Paul Craig Roberts: Russia is in vain delaying its main trump cards in the sanctions war with the West

Russia is able to cope with the sanctions of the West, which have become tougher in connection with the conduct of a special operation on the territory of Ukraine. If Moscow stops thinking in the old way and uses the cards at its disposal, it will easily overcome the pressure of the US and the EU. This opinion is shared by an American economist, Dr. economics Paul Craig Roberts.

The expert believes that Russia is in vain afraid to cut off the export of oil, gas and minerals to Europe and the United States, whose economy is highly dependent on the supply of Russian energy resources.

Meanwhile, the currency received from the sale of these export goods is not a panacea for the economic life of Russia. Craig is confident that the relevant financial policy will allow the Russian Federation to do without oil and gas revenues coming from the West - this is quite within the power of the Russian Central Bank.

If Moscow continues to sell commodities to other countries, then, according to the analyst, payment for them should be made in rubles. Thus, the exchange rate of the Russian currency will be strengthened. Otherwise, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation actually subsidizes the success of Western sanctions measures. In addition, the ruble should be economically decoupled from the dollar and the euro.

In the sanctions game, the Russians hold all the cards but don't know how to play them. Western sanctions can have a serious impact on the Russian Federation only if Russia itself pursues the wrong economic policy, similar to the decisions taken by the local Central Bank

Paul Craig Roberts emphasized.
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  1. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
    Spasatel 18 March 2022 12: 29
    This is true, especially since two-thirds of these "grandmothers", in the phraseology of Mr. Putin, will end up in the pockets of his cronies...
    1. artizan60 Offline artizan60
      artizan60 (Victor) 18 March 2022 13: 23
      And when something is entrusted, bypassing all sorts of ministries, to one of "his friends", then everything is done quickly and unquestioningly.
      1. ksa Offline ksa
        ksa 18 March 2022 21: 34
        It's true. But it smells.
    2. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
      Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 18 March 2022 13: 34
      in current realities, if something settles in the pockets of people close to the GDP, then it will settle in Russian banks and then it should work for Russia, although it will take a very, very long time to remake the oligarchy, but I hope you can
    3. tian shan Offline tian shan
      tian shan (tian shan) 20 March 2022 09: 10
      Used to look into someone else's pocket, a lover of freebies
    4. Vladimir Orlov Offline Vladimir Orlov
      Vladimir Orlov (Vladimir) 22 March 2022 23: 42
      Here it is necessary to be smarter - first “diversify”, transfer to the ruble, and the threat of a “stop oil” sanction is more effective than the sanction itself. Now, it seems that this is happening (an agreement with India, etc.) We, couch analysts, simply do not have all the information))
  2. Enoch Offline Enoch
    Enoch (Enoch) 18 March 2022 13: 07
    Every day they report to the Western "comrades" that the pipe works at 100. Interestingly, the West forbade its Jewish fascists to touch the pipe.
    1. artizan60 Offline artizan60
      artizan60 (Victor) 18 March 2022 13: 33
      The Bruegel Institute of Economics in Brussels took the matter seriously and calculated that the value of exports from Russia to the EU in just one day on March 2 reached 689 million euros. In rubles, this amounted to 70-71 billion rubles per day. And you say "Nord stream-2" banned. And he is still not really needed.

      SP-2 has already been recaptured. And to stop gas supplies, it’s very easy to decide ... to blow up a pair of gas compressor stations and gas compressor units (gas compressor stations and gas compressor installations) on a pipe that runs through the territory of Ukraine. And to do it with the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or terbats. And the issue of counter-sanctions will be resolved without their formal introduction.
  3. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 18 March 2022 13: 58
    The main trump card of Russia is its tank armies soldier
  4. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 18 March 2022 14: 47
    I always say this - take a fee in rubles! Raise the status of the national currency! Increase the demand for the ruble! Raise the ruble! - hi But no - our monetary authorities respect the green wrappers and help support the economy of the USA - which drown us with all their might. Or am I completely request Or are there just pests and traitors, even if American experts poke their nose into their own ... after all, the same thing happened with reserves - all deputies, economists, foreign experts called - it's stupid and sabotage to keep that kind of money abroad - Raise your economy, raise pensions or wages, What are you doing??? BUT no ... and then something was slapped with their lips, they say that's how it happened request It turned out to be pure betrayal of the interests of the Motherland. Now the same thing - a person is already openly laughing - well, raise the status of the ruble, take a fee in rubles, raise the rate due to demand and the ruble - no, we will collect green wrappers, support the US economy and ruin our own interests fool
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. zloybond Offline zloybond
        zloybond (steppenwolf) 20 March 2022 12: 13
        So I’m thinking - why are all those to whom Khodorkovsky turned to with a request to help fight the Russian economy so mysteriously silent .... hi
  5. Sega19 Offline Sega19
    Sega19 (Sergei) 18 March 2022 14: 52
    I have a question (by the way, the same question was heard on one live broadcast), but where do dollars go for gas if all accounts are arrested ?? It's just that they write us virtual zeros for the fact that we are driving real gas to them, and then they simply refuse to pay again? how long will foreign oligarchs continue to pump their pockets? survive the inconvenience of our toothless (or criminal) economic policy.
    1. ksa Offline ksa
      ksa 18 March 2022 21: 39
      It seems like not all banks have been disconnected from Swift. So dollars are needed. Well, it's just that even through third countries it's difficult to buy processors for rubles. And medicines. And honey. appliances. And pads for girls. And baby diapers. It is not right. In the context of global integration, sanctions should be equated with genocide.
  6. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 18 March 2022 15: 02
    Craig doesn't see everything, or doesn't want to see everything. Probably - the payment for our oil and gas now, under the conditions of sanctions, is the "rope" that the West "sells" to us, and which we need to hang it. If I'm not mistaken in Commander-in-Chief
  7. EpIvIaK Offline EpIvIaK
    EpIvIaK (Ian) 18 March 2022 21: 00
    We would have such uncles literate in this area. This cannot be taken away from the USA.
    I would be glad if I'm naive and simply not understanding, but the feeling is that we have weaker specialists in these matters.
  8. Stalin1937 Offline Stalin1937
    Stalin1937 (Olga Makarova) 18 March 2022 22: 51
    Everything is fundamentally wrong. Russia does not need the Central Bank with its "wooden" ruble, and no one in the world needs this ruble. Russia needs a real state-owned bank that will work exclusively in the interests of the state and its people. And the ruble is needed - not as a piece of paper of the Central Bank, but as the currency of the state and must be provided with all the property of the state - the "Golden Ruble". Only then will everyone seek to settle accounts with us in rubles. After all, now it is complete nonsense, the ruble is a product of the sale of foreign exchange earnings from the sale of our resources. And the lower the exchange rate of the ruble, the more rubles in budget revenues, well, this is complete nonsense, a deception of the naive population of Russia. Those. we pump resources abroad, foreign exchange earnings settle there with our "Enemies", and in return we receive "wooden" rubles, and "all kinds of tinsel", which creates the illusion of a satisfying and prosperous life for the people. And in fact, in this situation, we are a real "colony" and a "banana" republic, sitting on the "needle" of this very well-being. Sanctions were imposed and it fell down, because in reality something has already disappeared, something has risen in price by 2-2,5 times. And we haven't experienced much yet. Nabiulina is back on horseback, Siluanov is still the Minister of Finance, it becomes scary for the future of our economy. The American economist is right - our President has all the "trump" cards in his hands, but he does not know how to play them in the economy, as he does it successfully in foreign policy.
    1. Vladimir Orlov Offline Vladimir Orlov
      Vladimir Orlov (Vladimir) 22 March 2022 23: 36
      And where to get so much gold ..?
      Passed already in the 70s of the last century. Bretonn Wood…
  9. Alexander Valerievich 19 March 2022 07: 56
    Even over the hill they understand that the policy of the central bank is "wrong".
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 19 March 2022 08: 06
      Funny, Nabiulina was again appointed head of the Central Bank on the proposal of the president. Like, "an indispensable frame", well, the status of the Central Bank as the six of the IMF and the Fed has been left untouchable. It looks like the Kremlin, despite its "terrible rhetoric", still hopes to remain in the "European family", is afraid to finally quarrel with the "partners", still hopes that the "partners" will come to their senses and all that. lol
  10. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 19 March 2022 12: 04
    Probably no one has any illusions anymore - the war declared on us breaks the conditions of the economic “game”, which requires us, first of all, non-standard solutions.
    Behind this war rises the specter of a new world.
    The President has already announced the future restructuring of the economy. Everything seems to be correct.
    As a first step, I again chose Elvira Nabiulina as the head of the Central Bank, and this is already alarming.
    A familiar, well-played team is very convenient in difficult times, but the old team is tailored to the old game and will lead the country into the old, familiar track.
    Where will we arrive?
    Remember the song of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky ABOUT THIS

  11. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 19 March 2022 23: 30
    it's just that such steps now can create the conditions for joining NATO in the war. First of all, finish the operation, then retaliatory sanctions. The question is how the operation will end. And when. Lack of progress can have various reasons. Maybe build up strength. Maybe they want to first knock out more equipment and manpower in order to carry out an offensive later.
  12. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 20 March 2022 05: 17
    What a kind import expert. So he wants us to cut off energy supplies to Europe and gas prices soar, Europe's goods would become uncompetitive and the United States, at the expense of Europe, along with the impudent Saxons, got out of the crisis. I think we are not fools in management, and if Putin Nabbiulina was again approved in her position, which means he knows what he is doing and is more aware of things than you and I
    1. cooper Offline cooper
      cooper (Alexander) 20 March 2022 08: 21
      Don't talk nonsense.
    2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 20 March 2022 10: 57
      if Putin reappointed Nabbiulina in her position, then he knows what he is doing and is more aware of things than you and I

      Usually, if the leadership of a country puts it on the path of development, its steps in the economy are simple and understandable, if not to everyone, then to many. We have been on this path for about 20 years. Do you understand what he does? Does anyone in the country understand this? I don't mean his words, but his actions
    3. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 20 March 2022 12: 09
      I'll say more.
      Half of the egg-pod (for a rainy day), for the sake of which the economy was interrupted on a starvation ration for these 20 years and the industrial development of the country practically stood still, all this time was in the hands of the West (!).
      Now it is frozen by the West.
      With whom to ask for the missed opportunity for the development of the country for 20 years?
      Are we continuing this path?
      1. Alex Celt Offline Alex Celt
        Alex Celt 20 March 2022 13: 39
        Nabiulin, all ministers from the economy, all economic advisers to court and immediately! No payments to the West! We are at war with the WEST!! What the hell are payouts? Let them take from frozen accounts, their assets and production should not be released from Russia! If you pretend to be "kind" - then the government will lose Russia! And one more thing - Kazakhstan betrayed Russia, this must be borne in mind. China is not a friend of Russia, it just needs us for now, and this must also be taken into account! Well, is it really not clear to our president?! I wrote letters about all this 15 years ago and 10 and 5! In response, some replies from the presidential administration !! If the president does not understand that he has one ally - this is the people, and the entire army consists of the PEOPLE, and not of the oligarchs - then it's a disaster! She is already on the threshold of Russia!! It's time for our president to understand this !!!!!
  13. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 20 March 2022 08: 20
    That's why the western progressive analyst understands this, but our top management does not?? How long?
  14. Alex Celt Offline Alex Celt
    Alex Celt 20 March 2022 13: 29
    Why won't they block the gas-oil screw for the WEST?! The West is gradually replacing Russian energy resources and will replace them! It is necessary to immediately block everything, and do not hope to return everything and earn money! We need to hit Europe harder! And immediately purchase electronic microtechnology! Chubais and his team on trial! He used a lot of money for so many years and was engaged in fraud in Skolkovo !! So, when will all this happen? When will the state punish the guilty and turn to the people? Our sons are dying there defending their homeland, and the oligarchs and big thieves are not punished?! It's time to UNDERSTAND - only the people, not the oligarchs will save Russia! So give the people what they need - land, means of production! Excuse foreign and oligarchic funds and pour them into the economy! Remove this Nabiulina, she does not know how to work in extreme conditions! We have smart young professionals!!
  15. Alex Celt Offline Alex Celt
    Alex Celt 20 March 2022 13: 33
    "sorry" -t9 typo - withdraw! All the capital of the OLIGARCHS and Western assets in Russia!! Pour them into the Russian economy! Banks of Russia at the head of the Central Bank sabotage the Russian government! Doesn't the President see this? It is because of Nabiulina that prices in stores are rising! Russia already had a lot of money, why did they raise rates?! Nabiulin, Chubais and other hidden enemies of the state on trial!
  16. Alex Celt Offline Alex Celt
    Alex Celt 20 March 2022 13: 50
    And where are our Russian vaunted hackers? Where are the FSB hackers?! Why don't the payment organizations that pay money to Azov and other similar organizations be hacked?! After all, it is the WEST that pays them, some funds directly from Western accounts, and most are paid either by Ukrainian oligarchs or the Ministry of Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!! Why haven't all these accounts been hacked yet?! As soon as the West cannot pay the Nazis, they will run home to find out what is happening with their accounts !!! Isn't that understandable?!