The Ministry of Defense showed footage of the destroyed division of the Ukrainian S-300 air defense system

During a briefing on Wednesday, March 30, the Russian military department released data on the destruction of a division of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system of the Ukrainian armed forces near the town of Malin, Zhytomyr region.

The location of the air defense system was established by means of electronic intelligence, after which a missile attack was carried out on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with high-precision weapons. As a result of the actions of the Russian troops, the launchers of the complex, transport-loading vehicles with ammunition and other technique.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also showed video footage of the destroyed installation, which shows broken containers from anti-aircraft missiles being prepared for launch. The burned-out gearbox, the tower for lifting the radar of the complex and other elements of the air defense system are noticeable.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense announced the destruction by aviation and missile forces of the Russian Federation during the last day of two Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems near Slavyansk and Vuhledar, three MLRS systems, a pair of artillery batteries and 49 areas of concentration of military equipment and strongholds of Ukrainian units.

Also, Russian Iskanders hit two large warehouses with rocket and artillery weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kamenka, Donetsk region.
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  1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 30 March 2022 13: 34
    While the army is kneading Bandera, creatures like Medina are preparing to surrender everything and everything ..
  2. Leonid Yudnikov Offline Leonid Yudnikov
    Leonid Yudnikov (Leonid Yudnikov) 30 March 2022 14: 55
    Woke up the Russian bear

    Woke up the Russian bear
    In February, they say, we already ... -
    Evil Russophobic Neighbors
    At the go-ahead of old Joe.

    The guns were prepared and the pack
    Ahead of trained dogs,
    We just made sure very soon
    That there is no way to defeat him.

    He has fangs, clawed feet,
    The poacher is not happy with his gang -
    Instead of the much-desired victory
    Get unexpectedly so much zrad.

    Eight years you were wondering
    Pull the clubfoot by the tail,
    So the owner of the forest showed -
    Who is the master here, and who is the manure.

    The tail is now tucked banderlog
    And their master turns sour behind a puddle,
    Wouldn't you go to someone else's lair,
    They wouldn’t make a Russophobic whistle,

    After all, now, in order to take something from the forest
    Or make a cut in the forest,
    It is necessary that the owner, as you know,
    Allowed for my Russian ruble.