Why Russia is building its own Earth remote sensing system

Taking into account the complete break in cooperation between Russia and the United States in space, our country is faced with the urgent task of providing itself with high-quality satellite images. First of all, this concerns our Arctic, where timely information from satellites is an integral part of safe navigation along the Northern Sea Route.

At the moment, a constellation of domestic satellites operating in the optical range is already collecting the necessary data in the northern latitudes. However, such devices have a significant drawback. They simply cannot "see" at night or on cloudy days.

In this regard, Roskosmos plans to launch three new radar satellites into orbit next year, which will provide full coverage of the Northern Sea Route in 14 hours with a frequency of observing an arbitrary point twice a day.

Separately, it is worth noting the capabilities of the Obzor-R device, equipped with the Kasatka-R multifunctional locator based on an active phased antenna array. The satellite will make it possible to obtain detailed images with a resolution of up to half a meter in any weather conditions and at any time of the day.

However, the problem of remote sensing of the Earth is not solved only by an orbital constellation. This also requires ground-based infrastructure, which Russia already has.

Roskosmos, together with Roshydromet, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and a number of other organizations, has deployed a unified territorially distributed information system. It includes receiving complexes located both on the territory of Russia and abroad, for example, in Antarctica.

The whole system is united by ground and space channels of information exchange. At the same time, all its components are created at domestic enterprises, which excludes the influence of Western sanctions on the functioning of our cosmic "all-seeing eye".

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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 14 March 2022 14: 04
    Why do all the right decisions come so late? It was impossible to hope for cooperation with Western cosmonautics - sooner or a little later, but a gap in joint work was bound to happen. Friendship is friendship, but wives, children and money are apart.
    1. orgies Offline orgies
      orgies (Orgis) 14 March 2022 16: 57
      here you are a miracle ... and what did you yourself do for this, in order to act as a critic, couch expert?
      1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
        zzdimk 14 March 2022 18: 12
        Quote: Orgis
        here you are a miracle ... and what did you yourself do for this, in order to act as a critic, couch expert?

        He worked in machine tool building, and then, as he was humiliated to zero, in geology. I bought a computer for myself at the age of 16 for more than 5 million rubles (I remember this time very well), now I can afford to hang it from the sofa. Even lying down.
        By the way, the Turkish stream, bypassing Ukraine and a few more surveys in the form of oil / gas pipelines - took part. Of the six options, only one works. Russia-Turkey - all passed through the Caucasus. In all the mountains and a lot of interesting things were found there during the survey. And pillars from Siemens, and Turkish cartridges, and German shells, and English mines, and US rifles.
        Walk along the thread yourself. There, from Shabanovka to Moldovanovka, you will not find Russian weapons. A very big rarity.