"Nationalized" aircraft in Russia will never be able to fly to the West again

The current fleet of domestic air carriers mainly consists of foreign-made aircraft leased. With the start of a special operation in Ukraine, the European companies that transferred the cars demanded their return. Until recently, the fate of hundreds of aircraft remained unclear. However, there were unequivocal hints that the cars would be nationalized, that is, they would be given into the ownership of Russian companies.

The day before, head of the Ministry of Transport Vitaly Savelyev met with senators from the Federation Council as part of a meeting of the Upper House Committee on economic policy. During the meeting, the minister was asked how foreign-made aircraft operated by Russian airlines would be serviced.

Savelyev said that the planes in question would not be able to be serviced in Western countries, since any of these planes that flew without the permission of the owner automatically loses this opportunity. The minister recalled that there are three engineering centers in Russia - in Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. The capabilities of these centers make it possible to carry out the entire range of work on servicing foreign-made aircraft.

At the same time, “nationalized” liners will no longer be able to leave the territory of the Russian Federation, flights on them are possible only within the borders of the country or to friendly states. Such a statement allows us to conclude that flights to the west will now be carried out using domestic aircraft. Including promising MS-21. All this, combined with recent the news about the probable serial assembly of the Tu-214, allows us to talk about a sustainable course towards the replacement of foreign equipment products of the Russian aviation industry.

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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 23 March 2022 16: 19
    They don't have to fly. Sell ​​for parts. Everything. Crash the parts market.
  2. gorskova.ir Offline gorskova.ir
    gorskova.ir (Irina Gorskova) 23 March 2022 18: 24
    Only those campaigns that leased these aircraft (aircraft) will lose a lot themselves, even if they try to return them. Estimate how much they will have to pay for the return, with those air lines "closed" by the West. No wonder they have already started talking that it is better to go bankrupt. And Russia is a big country. They can be safely used on internal lines. Output. Everything is transitory. And what they try to do to us will certainly return to THEM.
  3. Homeless Offline Homeless
    Homeless (Vladimir) 23 March 2022 20: 46
    Will fly east, more good.
  4. Oleg Gorshkov Offline Oleg Gorshkov
    Oleg Gorshkov (Oleg Gorshkov) 23 March 2022 21: 22
    We still need to deal with the latest Boeing plane crash, the day after China refused to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation and threats from the United States to introduce special measures, the Chinese Boeing vertically stuck into the ground ...
    1. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 24 March 2022 13: 00
      China has already stopped using such Boeings after the plane crash.
      For a long time or not is not yet clear, maybe forever.
  5. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) 23 March 2022 22: 24
    At the same time, “nationalized” liners will no longer be able to leave the territory of the Russian Federation, flights on them are possible only within the borders of the country or to friendly states.

    "Never say never"...
    We know the elasticity of the worldview of our "partners", so "they count chickens in the fall" ..
  6. svetlanavradiy Offline svetlanavradiy
    svetlanavradiy (Svetlana Vradiy) 24 March 2022 07: 33
    Our planes were arrested abroad? Yes. Here we have a mirror answer.
    1. We compensate by confiscation of assets of foreign companies!
  7. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 24 March 2022 12: 19
    remake it for landing and transfer it to the airborne forces.
    we are again to you with greetings, to tell you that the sun has already risen, Yaposhka's mother.
  8. You need to rivet your eplans, ITS, as it was in the USSR! And then they built, you know, a shopping and entertainment center instead of aircraft factories!
  9. bsb Offline bsb
    bsb (Boris Babitsky) 26 March 2022 13: 26
    And why fly to the West, to rest? In Russia there is where to relax. So not a big problem.