It became known about the refusal of Kyiv to comply with the convention on the treatment of prisoners of war

The Ukrainian authorities make it clear to their Western "curators" that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not plan to comply with the Geneva Convention in relation to Russian prisoners of war. This is reported by the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation.

According to the SVR, representatives of Kyiv are trying to convince their "partners" in the West to dissuade the International Committee of the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations from gaining access to Russian military personnel captured during a special operation. In particular, such attempts were made in relation to the British leadership.

As a response, the British Foreign Office advised the Ukrainians to organize visits to "exemplary" Russian prisoners of war in order to convince the world community of Moscow's "slander" about torture and ill-treatment of Russians. At the same time, the British, according to the SVR, even offer Ukraine their assistance in the trips of interested people to such places.

Meanwhile, many countries in Europe and the world are aware of the torture and humiliation of Ukrainian military personnel and nationalists against captured Russian soldiers. However, such facts are little covered in the Western press and social networks. Thus, there is an attempt by the West to help Kiev avoid responsibility for war crimes.

At the same time, Russian troops have repeatedly shown respect for captured Ukrainian servicemen, providing them with security, food and medical care.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 1 2022 15: 45
    So this is the signature on your own death certificate. The Brits don't mind. Cattle.
  2. Offline (Irina Gorskova) April 1 2022 17: 05
    From whom do they want something human? From the garden of ist-man yaks? This is no longer possible.
  3. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) April 1 2022 22: 11
    Click a wedge knock out. Treat captured UKROPs and their families in the same way as they treat prisoners of war of the Russian Federation and residents of Donbass ... there is nothing to feel sorry for these fascists.
  4. horseradish Offline horseradish
    horseradish April 2 2022 10: 59
    And why and for whom do we demonstrate our humanity? Will the mother of a Russian soldier tortured in captivity understand us?
  5. Esme Offline Esme
    Esme (Esme) April 2 2022 15: 25
    Find at least one positive description of the Ukrainian in the literature. It simply doesn't exist! Such a people ... to deceive, betray, set up ... it's them ... they can’t live differently and cannot live ... The modern poet S. Sergeev wrote beautiful lines about the essence of this nation ...

    Khokhols are corrupt, deceitful, greedy,
    Courageous only against those
    Who is fit to die herd, -
    Christ did not atone for their sin;

    Their sin is still original,
    People, no one needs
    He is the original breed
    Both in spirit and in mind.

    In the words of the impudent Briton,
    East - everywhere only slaves.
    Maybe. Only Ukrainians
    Decorating foreheads with sedentary,

    Always ready to bawl
    Lying down under Poland and Lithuania,
    And it's indecent to roam
    Letting Tatars into Russia.
  6. Garaf Offline Garaf
    Garaf April 2 2022 16: 45
    And you still stand on ceremony with them... There are enough crimes against civilians and prisoners of war behind these rapists to sentence them to capital punishment.