“Don’t talk about Putin like that”: in France, a citizen publicly criticized Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron faced an unfortunate incident in the city of Dijon, which he visited as a candidate for a second term. But instead of the expected PR, he received a social slap in the face. Almost dispersing the guards, a simple citizen, the father of the family, literally attacked him with criticism, and in front of journalists expressed everything that he thinks about economic policy government. The verbal skirmish between the head of state and the desperate Frenchman was shown on the Figaro Live TV channel.

Of course, President Macron almost immediately tried to explain to his compatriot that the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was allegedly to blame for everything. But his opponent only became more enraged by this.

Of course, now you will tell me about Ukraine! But don't do that, don't talk like that about Putin. I did everything we were told, I lowered the temperature in my home by 2-3 degrees. But it's terrible! The humiliation of going to the store. Even worse - to refuel. My family saves every cent, we feel like beggars lately

says the desperate citizen.

As a result, the dialogue turned into a monologue. The Frenchman did not let the head of state say a word, so great was his disappointment. Macron pretended to listen and even tried to retort. But I didn't find any arguments.

I had a salary that allowed me to live with dignity. I could save and afford to travel. Now I have nothing left after paying the bills. The situation is catastrophic, my child, I think, will not be able to go to university

- Reinforcing emotions with gestures, the citizen says.

The potential voter, in fact, showed the incumbent president as weak and helpless, without sufficient theoretical support for his propaganda tales about Putin and Russia. Macron was unable to respond to the accusations of a French citizen why gasoline rose in price by 30 cents in just 48 hours. Now the employee has to give up not only the heat in the house, but also the car. However, the cost of public transport has also risen.

A worse incident for Macron is hard to imagine. In front of many television cameras, he was disgraced. The theme of Russia becomes a painful trap. As the current head of state, he cannot change the policy of North Atlantic unity, leave the coalition of Western countries. Although, for sure, he understands that completely different ideas are popular among the people and the path to victory in the race also lies through serious foreign policy changes in France.
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  1. LLIkunep Offline LLIkunep
    LLIkunep (Alexey) 29 March 2022 08: 57
    Macarons are everything. Oluh - next in line. Shaggy Boriska will also go there with Bidon - into oblivion. A bunch of demon-possessed fools mired in lies cannot end otherwise.
  2. Gora. Offline Gora.
    Gora. (EGOR. ) 29 March 2022 09: 13
    Begins. Old Joe dragged you into addiction, but he’s not going to pull you out, somehow, you have to think with your head about your head, ask the Hungarians how .....
    1. Pound Offline Pound
      Pound (Alexander) 29 March 2022 09: 51
      And why should the guardian think ?, the old senile thinks for him and says what he needs to do ....
  3. Dmitry KK Offline Dmitry KK
    Dmitry KK (Dmitriy) 29 March 2022 11: 26
    Europe for the United States is just an aircraft carrier off the coast of Russia, which will slowly sink. The United States is ready to sacrifice it for the sake of maintaining a unipolar world.
  4. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 29 March 2022 11: 52
    That's it, including for such reasons, it is necessary to further raise the status of the national currency. It is tough to continue converting exports to the ruble. As quickly as possible and without sentimentality. And the actions of representatives of the monetary authorities who want to play in favor of foreign currencies are considered as wrecking, sabotage and betrayal of Russia's interests.
    In general, why are they just now suddenly starting to do this? Why before admiring the dollar and the euro did not want to raise the status of the ruble??? Maybe because they sold?
    The world should move with us into payments for our goods in the ruble. If you want to eat bring a ruble, if you want warmth, bring a ruble. All who help the exchange rate, the status of the dollar and the euro should be very far from power and decision-making. They are villains and traitors. hi
  5. tavia Offline tavia
    tavia (Tatyana) 29 March 2022 13: 50
    France is ruled by the Americans through the vile Borrell and the fawning Van Der Leyen! What does this have to do with Macron? He does not decide anything at all in French politics, is that how it turns out? It turns out that the French gave their country under external control to a gang of stupid parasites from the Council of Europe!
  6. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 30 March 2022 09: 24
    I did everything we were told, I lowered the temperature in my home by 2-3 degrees. But it's terrible! The humiliation of going to the store. Even worse - to refuel. My family saves every cent, we feel like beggars lately.

    This "simple citizen" sets out the topic no worse than Cicero.
    I’m not sure that he is gesticulating to Macron exactly what they write here.
    And he obviously forgot what "poverty" is - this is when there is nowhere to live and nothing to eat.
  7. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 31 March 2022 09: 21
    Macron is a lame duck?