A referendum on the entry of the LPR into Russia is possible soon

In recent days, there has been a real pilgrimage of representatives of foreign media to Donetsk and Lugansk. Previously, such enthusiasm was not noticed, since the West tried to pretend that the DPR and LPR did not exist at all.

On March 27, the head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, held a meeting with journalists, during which he said that a plebiscite on the republic's entry into Russia was possible in the near future. His words came as a surprise to those present.

I think that in the near future a referendum will be held on the territory of the republic, at which the people will exercise their absolute constitutional right and express their opinion on joining the Russian Federation. I'm sure it will be

- he said.

Pasechnik stressed that at present most of the territory of the LPR is under the control of the People's Militia of the Republic. This makes it possible to hold the mentioned referendum. At the same time, the head of state did not announce specific dates for holding a plebiscite.

It should be noted that according to public opinion polls, the vast majority of the inhabitants of the LPR really want the republic to join the Russian Federation as a separate subject (region). The majority of Russians also perceive it positively. At the same time, experts say that this will provide an opportunity to develop the LPR and protect the republic and its inhabitants from possible future illegal actions of Kyiv.

However, the official point of view of the Russian authorities on this initiative is still unknown. However, Moscow always tries to listen to the opinion of the people. Therefore, it is unlikely that Russia will refuse the LNR.

Moreover, a similar referendum may take place in the DPR. Donetsk has not yet voiced any initiatives on this issue, but this is understandable, because a significant part of the territory of the republic is still under the control of the Ukrainian authorities. Therefore, you need to wait until the NM DPR liberates these territories from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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  1. wolf46 Offline wolf46
    wolf46 27 March 2022 13: 54
    Under the conditions of the special operation in Ukraine, an empty and premature statement. The successful resolution of humanitarian issues not only in the Donbass, but also in all the liberated territories of the former Ukraine, in general, will make it possible to hold referendums on self-determination there as well.
    1. ᛟᛒᛟᛞᚱᛁᛏ ᚹᛖᚾᛞ (Sibiryak Pribaikalsky) 27 March 2022 14: 57
      The liberated territories of Little Russia are not independent subjects of international law, unlike the LPR and the DPR. The status of the latter is also not recognized by the vast majority of UN member states, but is recognized by at least one of its most important participants, i.e. Russia. After the final cleansing of the territory. LDNR from the militants of the national battalions and the Armed Forces, it is quite possible to hold a referendum on joining Russia there, on the rights of individual subjects of the federation with republican status. At least, both the LNR and the DNR, BLOOD spilled over the past 8 years have earned this right without any delay. As for the Kherson, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Sumy and Chernihiv regions, everything will be much more complicated there. After all, our government STILL did not indicate the final results of the special operation itself, as well as REAL future fate of these territories. So far, we, it seems, are not going to annex anyone to ourselves, but are conducting some kind of negotiations with all sorts of Arachamis, Reznikovs and Podolians about some kind of "humic corridors", recognizing Crimea as Russian, although why the hell do we even raise this topic when it and so Russian, according to all international legal norms and a referendum, where 97% of the population voted FOR. It frankly makes fun of me that the Ukrainian side is generally trying to lead us by the nose, they say, you first withdraw the troops, incl. and from the Crimea, DPR, LPR, and then we will think about what to do with you next. Can not ACTUALLY the loser side to put some "ultimatums" VICTORIOUS the side that defeated most of the military potential of the ukrogabon and methodically pounded the positions of the APU and the national guards with hailstones, calibers and daggers, not to mention the cleansing of the territories occupied by Russian troops. And also me I DO NOT UNDERSTANDWhat does our president put into the very concept - the denazification of Ukraine: the destruction of Nazis, ideologists, banned literature, bringing the above people to criminal responsibility, arrest or liquidation on the spot? How can you denazify NAZI state-in without overthrowing the power structures of this state-va?! It's like denazifying Germany in 1945, without eliminating or removing from power Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, Himmler and other leaders of the Nazi Deutschland.
  2. “To enter the native harbor, from east to west, by region, at one linear distance ...”
    1. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
      Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 27 March 2022 17: 22
      ... the process has begun!))
    2. Yuri 5347 Offline Yuri 5347
      Yuri 5347 (Yuri) 27 March 2022 17: 25
      ... sha-a-go-o-o-oh arsh!!!))
  3. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
    Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) 27 March 2022 16: 04
    The most important thing is not to pay attention to the hostile West and the United States, they will still yelp at Russia, so recognize everyone and annex everyone, and let them continue to rage about adding new regions to us and increasing Russia .... And whoever doesn’t like it, I ask for an application for receiving Caliber, Iskander for free by air ..., well, in general, who likes what more !!!
  4. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 27 March 2022 21: 45
    To begin with, the entire liberated part of Ukraine must unite into a single independent state. What will happen after will be seen
  5. dub0vitsky Offline dub0vitsky
    dub0vitsky (Victor) 28 March 2022 21: 28
    Haste is needed in two cases. Neither one nor the other suits us. The liberated LPR and DPR, as victors as independent entities, can include demands for the annexation of territories in the act of surrender. As far as I understand, there will be no one to pay reparations. You can take the territory. And, already in the new, updated territory and status, hold a referendum on entry. We need preparation. We need to restore the industry. A lot of things will need to be done. The remaining territories acquire a neutral status under the protectorate of Russia. Western borders. It's too early for them. We need to finish with the east, south, center.
  6. dub0vitsky Offline dub0vitsky
    dub0vitsky (Victor) 28 March 2022 21: 30
    Quote: Colonel Kudasov
    To begin with, the entire liberated part of Ukraine must unite into a single independent state. What will happen after will be seen

    One Ukraine, independent and united, has already shown itself. Do you need to be fucked in the forehead five times in order to reach consciousness?
    No one. Three or four parts, the eastern ones are included in Russia, the remaining ones, with new constitutions, under the protectorate of Russia.