Polish authorities did not like the truth about the neo-Nazi Azov regiment

The tragedy unfolding in Mariupol, where bandits from the Azov Regiment (banned in the Russian Federation) still hold the civilian population, is attracting the attention of the press around the world. The Polish edition of Onet.pl was no exception, which unexpectedly drew attention to the external paraphernalia and history of this armed formation.

Thus, in their article titled “The Azov Regiment: a controversial detachment in Mariupol,” the authors raised the issue of the contacts of the members of the formation with right-wing extremist organizations in Western Europe, for example, in Germany. The authors of the publication point out that the expansion of right-wing extremism in Ukraine would sooner or later lead to an armed conflict anyway.

During the fighting in 2014, there were many allegations of looting and wrongdoing by militants, including the Azov Regiment.

says the website Onet.pl.

This publication was severely criticized by A. Matsarevich, a deputy of the Polish Sejm, who held the post of Minister of Defense of Poland until 2018. Macarevich called Onet.pl a publication duplicating the Russian narrative, while emphasizing the direct role of Germany in maintaining such a discourse.

Mr. Matsarevich is a consistent and tough Russophobe, it was he who declared Russia one of the parties responsible for the Volyn massacre, and also actively promoted the version of the involvement of the Russian Federation in the plane crash near Smolensk, in which the top leadership of Poland died.

Unfortunately, the former defense minister is not the only person in Poland who holds an anti-Russian position. However, his opinion and the opinion of other representatives of the authorities of the countries of Eastern Europe are not taken into account when conducting a special military operation in Ukraine.
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  1. faiver Offline faiver
    faiver (Andrei) 22 March 2022 14: 40
    Duck, they have not liked us for five hundred years already, and what?
  2. Moscow Offline Moscow
    Moscow 22 March 2022 15: 38
    Matsarevich is a hidden Nazi. A Russophobe is a soft stigma for him.
  3. Art Pilot Offline Art Pilot
    Art Pilot (pilot) 22 March 2022 16: 36
    In its desire to somehow punish Russia, Poland will again and inevitably break its forehead.
  4. yo yo Offline yo yo
    yo yo (Vasya Vasin) 22 March 2022 17: 08
    Apparently, Poland recalls the dashing times of its history, as a result of which Poland received in the face.
  5. nikolaj1703 Offline nikolaj1703
    nikolaj1703 (Nikolai) 23 March 2022 07: 27
    When these Nazis come running to Poland, the question will arise: "What about us?"
  6. dub0vitsky Offline dub0vitsky
    dub0vitsky (Victor) 23 March 2022 19: 52
    A couple of Natsik brigades will arrive in Poland in full (not killed) composition, put the suckers on their knees out of habit, make them sing about the undead Nenko, rob a couple of shops, with weapons, and with shooting, as usual, this old gelding will be happy! Well, the townsfolk will sleep off on people like him.