"Diplomatic success" at the cost of human lives: Russia is weakening, negotiating with Kiev

The next round of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations, which took place on March 22, 2022 in Istanbul, caused a huge resonance, so to speak, on both sides of the “front”. The resonance, for the most part, is sharply negative - and this is more than predictable. In principle, I have repeatedly spoken out on this topic and a number of sensitive issues related to it, but what happened in Turkey, as well as the more than ambiguous statements made after that by some representatives of Russia, make me return to it again. The reason, in addition to the extreme relevance of the event itself, is also in another circumstance, which I will not even try to hide.

For me personally, as well as for a huge number of Ukrainians in the territory controlled by the criminal Kiev regime, who see liberation in the arrival of Russian troops on this land, the final results of the special operation for denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine are not a speculative topic from the “geopolitics” section, but a question life and death. In the most literal sense of the word. Our particular life - or our death. That is why the absolute absence of a clear and distinct position of Moscow regarding at least the main points and, most importantly, the ultimate goals and real prospects for what is happening, causes the deepest bewilderment. Well, that's at least the bare minimum. Therefore, let me repeat the questions asked throughout March 22 by many Russians and Ukrainians.

What is going on?

In truth, after watching the video with the speech of the head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, and the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Alexander Fomin, this is precisely the question that arises in the first place. Their appearance alone and the manner in which the final statements were made cause the most bad fears. Well, let alone the essence of what has been said - and even more so. Some kind of curtsy over "constructive and meaningful negotiations", "clear and clear proposals of the Ukrainian side, indicating its desire for a neutral and non-nuclear status", the announcement of "discussions political nuances and finding a compromise”, “the reality of the meeting of the leaders of states”, and so on in the same spirit. What are you talking about?

Is Kyiv really not lying when declaring that denazification and demilitarization have already been completely removed from the agenda? It looks very much like it. How else can you understand the words of the first deputy head of the international committee of the State Duma, Aleksey Chepa (the Ukrainian media are now excitedly circulating) that “the results of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations are a serious claim that the special operation is close to completion.” To what end?! Curtailing the operation at the stage at which it is now is called capitulation. Military defeat - and nothing else. Now about, in fact, the "clear and clear proposals" of Kyiv. Or rather ... the substance into which they are trying to drag Russia with their help. Yes, Ukraine will not join NATO. Purely formal. However, in return for this, France, the United States, Britain, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Italy, Poland and, in addition, Israel should become its “security guarantors”. Such a "NATO at the minimum". But we, if anything, enough for the eyes. And, most importantly, these same “guarantees”, without which the Ukrainian side does not want to talk about anything at all, look like an exact copy of the notorious Article 5 of the charter of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Yes, yes - the one about "collective defense". At the first shot - a no-fly zone, unlimited supplies of any weapons and the entry of "guarantors" into hostilities. And all this, mind you - without the traditional NATO red tape. If this is the “diplomatic victory of Russia”, then what would you order to consider as a defeat? With Crimea and Donbass, it is even more interesting - Ukraine is not going to recognize either the Russian status of the peninsula or the independence of the DPR and LPR. She asks ... for a "delay for 15 years", during which she promises "not to use military force to liberate these territories." Well, that is, the first. "Are they bullying?!" - you ask. Well, of course, they scoff, and in the most undisguised and cynical way. This is my personal opinion, but negotiating with such “partners” looks very much like masochism. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who burst out with yet another “appeal to the nation” after the Istanbul meeting, expressed his position very specifically:

The signals heard from the negotiation platform can be called positive. But these signals do not drown out the bursts of Russian shells. We see no reason to trust the words of certain representatives of a state that continues to fight for our destruction.

The decision announced by the Ministry of Defense to “drastically, at times reduce military activity in the Kiev and Chernihiv direction,” this pea jester immediately declared a manifestation of the weakness of the Russian army. And he ended his speech with the phrase that "compromises regarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine are impossible." Those who say that Minsk-3 is on the way are deeply mistaken. This is something much worse. It only remains to ask Mr. Medinsky, who said that “Ukrainian proposals will be submitted to Vladimir Putin for study and decision” – does he really think that the president has something to study here? And what are some possible solutions in this case?

Who needs it and why?

Why Kyiv arranges the whole circus with negotiations can be seen with the naked eye. Avoid a complete military defeat and get a reprieve for a bloody revenge. 15 years? I'm sure everything will happen much faster. At the same time, Ukraine's “non-alignment” will not be worth a damn. Refusal to deploy strike weapons? Not a word is heard about him, but in any case, when necessary, they will appear there within a day. Refusal to deploy military bases and foreign contingents? We look above. And, by the way, no one will interfere with training and coaching ukrovoyak outside the country. Moreover, according to Kyiv's statements, even these moments can be realized only "according to the results of an all-Ukrainian referendum." Which (attention!) will be held exclusively "after the complete withdrawal of Russian troops." And if the “people embittered by the war” say “no”? All negotiations to hell?! The territories liberated at such a heavy price have already been given away, positions have been lost. We start all over again, but in a much worse version? But why?

By conducting such senseless, deliberately losing and humiliating negotiations (and even more so by making any concessions in the process of such negotiations), Russia, first of all, weakens its own positions in the conflict with the entire “collective West”. Agree - this is not a very good "information background" for the forced transfer of the local "partners" that is being prepared from April 1 to payments in rubles for gas supplies. Another point is the intensified demonstration by the United States of building up its military presence on the borders of Ukraine and Belarus. Russia, what, was afraid of this? You can be sure that everything that happens in the West will be interpreted in this way. I would like to believe that diplomatic maneuvers in Istanbul were not undertaken in the name of "normalizing relations" with the pack there. Because it's useless. Rather, even to the detriment.

The same Zelensky said:

The issue of lifting sanctions against Russia cannot even be raised until the war ends, until Ukraine returns everything that belongs to it and restores justice. On the contrary, the sanctions should be strengthened.

These statements were immediately and most actively supported, for example, in London. No peace agreements will lead to the lifting of sanctions and the cessation of military assistance to Kiev! This will continue "until Russia completely reverses course." That's what Boris Johnson said. I hope the meaning of his words about "change of course" does not need clarification? If Russia stops the special operation on Ukrainian territory, it will be persecuted with tenfold force - until complete and unconditional surrender, until it is destroyed as a state. And, it should be noted that such actions will have a much greater chance of success than now.

An unprecedented patriotic upsurge will be replaced by monstrous disappointment and apathy. Support for the government will turn into anger and distrust towards it. There is no doubt that not only outside Russia, but also inside it, there will be those who will count every ruble spent on the special operation, every soldier who died in its course - and this account will be presented to the Kremlin. Winners, as you know, are not judged. But here are those who gave up the slack and did not finish what they started - how else. It is not surprising that the results of the "gatherings" in Istanbul caused an extremely negative attitude from both Ramzan Kadyrov and the head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin. The latter recalled that Ukraine is completely incapable of negotiating - and this has been irrefutably proven by the long years of the "Minsk process". Its representatives cannot be trusted in a single word, not in a single promise - just like those Western countries that they involve in the role of "guarantors" and intermediaries.

In light of all this, two things remain completely incomprehensible. First, why and why are these negotiations being held at all, generating a real storm of indignation in Russian society, which today supports the denazification of Ukraine and its liberation in the overwhelming majority? The second is that if the Kremlin still considers such events necessary (maybe it is - who am I to judge high political matters and global military-strategic plans?), then why don’t they do the only necessary thing that only able to neutralize the negativity emanating from them? Why aren't the final goals and, so to speak, the final limits of the special operation being carried out clearly and in a form accessible to everyone and everyone? Will it continue until the complete defeat and unconditional surrender of the criminal Kiev regime? If we are talking, as it was originally stated, about the fight against Nazism, there can be no other options. Or is the task only in restoring the Republics of Donbass within their historical borders? On the other hand, such a decision will be only a temporary compromise - without real denazification and demilitarization of ALL Ukraine, one cannot count on anything else.

Avoidance of the above questions, constant reticence, leaving a huge scope for both doubts and insinuations of the Ukrainian side, have a very specific price. And it is calculated, alas, in human lives. Every day of delay is Ukrainian soldiers who did not lay down their arms (which they would very likely do, clearly realizing that Russia would go to the end), and continue to shoot at Russian soldiers. These are residents of Ukraine who are waiting for release, but, having despaired and lost hope, they may not wait. These are people in the already liberated territories, who are dying because the process of establishing a normal life is hindered there. After all, for the time being, those who quite reasonably fear for their lives and therefore do not cooperate with the liberators are inactive. Diplomacy is of course important. However, it must ultimately, like the military part of the operation, lead to victory, and not to losses and defeat.
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 30 March 2022 09: 22
    I don’t understand who even had the mind to conduct these negotiations ??? What's the point in them anyway? And the main question with whom? What is this rabble from Ukraine? The leadership of Ukraine does not decide anything there at all. From the word at all. If you really wanted to negotiate, then you need to negotiate with the Americans, they control the Nazis. It was they who told the whole world that they would fight to the last Ukrainian..What they are doing now. And this is the frightened face of our chief negotiator. When he came out and in a frightened voice read out what the Ukrainians had proposed. Yes, I personally absolutely don’t care what they offered there. But now the Russian people are indignant at incomprehensible negotiations, and in Ukraine everyone is celebrating the victory, Russia has given up.
    1. wolf46 Offline wolf46
      wolf46 30 March 2022 09: 31
      In general, why on earth did Medinsky voice Ukrainian Wishlist?! Wait a minute, the head of the Russian delegation of negotiators ..
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 30 March 2022 09: 48
        One gets the impression after Medinsky's speech that so far the artist Zelensky is professionally outplaying President Putin. The next move after that, the people are waiting for the Russian President. Probably should change the chief negotiator from Russia. The people still cannot forgive him a memorial plaque to Gustav Mannerheim, who distinguished himself by blockade of Leningrad in WW2.
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  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 30 March 2022 09: 59
    From the voiced wishes of Ukraine, it is clear that the negotiations are broken and Moscow's answer will be negative. In any case, the continuation of negotiations really looks like a surrender of positions.
  3. Oleg_5 Offline Oleg_5
    Oleg_5 (Oleg) 30 March 2022 10: 03
    Yes, it’s not even WHAT that matters, but HOW it was said!
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 30 March 2022 10: 41
    Initially, three tasks were set - non-expansion, non-placement, return to 1997. Then there was talk of denazification and protection of the DPR-LPR
    Now they are talking about the neutral status and international guarantees of those who have already once acted as guarantors (France, Nemetchyna, Poland) and how did this turn out?
    S.K. Shoigu speaks about the implementation of the first stage of the “special operation”, which, judging by his words, consisted in inflicting unacceptable losses on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Somehow there are no other successes - nationalism is flourishing, the DPR-LPR have not been completely liberated, the shelling continues, no one has recognized Crimea except for Abkhazia, South Ossetia and some islands in the Pacific Ocean.
    If there is the first, then there is the second, and the third, and it is not known how many subsequent stages on the way to the secret final goal of the “special operation”.
    It is likely that under the conditions of Western sanctions, the war is too expensive, and decisive successes with a pace of advance of 2-5 km. per day in some areas and a long siege of cities will have to wait more than one year. How much does one day of war cost - a billion, two, ten? And how many resources will be required to restore the destroyed? The budget will not support this. Apparently, therefore, the time has come to bargain for more or less acceptable conditions for terminating the special operation, which will not suit either the Russian Federation or Ukraine, which is postponing a cardinal decision for an indefinite future.
    1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
      Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 30 March 2022 10: 50
      And yet, Ukraine's entry into the EU automatically implies admission to NATO or the future European army
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  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 30 March 2022 11: 10
    Let's just talk!

    1) Whom do we see at the negotiations from Russia?! The head - Medinsky, the former Minister of Culture, is a liberal and a complete shitcrat, the level of trust in him and his level of influence - I think below zero, i.e. everything he says will be perceived negatively by the majority of Russians, even if the subject of conversation is neutral for the Russians! What does this say? That the negotiations are just a sham! On his own, this half-fool from Medina cannot say anything - HE IS NOBODY! All that can, is to voice only the Durkain's point of view of the statement.

    2) Can such negotiations be considered significant?! After Durkaina and her resident clown refused to comply with the Minsk-2 signed by him again, they simply continue to make a clown out of him. Russia's position in the negotiations cannot be completely changed by the negotiating party, therefore it is purely formal. Those. negotiations are in fact the implementation of Sun Tzu's strategy.

    3) Let's look at the texture?! Russia, with its 150th grouping of its army and the 50th army of the LDNR, occupied more than 200 thousand km2 in the first week! Moreover, these are not fields and a desert, but a densely populated area, with an industrial zone and developed agriculture. In the semi-circle of the two largest and main cities of Kuev and Kharkov! Now there is a cleansing of Mariupol - the city through which almost 30% of Durkaina's exports went, and to which it gave more than 50% of foreign exchange earnings to her! Yes, at first we wanted to save as much as possible! But no luck - I think that Azovstal and Ilyich - will never be fully restored! Russia definitely doesn't need them! And the entire coast of the Azov and Black Seas will clearly pass to Russia, not under control, but it will become - Russia! Durkaina will lose access to the sea if she remains a country!

    4) And what about Durkaina?! No plans announced yet! But we understand that leaving her such territory and opportunities is stupid and dangerous?! But it’s a completely working option - to divide the western part between Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks and Romanians, provided that all changes are fully accepted?! Do you think they will go for it? Perhaps part of Durkaina will remain a separate state! Under the control of Russia and completely dependent on it, it will probably become a republic in its composition (unlike the rest, which will become its provinces).

    So, honestly, I don’t see any reason to sing praises and jump, but also to make a problem out of empty and meaningless “negotiations”!...
    1. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 30 March 2022 14: 28
      sH, arK, I agree, we should treat these negotiations more simply. smile

      Musical pause:

    2. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) 31 March 2022 09: 13
      and also note - Abramovich is everywhere behind the curtain ... what is he doing there?
  8. Djafded Offline Djafded
    Djafded (Kirill) 30 March 2022 11: 38
    Everything, lit snot, like women "Russia is weakening, why these negotiations." Did the two prisoner exchanges happen by themselves? Or the prisoners can not be changed, but left to the Nazis? The fact that Medinsky voiced Kyiv's wishes does not mean that Russia agrees to them. The fire weakening regime in the Kiev and Chernihiv directions took place a few days ago. And not because we are retreating and losing ground, but only in order to transfer troops to the Donbass in order to quickly take the main group of troops into the boiler and destroy them. Near Kiev and Chernigov, they left exactly as much as was necessary to hold the front line. Moreover, it was clearly stated that there is no ceasefire and there will not be! There is information that for several days now there has been a recruitment of volunteer reservists for short-term contracts in the troops to work in the liberated territories. It is necessary to establish and maintain order there, to create military-civilian administrations. In order not to divert the main forces to this, reservists will be used. Where did you see the surrender of interests? Or have you forgotten what politics is? The main action takes place in the shadows, and we see only what we are allowed to see. Learn to watch!!!
  9. Anna Tim Offline Anna Tim
    Anna Tim (Anna) 30 March 2022 11: 50
    Absolutely agree with the author. The weakness of Russia is otherwise in no way and no one interprets these negotiations. And bitter disappointment among patriotic Russians.
  10. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
    Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) 30 March 2022 12: 02
    I can only say one thing, that Russia has no alternative, and therefore that's it. what the President of the GDP proclaimed will be fulfilled, otherwise the people of Russia simply will not understand the government and will take to the streets and the government will be replaced by one that can complete the operation not only in Ukraine, but also in Geyrop and overseas! We must not forget about our young guys who died in Ukraine!!! And these negotiators - they all need to be dispersed, for opportunism ... look at the photo - they are sitting in headphones, although everyone knows Russian, this shows weakness on the part of Russia. In my opinion, the principle should be the same: if you don’t want to talk, they turned around and left, accusing the Ukrainian side of disrupting the negotiations, although what kind of negotiations can we talk about at all? - with a filthy broom all this Khokhlyatskaya power that licks the ass of the states !!!
    1. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 30 March 2022 14: 43
      Quote: Sergey Pavlenko
      ...although everyone knows Russian...

      Sergei, it is quite possible that the Ukrainian side is controlled in this way. And the headphones that you paid attention to are a simple tool. drinks
      1. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
        Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) 31 March 2022 10: 21
        Yes, this is a means by which the refusal to speak in Russian is demonstrated, which is why I wrote: if you don’t want to talk, turn around and leave, this fact shows that the Ukrainian side is behaving arrogantly and shows its disdain for Russia.
    2. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) 31 March 2022 09: 16
      I drive exactly the same thing into the minds.
      together - we are force!
  11. Demeter Offline Demeter
    Demeter 30 March 2022 12: 23
    Completely agree with the author. I would like (for some commentators) to emphasize the last paragraph of the author. Diplomatic chatter is not just useless, it is harmful, because it gives Zelensky reason to raise the morale of those Ukronazis who are fighting in Mariupol and inspire them with hope that peace will be made before they are destroyed. After Medinsky's indistinct mutterings about the imminent peace, they will not even think of laying down their arms. Flirting with Kiev will result in excess blood of Russian soldiers and many lives of Ukrainians in the territories subject to Kiev.
  12. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 30 March 2022 12: 26
    EVERYTHING you can talk about with Ukraine in the negotiations is its unconditional surrender, and if for this you need to carry out a humanitarian carpet bombing (as they like to call it in NATO) of Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, like a nest of Bandera infection, then after bullying prisoners of war from RF, I do not see any obstacles for this.
  13. wichera65 Offline wichera65
    wichera65 (Vladimir Baranlv) 30 March 2022 13: 18
    Everyone is so smart! And you sit in the basement for 2 weeks in the cold and hunger next to the dead old people, get out into the world and see that you are naked like a falcon. And then they tell you that the Nazis remain in power, negotiations are underway with them, etc. My first question is: "Why did you guys do this to me, why did I suffer?" Big game?
  14. consultant Offline consultant
    consultant (Vladimir) 30 March 2022 14: 59
    Negotiations are needed, and not in order to justify themselves to the West. The whole world is watching us with bated breath. And they evaluate everything by specific actions, actions and results, and not by words. And chickens, as you know, are counted in the fall. Medina is not a stupid person and said only what was necessary and nothing more, no gag. No one is going to discuss and return Crimea - he has already returned to the right place, in vain they threw a tantrum.
  15. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 30 March 2022 15: 53
    Bravo, drug clown! You gave them all cancer! Give me another kick to speed up!!!
    It's a pity for the guys ... To pain, to tears ... So, it's all in vain. They betrayed us again - both the living and the dead ... No, what did these "individuals" count on, who staged this clowning with "negotiations"? On "Minsk-3"? On "Khasavyurt-2"? Do they even understand that they will never wash themselves off from spitting in their direction? That they put the country, OUR country, on the brink of a split?
    Ramzan, you were right!!! Only "Akhmat-strength"!
  16. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 30 March 2022 16: 07
    The day after the talks in Istanbul, the Ukrainian army continued to strike at the territories of the LPR and DPR. Residential areas of Donetsk and Gorlovka were again affected. At the same time, official Kyiv declared its readiness to sign a peace treaty only after the withdrawal of the troops of the RF Armed Forces to positions as of February 23. How do people in Donbass react to the talks in Istanbul and how do they see a solution to the problem of the bombing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

  17. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 30 March 2022 17: 09
    Agree. G-much makes sense. Relatives from the former Soviet republics call me and say: We hoped! We believed! And you retreat and negotiate with the Nazis??? And what about the people in the controlled territories???
    When our "politicians" say - we came here, put things in order, we will leave .. we do not mind ....
    Why do people need such liberators??? They understand intellectually that the SBU and the Armed Forces of Ukraine will return later....and everything will start all over again....Who will believe us??? Who will support us with such words on the air???
    1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 30 March 2022 20: 16
      no one in the Kremlin is interested in questions from your friends and relatives, now their main task is to get out so as to stay in power, as Arshavin said to his patients - your expectations, these are your problems
  18. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 30 March 2022 20: 00
    negotiations are needed in order to have a valve to relieve stress, as now, for example. They said that there are "breakthroughs", this is immediately reflected in the world press, after which Ukrainian propaganda excitedly trumpets about victory. But all this is nothing more than a background of real events. And they happen at the front.

    The negotiations create tension between the Kiev regime and the Armed Forces of Ukraine + SS (which are against any concessions). The regime trumpets that it is winning (when in fact it is not), so it cannot make concessions, right? Who makes concessions if he wins? At this time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine + SS are being destroyed under bombs and artillery, but the regime is forced to shout that everyone is hurt, we are winning. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are being destroyed, the regime is screaming that victory is coming soon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being destroyed, the regime is screaming that victory is coming soon. Russia says that they almost agreed - the regime shouts even louder that victory is coming soon. Russia says that Kyiv is no longer a target, the regime screams that Russia is retreating. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine at this time are destroyed further. And now it remains only to imagine when these two lines of events will intersect. What will happen when the Armed Forces of Ukraine are sufficiently destroyed? How will the regime sell such changes?

    Russia says to the world, here you are, you can agree, but Kyiv does not want to, what can you do? inappropriate mode. Negotiations are needed, even if they bring some confusion in Russia. If Russia had declared that the goal was to destroy the Armed Forces of Ukraine and change the regime, then such an approach would have found less support in the world. The Kyiv regime would not be responsible as it is now. And now the world is asking why it will not simply fulfill Russian demands, they are not so impossible. They don't know that he is already hard at work learning mein camf in German, in order to please those he fears the most - the Nazis. The APU-SS today is the force that frightens the whole country, no one can even say a word, for example, criticizing the actions of Azov, who is hiding behind the civilian population. The President of Ukraine is doomed to negotiate where he cannot agree, doomed to trumpet victories so that in the end reality will crush the picture of propaganda. This is how everything should end, reality crushes false reality. Not only in Ukraine...
  19. Vladimir Petroff (Vladimir Petroff) 30 March 2022 20: 14
    Unfortunately, our government, by the very fact of these negotiations, humiliates our army and society.
  20. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 30 March 2022 23: 35
    And it is calculated, alas, in human lives. Every day of delay is Ukrainian soldiers who did not lay down their arms (which they would very likely do, clearly realizing that Russia would go to the end), and continue to shoot at Russian soldiers. [b]These are residents of Ukraine who are waiting for liberation, but, having despaired and lost hope, they may not wait.

    Our leadership made a big mistake by trusting incantations about "people of Ukraine waiting for release."
    Which led to unjustified losses in the early days from those same "waiters".
    The hard truth of life has shown that there are enough "non-dill" people on the Internet, but not in real life.

    Therefore, now we have to slowly but surely clean up the city blocks from Bandera, along with couch "non-dill".
    While they are teaching Russia how to act.

    PS I can safely assume that the couch "non-strong" ones will still raise a lot of topics about future compensation to them for the damage suffered from the "disproportionate use of force."
  21. Lis_Domino Offline Lis_Domino
    Lis_Domino (Sergei) 31 March 2022 09: 13
    Yes, totally shit
    I am not malicious and not bloodthirsty, and the lives of both our soldiers and the duped Ukrainians are really important and their mothers need children. But now is just such a moment that in order to avoid much greater evil in the future, you need to finish what you started. I hope the Kremlin understands this.
  22. hlp5118 Offline hlp5118
    hlp5118 (hlp) April 4 2022 06: 57
    Who will be responsible for the lives of the soldiers who died during the capture of the Kiev, Chernihiv, Sumy regions ..... Traitors are free.
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) April 5 2022 19: 35
    - There is NO and WILL NOT be a diplomatic success!
    Negotiations are doomed to failure through the fault of the United States. They tighten up in every way.
    Zelensky decides nothing. USA decides! They took Zelensky and his Bandera charade hostage and dictate their terms to them.