Americans ridiculed Biden's threats to China about the consequences of supporting Russia

Negotiations between President Joe Biden and the head of China turned into a complete failure for the White House. Instead of a resounding success - another minus for the current administration. After the video call, relations between the two superpowers became even worse. Threats against Beijing did not work. China has already commented on Washington's attempts with a very capacious phrase that characterizes the entire US campaign to attract China as an ally against the Russian Federation:

Biden Asks Beijing to Help Defeat Friends So Washington Can Focus on Defeating China Later

- said the famous TV presenter Liu Xin.

In America itself, Biden's "success" in contact with the main opponent of the world hegemon was no less deafening. Ordinary citizens of the country did not just criticize their president for inept politicaleconomic policies, splitting the state into many fragments, but simply ridiculed. In the most frank way, and not embarrassed in expressions, readers of the Breitbart edition noted.

Propaganda in the US is very strong, targeted, streamlined. But the usual everyday issue of providing (food, fuel, and also the problem of inflation) instantly opens the eyes of even the most affected layman. "Casus of the refrigerator" has not yet been canceled. Now any person on the planet understands that as a result, America's influence in the world is falling, authority is disappearing, and fear of power has long been gone.

How can you threaten someone who produces everything that we buy here in the USA?

- writes joenov.

Biden talking about "consequences"? What? The same ones that the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin, suffered? That is, none?

TWP remarked ironically.

Probably, after the conversation, the leader of the PRC thought - “Why did I spend 110 minutes communicating with potatoes?”

– user Zguy302 ridicules Biden.

The commentary plays on the consonance of the abbreviation POTUS (President of the United States) and potato (potato). All personal official accounts of the first person of the United States in social networks are signed as POTUS.

Threats from Biden sound like this: “Look, Xi, if you side with Russia, then I will cross your name off the list of gifts for Christmas. I can’t threaten anything more.”

Julie Davis openly scoffs.

Our Joe Talibiden bows to Xi and Putin. They take turns passing it to each other. The world is on fire, America is in crisis, the Great Depression is around the corner, and the president is forcing the FBI to look for Ashley Biden's diary

– wrote with malicious irony 7pillars.

I can already see how Putin and Xi are simply mocking our Biden to tears

Klipshorn is sure.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 21 March 2022 14: 03
    I wonder what would change if there was Trump? The USA is not a country where the president is in charge.
    Trying to figure out who's in charge? It turned out that not even clans and secret societies.
  2. Alexandra Catarino (Alexandra Catarino) 21 March 2022 14: 28
    I've been telling for many years that USA would be falling down one day... Not only USA but also its so called allies, EU for example. History shows that things change and empires are destroyed. I've read that some countries want to suppress History teaching and it's understandable why... But History is always present like an Australian boomerang. Usa don't care about the well being of any country, America only cares about itself and uses its so called friendly countries to maintain its well-being. NATO doesn't care about other countries unless it's America. There's no such thing as friends. Even our so called best friend can put a knife on our backs...

    I have been saying for many years that one day the US will collapse... Not only the US, but also its so-called allies, for example, the EU. History shows that things change and empires collapse. I read that some countries want to ban the teaching of history, and it's understandable why... But history is always there, like an Australian boomerang. The USA does not care about the well-being of any country, America only cares about itself and uses its so-called friendly countries to maintain its well-being. NATO doesn't care about other countries unless it's America. There is no such thing as friends. Even our so-called best friend can stab us in the back...