Ukrainian mines sailed to the Bosphorus

Throughout the second half of March, the international community, with undisguised excitement, and shipowners, with frank horror, have been watching the “journey” (drift) of Ukrainian naval mines in the Black Sea. There were a lot of these munitions from the Second World War in Ukraine.

Ukrainian side has established along its coast there are many anchor mines, demonstrating complete contempt for international law and human lives. bad technical the condition of these mines led to the fact that cable breaks (minreps) began to occur, after which the ammunition was sent to sail, carried away by the currents.

The Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian military had to take urgent measures to avoid disaster. Now the mine danger has reached Turkey. Ukrainian mines reached the Bosphorus, disrupting navigation in this important trade artery.

Turkish media published footage showing a sea mine found in the said strait. In the video, a boat of one of the emergency services is approaching a dangerous ammunition. It is specified that later the Turkish military destroyed the mine by shooting it from a machine gun.

However, the problem is that hundreds of such mines are now moving across the Black Sea, and they only seem small from a distance. 20 kg of TNT, exploding at the waterline level, will cause many problems even for a very large ship.
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  1. Ukrainian mines sailed to the Bosphorus

    I have never been to the Bosphorus
    Don't ask me about him.
    I saw the sea in your eyes
    Blazing blue fire...
  2. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 27 March 2022 15: 36
    Naval Forces attack Turkey!?
  3. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
    Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) 27 March 2022 16: 08
    The danger is that at night the mine is not visible, and through the "Bosphorus" they go, incl. and cruise ships...
  4. Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 27 March 2022 19: 27
    According to reports, the Turks decided to fish out one of the mines to determine its ownership. The "research" is clearly custom-made and the "conclusions" may be peculiar, depending on Erdogan's mood
  5. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 27 March 2022 19: 53
    Here's the problem. Oil will not reach Europe now. Neither Kazakh nor Georgian-Azerbaijani. It's time to become an oil broker on the stock exchange. I'm wondering what's going to happen to prices...