Will Putin become the new Stalin, or will he surpass him?

European Commissioner for Trade Valdis Dombrovskis the other day literally issued the following passage: “I would say that Putin is drifting more and more towards Stalin!” Did you just now notice? “Late ignition” and the slow thinking of some EU figures (especially those with Baltic roots) are so obvious that it’s a sin to even joke about them. Moreover, Mr. European Commissioner, clearly wanting to throw a heavy blow in the face of our President political insult, without knowing it, gave him a fair compliment. Well, how can the poor know that in Russia Stalin is the most popular and revered historical figure of the past?

Be that as it may, but the parallels between Vladimir Vladimirovich and Iosif Vissarionovich, already repeatedly drawn earlier, starting from February 24 of this year, acquire a completely new meaning. Do they have a basis? Personally, I think so. Really, it’s worth trying to figure out what is the similarity between the two uniquely great leaders of our Motherland. Let's not go into all sorts of "subtle matters" like psychology and the like. Let's talk about quite specific cases, achievements and failures. Believe me - there is something to compare.

Rebuilding the country, preparing for war

It is clear that the current president of Russia did not get the national economy in such a terrible state as it was in the young Land of Soviets after the First World War and the Civil War, which plunged everything that was left of the Russian Empire into devastation and poverty. Although... “Prihvatization”, the transfer of the vast majority of state property to private (and not always honest) hands, which caused a complete, practically, collapse of industry, infrastructure, and the social sphere - all these were still “gifts”. Stalin had to create everything from scratch, from scratch. Putin - to restore. And another big question is what to do easier.

At the same time, the threat of foreign invasion and the prospect of war against the entire Western world hung over the USSR literally from the moment of its creation, because our country, by definition, was an antagonist of the capitalist states. Russia, on the other hand, for some time conscientiously tried to "fit" into the new geopolitical alignment that emerged after 1991 and become an "acceptable member of the world community." In any case, it looks very significant that from the moment the Nazi state was created, the only purpose of which was war against our country, and until a direct collision with it, both leaders had exactly the same time - 8 years.

The tasks were also similar - the creation (for Stalin) or the restoration (in the case of Putin) of combat-ready Armed Forces and a powerful military-industrial complex. Rearmament of the army and its advanced equipment technique. Ridding the country of the "fifth column", potential traitors, patriotic education of the population, its preparation for military hard times. At the same time, one should take into account such a fact, which is taken into account by far not everyone - the period of the most severe sanctions, in fact, a complete trade blockade of the USSR by the capitalist "collective West" ended years before the start of the Great Patriotic War.

Our "sworn friends" during the "great depression" and after it were forced to cooperate with the hated "soviets" for the sake of their own economic survival. Russia, precisely since 2014, has been under an increasingly powerful “pressure” of ever-increasing sanctions pressure. One way or another, but the main tasks were generally completed in both cases. At the same time, it should be noted that today's Russia has weapons that completely discourage the aggressive NATO bloc, which has as its ultimate goal the destruction of our country as a sovereign state, to enter into an open war with it. On the other hand, in 1941 such weapons simply did not exist in nature.

The defeat of Nazism

I hasten to make a huge request to all readers who may see something blasphemous in equalizing the Great Patriotic War and a special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine - I do not intend to do anything like that. However, one cannot but admit that in both cases we are dealing with an extremely aggressive and militarized regime professing Nazi ideology (enough stupid talk about “Ukrainian nationalism”, Nazism is Nazism), coached by the “collective West” and, above all - its Anglo-Saxon part for a war of extermination against our Fatherland. As in 1941-1945, our country is opposed, in fact, not to one country, but to the whole of Europe, helping our enemy with resources, finances, weapons, volunteers. Except that last time the United States and Britain pretended to be our "allies", there was some sort of "Lend-Lease". Now they have openly come out against us, and "Lend-Lease" in its new incarnation is intended for our adversary.

One way or another, Vladimir Putin, who acts as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, as in his time before Generalissimo Stalin, still faces the same task - to defeat the Nazi state, which is the advanced armed detachment of the "collective West", saturated with misanthropic ideology, committing war crimes, corrupting both its citizens and everyone around with disgusting malice and lies.

The enemy must be defeated, and Victory will be ours - for our cause, as in the Great Patriotic War, is right. At the same time, let me note that this time we managed to avoid a repetition of the tragedy of June 22, 1941. Prevent the enemy from inflicting a vile and sudden crushing blow. More and more captured documents, obtained and published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, allow us to assume that this is exactly the scenario that everything went. I don’t see the slightest reason not to believe them, and, therefore, this time the situation is still developing according to the best option. The only direction where there is currently a clear lag is the fight against the "fifth column", with obvious and hidden traitors, internal enemies of the Motherland.

Absolutely correct measures aimed at their eradication were taken by the current government obviously belatedly. With the liberal public and other "agents of influence" of the West, they played almond and rushed for too long. What can I say - Comrade Trotsky was sent to Istanbul back in 1928, and Mr. Chubais drove off to the same address just a couple of days ago, having managed to play tricks. I will not flatter this figure by comparing him with Lev Davydovich, but certain parallels, you see, suggest themselves. However, let's hope that time is not hopelessly lost and that Vladimir Vladimirovich will have time and will be able to make up for lost time on this front. Actually, it's already catching up.

War against the dollar and US hegemony

The uncompromising struggle against the dollarization of the world economics, the creation of an alternative "center of power", a kind of "common market", which would be dominated not by green candy wrappers, but by the ruble backed by gold and all the property of the USSR - all this refers to those deeds and achievements of Stalin, which, alas, are rarely remembered. Rejection of the discriminatory decisions of the Bretton Woods Conference, which turned the United States into a "world banker", the establishment of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance in 1949 (the Americans then created NATO).

The convening of an economic forum in Moscow in 1952, at which not only developing countries, but also Austria, Sweden, Finland expressed their readiness to join the “dollar-free economic zone” that was being born under the auspices of the USSR ... These were the contours from which it could well have been born the very “multipolar world” for which Russia is fighting so fiercely today. Alas, all these victories were mediocrely squandered by the subsequent leaders of the Soviet Union, which allowed Washington to take the place of the "world hegemon". Today, everything has to start from scratch. However, all the current actions of Vladimir Putin indicate that the decisions he makes are not at all impulsive attempts to achieve success, but the implementation of a plan carefully thought out for years and years ahead.

The key to our Victory in this struggle should be another great deed of Stalin, which only Vladimir Vladimirovich turned out to be able to repeat - the establishment of not just friendly and good-neighborly, but allied relations with China. Among serious Western analysts (and not contract hacks), the opinion was repeatedly expressed that such an alliance would be the end of the "era of the West." It is very likely that these predictions are coming true before our very eyes. If Putin completes the deadly battle begun by Stalin with the green financial "serpents", if he wins, this will be the greatest act of his reign and life, elevating the president to the pantheon of the most glorious statesmen of our Fatherland. Exactly so - and nothing else, because this will mean the beginning of a completely new century, not only for Russia, but for all mankind.

In what seems today an incredibly distant year 2018, my article was published on the Reporter with the following heading: "Putin can make Washington's worst dream come true". It is still available for reading on our website. The subheading there was the following: "Will America be able to make a new Stalin out of the Russian president?" And there were also such words: “Most likely, neither Putin personally nor his inner circle wants Stalinist power at all (and the same responsibility for the fate of the country!). However, one cannot but admit that Vladimir Vladimirovich is the only one of the modern leaders of the Russian state who can do something like this, if the historical circumstances are so. Not at all pretending to the laurels of Nostradamus, at least one prophecy that came true, I, it seems, I can safely write down at my own expense. Our “sworn friends” succeeded, and even better than one could expect - let them blame only themselves now.

Under Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was at the highest point of its development, its heyday and power. Alas, after the death of the Leader, the country did not follow the vector he set, which ultimately ended in her death. Today, we can only believe that Russia, returned by Vladimir Putin after many losses and terrible mistakes, to the main path of its History, will not turn off it under any circumstances.
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  1. Russian Bear_2 Offline Russian Bear_2
    Russian Bear_2 (Russian bear) 28 March 2022 08: 18
    He is still very far from Stalin.
    1. Boris Podolko Offline Boris Podolko
      Boris Podolko (Boris Podolko) 28 March 2022 10: 59
      So yes, and so no. If you are talking about a red reversal, then yes, far. But the GDP received education and special training, which Stalin did not have, and here Putin bypasses Stalin. On the whole, I consider these leaders of ours to be quite comparable in historical significance.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 28 March 2022 09: 19
    Putin does not use an ice pick against enemies. This is a completely different politician. Rather, it can be compared with Alexander Nevsky, who fought with the West and was friends with the East.
  4. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 28 March 2022 09: 42
    Stalin is not dead. He faded into the future...

    Charles de Gaulle.
  5. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
    Spasatel 28 March 2022 10: 00
    Putin is nobody! And he will answer for everything he has done. History, as always, will put everything in its place. And Mr. Putin's place in it is unlikely to be among those marked with the stamp of virtue. Rather, on the contrary. What he did with our country will be described in every detail and detail in hundreds of "scientific works", "memoirs" and some historical essays. Thirty years of doing nothing, silent contemplation of the banderization of Ukraine to the accompaniment of nightingale trills and the unrestrained theft of officials of all ranks and stripes, the construction of summer cottages, palaces, personal ski resorts and the global embezzlement of public funds with the export of 90% of the state's income to offshore - these are the results of the "rule".
    Everything else is a consequence!
    1. andrey ivanov_2 Offline andrey ivanov_2
      andrey ivanov_2 (Andrey Ivanov) 28 March 2022 10: 48
      How they are still alive - I myself am surprised ........
    2. Vladimir Golubenko (Vladimir Golubenko) 28 March 2022 11: 22
      You! "rescuer" of the fifth column! You can't run away
    3. Valentin Borisov (Valentin) 28 March 2022 13: 01
      Rescuer, not everything is so bad, although, I have to admit, there is truth in your words.
    4. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
      Astronaut (San Sanych) 28 March 2022 19: 36
      Look, my friend, no matter how you would have to answer!
  6. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 28 March 2022 10: 38
    Under Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was at the highest point of its development, its heyday and power.

    Dear Alexander Neukropny, Kyiv!

    The USSR from the "highest point" fell to pieces solely through the efforts of the communists - the Leninist-Stalinist ideological and administrative apparatus.
    What follows from this?
    Simple: Comrade Stalin "educated the elite" that destroyed the USSR.
    1. Valentin Borisov (Valentin) 28 March 2022 12: 57
      G. Krapilin Did you look at the dates of the era of Stalin and the collapse of the union?
      1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
        Krapilin (Victor) 28 March 2022 15: 02
        Dear Valentin Borisov (Valentin)!

        And what is the "mystery" of dates?

        And do you have any objections to the collapse of the USSR precisely by the hands of the communists?
        1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
          Marzhecki (Sergei) 28 March 2022 18: 17
          And do you have any objections to the collapse of the USSR precisely by the hands of the communists?

          What kind of communists are they after that? This was the fifth column
          1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
            Krapilin (Victor) 28 March 2022 19: 56
            Dear Marzhetsky (Sergey)!

            Not a single one of the millions of communists of the USSR "fired back" at the "advancing chains" of democrats from a single Lenin's room ALL OVER THE USSR.

            In this case, the fifth column - you said it - were ALL communists of the USSR ...

            Or did the communists somehow differ "by grade"?
    2. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
      Astronaut (San Sanych) 28 March 2022 19: 39
      So we can agree that Marx is also to blame, because. Wrote the manifesto. Your logical chains are built badly))
      1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
        Krapilin (Victor) 28 March 2022 20: 02
        Dear Astronaut (San Sanych)!

        The manifesto is written about "the ghost of communism that roams Europe."
        Note! ... It is in Europe, and not in Russia.
        And what then is the "logic" of the attempt to build a communist utopia NOT in Europe, but in Russia?
    3. Sultan Kogan Offline Sultan Kogan
      Sultan Kogan (Sultan Kogan) 29 March 2022 02: 13
      It was the fifth column that destroyed the USSR. It was Khrushchev who started this subversive activity. Unfortunately, for the prosperity of the country, we did not have enough continuity of power. Why is the West hysterically demanding a change of power in Russia? They have something there in the West, the elite has not changed for centuries, the colonial elite. And the communists - the vast majority, they were ordinary people, working people, who under Stalin achieved unprecedented power and prosperity!
      1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
        Krapilin (Victor) 29 March 2022 07: 27
        Dear Sultan Kogan (Sultan Kogan)!

        The "fifth column" is a very convenient position to blame everything on others, and "we ourselves have nothing to do with it."

        "They" are bringing down the country - and we, the "simple and laboring communist people," silently watch and indistinctly condemn?
        1. Sultan Kogan Offline Sultan Kogan
          Sultan Kogan (Sultan Kogan) April 1 2022 13: 07
          There is a fifth column, and in recent days it has clearly shown itself. The people have never decided anything anywhere. Well, we condemned all these rubbish dumps like Radio Stydoba, Echo Matza. The people all hated Chubais, but no one could do anything with him. All elites decide. It’s just that the Anglo-Saxon elites are PERMANENT, in England the same people have been ruling for hundreds of years, so they are strong and methodically defend their interests. And we had Stalin - we had the most efficient economy in the world. Then the collective farmer Khrushchev came and destroyed it all. Do you think why the West is so heart-rendingly demanding a change of power in Russia? This makes it easier for us to manage.
  7. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 28 March 2022 10: 44
    If Putin goes through with Stalin's deadly battle with the green financial "serpent", if he wins...

    Dear Alexander Neukropny, Kyiv!

    You are confused about something: Stalin won the "financial green serpent" in 1950.
    Putin has "his own fight", and not a continuation of what Stalin started ...
    1. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
      Krapilin (Victor) 28 March 2022 22: 12
      Will Putin become the new Stalin, or will he surpass him?

      Dear Alexander Neukropny, Kyiv!

      In the history of Russia, and besides Stalin, there were worthy rulers: Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Alexander the Third: with one, Russia became the Kingdom, with the other, the Empire, and the third warned Europe not to get in the way when he was fishing.
      What caused such a "burning interest" in comparing Putin with Stalin?
  8. Khaertdinov Radik (Radik Khaertdinov) 28 March 2022 11: 21
    You yourself are drifting ... in the direction of the psychiatric hospital!)
  9. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 28 March 2022 11: 22
    I.V. Stalin was the leader of the party of the proletariat, fought and built a new type of state in which the productive forces were the property of the whole people, and did not belong to a narrow circle of owners of “factories, newspapers, steamships”. Raised the state out of devastation and total illiteracy. He created a powerful, second economy in the world (V.V. Putin set a goal to enter the top five leading capitalist economies in the world after the USA, Japan, Nemetchina, Britain and France). Laid the foundation of the space age, etc., etc.
    Vladimir Putin is supported by almost all political parties, and who do these political parties represent? Those groupings of big capital at all levels that created them, support them, promote them to all power structures and whose interests these elected representatives of the “people” express. It would not be so, there would be no difference between them and there would be one political party representing the absolute majority of the population - the party of the proletariat, but there is no such political party in the Russian Federation and never will be, and intra-class contradictions of big capital will sooner or later manifest themselves in with all its strength.
  10. Konstantin_2 Offline Konstantin_2
    Konstantin_2 (Konstantin Alexandrovich) 28 March 2022 12: 21
    For starters, Putin needs to cancel the bashful drapery of the Mausoleum on May 9th.
    1. silver169 Offline silver169
      silver169 (Aristarkh Feliksovich) April 1 2022 11: 43
      Wouldn't it be easier to demolish the useless vault of the great destroyer of Russia than to spend money on drapery every year?
  11. Marfa Guy Offline Marfa Guy
    Marfa Guy (Marfa) 28 March 2022 12: 30
    He is PUTIN, and the era of STALIN has passed :)))
  12. Valentin Borisov (Valentin) 28 March 2022 12: 54
    I am very worried about the last paragraph of your article ... Such a country cannot depend on the "role of the individual in history." Today, a powerful state with a poor population is being built, which means that Khrushchev and Gorbachev can come after Putin .. even Medvedev ..
  13. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 28 March 2022 13: 39
    in Russia, is it Stalin who is the most popular and revered historical figure of the past?

    I once read what kind of people are fans of the mustachioed leader. The portrait as a whole is as follows: age - 50+, without higher education, living in rural areas, with incomes of 10-15 thousand rubles; the farther from civilization and its manifestations, the more such people.
    1. svit55 Offline svit55
      svit55 (Sergey Valentinovich) 28 March 2022 20: 02
      And I once read that these data are not true.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. consultant Offline consultant
    consultant 28 March 2022 16: 02
    To revive the Gulag system and send all Stalin's admirers there to develop the economy, this was almost its main driver in those years. But now there are no people who want to live in a barrack and work "for food".
    1. Sultan Kogan Offline Sultan Kogan
      Sultan Kogan (Sultan Kogan) 29 March 2022 02: 15
      Congratulations, sir! Who told you about the driving force of the Gulag? US-funded dumps like Memorial, rest in peace?
  15. gorskova.ir Offline gorskova.ir
    gorskova.ir (Irina Gorskova) 28 March 2022 18: 02
    Why become Stalin? He is Putin. Yes, times are different. And more terrible. Weapons are more destructive. And the rulers of the West and their leader, the United States, are much more experienced in abominations and meanness. Therefore, I wish you success in the fight against this western hyena that has begun.
  16. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 28 March 2022 18: 17
    there is no field for comparing Putin and Stalin, one was the leader of all workers and peasants and Red Army soldiers, and the other defends the interests of the oligarchy. As for the Patriotic War of 1945 with the current war with Ukraine, these are two completely opposite different cases. Even if we manage to conquer all of Ukraine by military means C such losses that the Anglo-Saxons rub their sweaty palms after what will be, what will be. How can you keep the population hostile to Russia under your influence?

    Western Ukrainians have every right to exist in the International System as an independent Nation, making any choice. But what do they not have the right to do? they do not have the right to illegally occupy Russian territories that they obviously never belonged to, and to terrorize Russians with Nazi methods.

    It is in the interests of Russia now to separate all these regions of the new Russia from Donbas to Odessa and annex them. And then how Western Ukrainians will determine their lives and what kind of state they will have if they choose a republic or a fascist dictatorship is their own business. But let them know that some choices mean pure death....

    As for the Fifth Phalanx inside the country, the Fifth Phalanx comes from the pro-Western oligarchs "when the capital has 10% profit, it feels confident, at 20% it becomes alive, at 50% it becomes decisively bold, at 100% it violates all human laws , at 300% there is no crime that does not risk doing this.'' Karl Marx. Therefore, inside Russia there are oligarchs who, in order to protect their personal interests and increase their own profits, are able to even agree on the dissolution of Russia, remember the case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky in the 90s.

    Look at the cases of today's Ukraine, where different Poroshenkos now rule, in eight years there has been an incredible split among the Ukrainian people, more than 8 million Ukrainians fled abroad as refugees, more than 40 people died in a fratricidal war and this will probably end up with Ukraine completely will lose access to the Azov and Black Seas .....
  17. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 28 March 2022 18: 28
    - Personally, I think that in Putin's entourage there are enough individuals who should not be trusted ... - there are enough of them among them who are responsible for intelligence and counterintelligence in Russia; and those who developed the conduct of military operations of the RF Armed Forces and all the logistics and provision of the RF Armed Forces with military equipment, ammunition and other military equipment !!!
    - There are a lot of all kinds of charlatans and pseudo-specialists in the environment of the president - such as - A.G. Siluanov; A.L. Kudrin (there was also a rogue Chubais) and a number of other figures who caused monstrous damage to the economy, industry and the entire national economy of Russia !!! - Many of them continue to hold their posts!!! - As they say - comments are superfluous!
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) April 3 2022 15: 21
      gorenina91. There is no national economy in Russia and there will not be as long as there is such a Russia. Feudalism and capitalism are always war.
  18. svit55 Offline svit55
    svit55 (Sergey Valentinovich) 28 March 2022 20: 10
    Stalin is a historical figure. Putin has already gone down in history, not only for years of rule, but at least for the return of Crimea. And to compare people from different eras is possible only after many years after their death.
  19. Leonid Dymov Offline Leonid Dymov
    Leonid Dymov (Leonid) 29 March 2022 15: 19
    Putin is a ruler of the level of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. After Stalin, at the helm of the USSR and the Russian Federation were pygmies who surrendered Ukraine, Crimea, the Black Sea to the West. Peter I had the Battle of Poltava, which brought order to Ukraine, which corresponds to Putin's special operation in Ukraine. Catherine II conquered the Crimea and the Black Sea, which the communists and their successors (oligarchs and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation) mediocrely surrendered. Putin began to return the original Russian territories.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) April 3 2022 15: 23
      During the Battle of Poltava, Ukraine did not exist.
  20. consultant Offline consultant
    consultant 30 March 2022 08: 04
    Quote from Sultan Kogan
    ... Who told you about the driving force of the Gulag? US-funded dumps like Memorial, rest in peace?

    No, close relatives who have been there. And you can continue to deceive yourself and others, and lie further.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) April 3 2022 15: 24
      So your relatives are long-livers. They are probably 150 years old.
  21. consultant Offline consultant
    consultant April 3 2022 21: 05
    Quote: zenion
    So your relatives are long-livers. They are probably 150 years old.

    Why such an inappropriate conclusion? My proposal was written in the past tense, and I'm not 18 either. They really were long-livers, but alas, not so much.
  22. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) April 5 2022 13: 52
    It makes no sense to compare the incomparable and close. Different times, events and systems. Each time has its own leader. The system of management and decision-making may differ, but all of them are aimed at strengthening the country's defense capability and repelling the aggressor. Vladimir Putin manages and makes the necessary decisions, relying on the Security Council, the Government, deputies and public opinion. We thank them all for their valiant work and strengthening the might of Russia.

    - The Americans unleashed, with the hands of their coming out fascist mercenaries, terrorism and torture, murders and atrocities in Ukraine!
    The political and military leadership of Russia promptly launched a military operation to eradicate and destroy American democratic terrorism in Ukraine.
    For all the atrocities, murders, torture and abuse, the destruction of infrastructure, the Americans are directly responsible equally with the American mercenaries - Zelensky and other Nazi evil spirits.
    - It was the United States that hired these thugs to kill and destroy Ukraine, to fight Russia!
    Criminal Zelensky and his mercenary criminal gang carry out DIRECT orders from Washington and negotiate with Russia under the dictates and in the criminal interests of the United States.

    - It is necessary to DESTROY the American mercenaries and bring them to the Donbass military tribunal.
    Russia will win!