story. Negotiation...

There is no and cannot be the slightest doubt that the pirate raid on Belgorod was carried out precisely by the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The moment of the attack was captured on video and it clearly identifies the Mi-24 helicopters, which are in service exclusively with the Ukrainian side. And not Russian Ka-52s, as they tried to claim in Kyiv.
And the type of ammunition with which the blow was struck indicates that the "turntables" of the ukrovoyak were beaten with them. All of this is clear and non-negotiable. However, there is a feeling that the order to carry out this “action” was not given at all from Kyiv and not by any of the local commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The personal initiative of someone of a lower rank, or even the pilots themselves? To tell the truth, it was precisely this thought that first arose - for to say that the Makhnovshchina now reigns in the Ukrainian army is to insult Makhno. The word "mess" would be much more appropriate. Moreover, just on the eve of the incident, on March 30, Dnepropetrovsk, from where, most likely, the helicopters that attacked Belgorod (at the local oil depot) flew out, was hit by a missile. And one more, according to the military unit located near the city - already on March 31. An act of retaliation? "Spontaneous impulse?"

This version, despite its relative plausibility, is destroyed by the fact that, according to Russian military experts, the “turntables” that hit Belgorod managed to literally sneak across the border and reach the target at extremely low altitudes solely because they were carefully “led”. Who? Well, the performance of such a task is most likely within the power of specialists of the appropriate profile from the armies and special services of the United States and Great Britain. And if we assume that it was they who were behind the attack on Russian territory, then all the pieces of the “puzzle” add up, and all questions find quite logical answers.

Both the Americans and the British refused to act as guarantors of Ukraine's security - and this, in fact, nullifies the entire negotiation process, which is already being conducted by Moscow and Kiev with great difficulty. Moreover, London allows itself to openly declare that there should be no peace agreements with Russia in principle. There, as in Washington, they are firmly set on only one scenario: a war with the Russians to the last Ukrainian. Could the adherents of such a line “insure themselves” by arranging an attack on Belgorod? More than likely, in my opinion.

In this case, it should be assumed that within the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is a certain unit (or even units) that is completely not subordinate to either Kiev or the army command and is under the direct control of the Western "allies". Most likely - staffed by their representatives, at least as advisers and overseers. And now this is extremely dangerous. Members of such a "Sonderkommando" without the slightest hesitation will arrange any, the most terrible terrorist act or provocation.

An explosion at one of the many Ukrainian nuclear power plants, the destruction of one of the large dams of the Dnieper hydrotechnical cascade, a terrorist attack on a large industrial facility that will lead to a large-scale man-made disaster - who knows what it could be. As the course of the special operation shows, absolutely anything. Perhaps someone will decide that I am reinsurance or "exaggerate". However, if there is even a one percent chance that this assumption is true, such a unit (God forbid, it is one) should be "calculated" and destroyed as soon as possible. In order to avoid tragic consequences, the scale of which you don’t even want to think about.

PS As it became known, the United States intends to hand over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine “a significant number of chemical protection kits” in the near future. Very, very bad news...
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  1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) April 3 2022 10: 52
    PS As it became known, the United States intends to hand over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine “a significant number of chemical protection kits” in the near future. Very, very bad news...

    Looking forward to the third coming of "Novichok"?
  2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) April 3 2022 11: 29
    However, if there is even a one percent chance that this assumption is true, such a unit (God forbid, it is one) should be "calculated" and destroyed as soon as possible. In order to avoid tragic consequences, the scale of which you don’t even want to think about.

    Ukraine itself is such a division.
    However, there may be lower levels - all that the States may need. The author is convinced of this.
    What if there are many such units? If the States can switch over to anyone?
    There is only one answer: it is necessary to influence the States themselves. Trying to avoid them while also wanting to stop them is foolish beyond measure.
    For such an impact on the States, we have only one tool - the threat to destroy them. There are also means - our excellent nuclear weapons, which became such, in many respects, due to the fact that our President for a long time considered him the main pillar of our security.
    The problem is that we ourselves are afraid of our own nuclear weapons, and we demonstrate this fear to our opponents.
    This is evidenced by our participation in the recent joint statement of the "nuclear five" (USA, UK, France, China and Russia) on preventing nuclear war by its participants.
    Russia is the only country whose participation in this statement is UNEXPLAINABLE
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 3 2022 11: 45
    Ah, it's all nonsense.
    There are comments on VO that there is an unspoken agreement not to touch the property of the "correct" oligarchs. They are ours, we are theirs.
    Similar facts that for a month a number of oil companies there, and even more so here, did not move hard, indirectly confirms this.
    And suddenly someone, in confusion, accidentally encroached on the "holy". They wrote, there are already "answers".

    Eternal stamp: "What are we for?" - how many authors were surprised

    And of course, the "secret plan of the State Department" will definitely be fastened
  4. NNikolaich Offline NNikolaich
    NNikolaich (NNikolaich) April 3 2022 11: 48
    The Englishwoman continues to shit, along with Uncle Sam...
  5. North Offline North
    North (Vera) April 3 2022 12: 19
    Pin-damn-dosia is now approaching a situation like a cornered rat, when both the nursing home and everyone behind the scenes decide to go all-in. That is, to do the blackest and meanest deed. Probably, the GDP will feel the moment when it will not just warn, but will THREATEN publicly. For some reason, I thought that this was Kalommoisky's business again ... but ... chemical protection suits ... for the entire army? ...
  6. Roman Doludenko Offline Roman Doludenko
    Roman Doludenko (Roman Doludenko) April 3 2022 13: 19
    An interesting assumption, the only thing that jarred it was "Mi-24 helicopters, which are in service exclusively with the Ukrainian side." They are quite composed, and even used, not as actively as the Mi-28, but sometimes you can see how they fly over the city outskirts.
  7. Alexander Popov Offline Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov (Alexander Popov) April 3 2022 14: 07
    You write:

    ... to say that the Makhnovshchina reigns in the Ukrainian army now is to insult Makhno. The word "mess" would be much more appropriate.

    I think that it is most likely that the word "mess" is more appropriate to apply to the Russian army, which poorly provides protection for strategic reserves on its own territory.
    1. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
      Sidor Bodrov April 4 2022 10: 21
      Yes, it is necessary to carefully protect the border areas, especially at the present time. Where are the vaunted "shells", "needles", "arrows", where are other mobile air defense systems? - Overslept the border troops.
  8. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
    Yuri 5347 (Yuri) April 3 2022 14: 08
    ... it is necessary to apply tougher measures to the West. And our leadership "plays politics." There is a complete feeling that we can be persuaded to the option the West needs. And they moved away from Kyiv - why? What, there are few people, you can’t mobilize? As for Belgorod, according to this scenario, you can sleep through an attack on your nuclear power plant or another important facility.
  9. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) April 3 2022 14: 13
    Yes, nothing surprising .. Most likely, they got the codes of the identification system "friend" - "alien". Hence this greyness. And the generals sculpt about some ultra-low heights. angry
  10. dub0vitsky Offline dub0vitsky
    dub0vitsky (Victor) April 3 2022 14: 21
    Probably, we will witness the extrapolation of dill propaganda to the explosion of domestic gas in an apartment in Moscow. Like provocations by the FSB in order to incite hatred for the fraternal people of Ukraine.
  11. KLV Offline KLV
    KLV (Konstantin) April 3 2022 14: 48
    The author was stupid when he said that the Mi-24s are in service only with Ukraine. The author, study this question, then you will understand how wrong you were.

    And further. In my opinion, an amateur, to admit this attack to Ukraine means to admit to the present state of war with Russia. Then, in front of the "civilized world" it will be harder to call oneself an innocent victim of Russia, who is only beaten and killed. And this is not good for the eternal Ukrainian "What are we for?" and "Give, give, give!". That is why Ukraine still does not officially declare war on Russia.
    1. Avarron Offline Avarron
      Avarron (Sergei) April 3 2022 17: 27
      Ukraine does not declare war because in this case the LPR and DPR, as well as all other territories, can be torn away from it as a result of the war.
      1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
        Marzhecki (Sergei) April 4 2022 07: 02
        The DPR and LPR are already officially recognized as independent and are physically and legally torn away.
        1. Avarron Offline Avarron
          Avarron (Sergei) April 4 2022 17: 22
          Recognized only by Russia. For the rest of the planet, they are part of Ukraine. And when conducting a declared war, you can record changes in borders based on its results.
    2. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
      Sidor Bodrov April 4 2022 10: 41
      Nonsense. Ukraine's response does not need any additional measures to justify it.
  12. Pavel57 Offline Pavel57
    Pavel57 (Paul) April 3 2022 20: 50
    The Americans hastily left Belgorod on the eve of the attack. Coincidence?
    1. Avarron Offline Avarron
      Avarron (Sergei) April 4 2022 17: 23
      Well, the authorities of Pndostana have been strongly recommending their citizens to leave the territories of the Russian Federation and Ukraine for several days now.
  13. Pavel57 Offline Pavel57
    Pavel57 (Paul) April 3 2022 20: 51
    Quote: Avarron
    Ukraine does not declare war because in this case the LPR and DPR, as well as all other territories, can be torn away from it as a result of the war.

    The war was not declared rather for another reason - the war is a force majeure in gas supplies through Ukraine.
  14. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) April 3 2022 21: 54
    What the Khokhlupyrs say is of little interest, but what these thugs click through is a fact, no matter how any experts on TV disbelieve ...
  15. hlp5118 Offline hlp5118
    hlp5118 (hlp) April 4 2022 07: 02
    Tell me who surrendered the Kiev, Chernihiv, Sumy regions for which our guys were killed. Who admitted that helicopters fly back and forth Mariupol-Dnepr, and bomb Belgorod. Traitors on the loose.
  16. netopyr Offline netopyr
    netopyr (netopyr) April 5 2022 19: 22
    The statements in the post were all minimal, but the last one is very accurate, and especially dangerous! That scumbags under the guarantees of the West will do everything! But these scumbags need to know how the West handed them over in batches! And they will also surrender, the West is as immoral as these scumbags! Eat bastards!
  17. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) April 7 2022 00: 55
    So it will be Odessa, it will be allowed to be slaughtered after Mariupol, Odessa is known all over the world, and if something related to chemical weapons happens there, then the Russian Federation will not be washed off until the end of its existence, and if it also kills and destroys in the South-East then the last people who believed in the Russian Federation will turn away from it !!